Your Net Profits Review

Today I’m going to take a look at Your Net Profits. 

There’s a latest cryptocurrency MLM that is promising 15% per hour return on investment. 

I decided to take a look and chances are someone probably may have approached you about this investment opportunity.

No doubt you’ve landed on this blog post to make sure Your Net Profits is legit and something you can make money from.

The good news is I’m going to walk you through the company products and compensation plan. So you make the right decision to join or not. 

No Information On The Owner – Red Flag #1

When you first land on their website, there is no information on who runs or owns it. 

There is no CEO, President, CFO, Founders or Co-Founders, CMO, CTO or any Leadership Council.

Since I coundn’t find the owner, I decided to take a look at the date the domain was registered.

Your Net Profits domain was privately registered on July 17th, 2020, which is very recent. 

The address of Your Net Profits is some PO box number in Panama. 

This Panama address is probably fake because I couldn’t find anything in relation to a business operating here.

It’s obvious that Your Net Profits clearly has no transparency, however, they want you to invest money into the business. 

Please understand this: When you see a so-called “online opportunity” similar to Your Net Profits that promises you income without any work on your part, with a ridiculous Return On Investment (ROI), these shady characters are trying to avoid the authorities.

They want to avoid the authorities just long enough to get a HUGE payday from YOUR wallet!

If the authorities ever catch up with them and proceeds to shut down their illegal enterprise, there’s no one to go after.

To further prove that these dishonest  owners want to remain secret, read this ridiculous statement in the FAQ section of the website

“In order for our company to able to provide you with this incredible opportunity to make money online, we have made a conscious decision to remain anonymous. This is to protect both our company’s employee’s as well as keep your deposits protected. We will never ask you for any KYC or any personally identifiable information because of this.”

No Retail Products To Offer: Red Flag #2

What makes network marketing different from a pyramid scheme is the availability of retail products to the general public.

In order to keep the Federal Trade Commission off your back, you have to have more retail activity as opposed to affiliates selling to other affiliates. 

Regarding Your Net Profits, what you have is actual affiliates just promoting to other affiliates. 

When it comes to your net profits, there are no retail products or services for sale; all you can promote is their affiliate membership.

Therefore, what we have here is a good ol’ fashioned Ponzi scheme, which is why the owner or owners won’t come forward.

The Compensation Plan Is Not Realistic: Red Flag #3

Let’s look at the compensation plan. This is why people are interested in Your Net Profits in the first place. So let’s dig in here. Uh, so

Your Net Profits affiliates invest in cryptocurrency on a promise that they will get a return of 0.15% per hour. 

How on earth can you promise a return of 0.15% every hour?

With Your Net Profits, there’s no actual investment packages that you need to purchase or minimum buy-ins. 


The way this works is referral commissions are paid as a percentage of your personally sponsored downline members payments into Your Net Profits.

Level one pays 10% 

Level two pays 8% 

Level three pays 2%

Although joining Your Net Profits is free, to take advantage of the so-called “investment opportunity” making 0.1, 5% ROI, you must invest some kind of cryptocurrency into the company with no minimum set amount. 

Your Net Profit – Is It A Scam?

Here is the “story” the hidden owners want you to believe:

They apparently run an established network of diverse advertising media websites that has allowed them to produce income from a multitude of “traffic sources.”

I took a little closer look at all this, and I couldn’t find any proof of this, this ad platform they’re talking about 

Only income actually see into the company is two new investments, new affiliate investments. 

Basically, they’re saying you make a simple deposit using cryptocurrency into the system. 

The system then takes that deposit and pays your percentage of income every 60 minutes.

However, I’m supposed to trust this “opportunity” when I don’t even know who the owners are!

If I want to join a business where I have to invest my hard earned money, I sure a heck want to know who runs it. 

The reason why they’re anonymous is because they know they’re running a Ponzi scheme and they don’t want to be associated with it. 

Do you think they’re going to come out and admit: “Okay, it was us. We screwed you over real good. We took your money and we ran away.” 

When you have a Ponzi scheme, typically companies like this don’t last beyond 60 to 90 days. 

They’re going to do everything possible to make money, and then screw as many people along the way. 

A different route, the more legit route, is to learn how to build a business from scratch.

Building your own online business will keep you far removed from viscous online scammers.

Having your own digital business has been made much easier with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

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