Youngevity Review – Will This MLM Help You Make Money?

Youngevity Review - Will This MLM Help You Make Money?

Welcome, in this Youngevity Review, I’ll take a look at this network marketing company.

Someone may have approached you personally about Youngevity or you’ve seen social media posts about them…

You have taken the time out to come here to make certain that Youngevity is actually legal and you likely want to try out their products or promote them.

Well, we have some news for you, and it’s good.

You’ve come to the best place. I’ll be walking you through Youngevity, their merchandise, and their business plans so you’ll be able to make the correct decision of joining them or not…

Youngevity Review – Facts About The Company

Youngevity Review - Will This MLM Help You Make Money?

Started in 1997, Youngevity is the creative product of Dr. Ma Lan & Dr. Joel D. Wallach…

Youngevity was actually founded by doctor Joel D. Wallach who has been a pioneer in selenium research for over 40 years.

Selenium is an essential mineral that helps the body synthesize antioxidants and perform important thyroid and immune system functions.

According to Dr. Wallach, supplements containing selenium have outstanding health benefits, including reducing the risk of certain cancers.

Today, the company is a well-known direct selling business and they have gone global using their health products.

They’ve got more than 400+ nutritional items, which include different coffee types and other wellness and health items…

Presently, they have offices in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia and are continuing to expand every day.

Now that you know a bit more about the company, we’ll dig a little deeper into Youngevity.

Youngevity Review – What Does Youngevity Sell?

Youngevity Review - Will This MLM Help You Make Money?

The company sells merchandise in the well-being and health area.

Youngevity has over 2,000 products, 32 brands, and over 20 different product categories.

They have a flagship product called 90 For Life.

  • Healthy Chocolate
  • Clothing
  • Coffee
  • General food
  • Haircare
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Home & Garden
  • Art & crafts
  • Grooming Accessories
  • Beverages
  • Essential Oils
  • Food Storage
  • Hemp Oil
  • CBD products
  • Prepackaged Snacks

They also provide a great deal of business and home services, which include internet, phone, and road assistance.

What Products Does Youngevity Promote?

Youngevity Review - Will This MLM Help You Make Money?

If I list all their products this will become a novel.

When you consider products, they have no shortage…

I’m going to give some general category lists so you’ll get an idea of what they have…


  • Health and Nutrition
  • Blood Sugar
  • Weight Loss
  • Bone and Joint
  • Brain and Heart
  • Digestive Support
  • Athletic Performance

Vitamins List:

  • Pro-Biotics
  • Memory FX
  • Cleanse FX
  • Selenium
  • Dtox
  • Vision FX
  • Sweet-Eze
  • Osteo
  • Gluco
  • Enzymes
  • Anti Aging

Which Of Their Products Are The Most Popular?

Youngevity Review - Will This MLM Help You Make Money?

Youngevity is well known mostly for its health and wellness products.

The 90 For Life product line seems to be the most popular item sold by Youngevity.

Similarly, the BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion is mixed with a multivitamin-mineral compound that provides you with essential nutrients.

Have you ever heard of “bio-active Lycium barbarum polyose?” Their Freelife Himalayan Goji juice is an original standard goji juice that is rich with it.

They also have a full line of cleaning products that are natural.

Regarding weight management, they have the Tru Keto, a ketogenic diet beverage that is a replacement for meals that’s quite popular.

Youngevity Review – Frequently Asked Questions About Youngevity

What are the joining costs?

You just have to shell out $25 for being entitled to paychecks and become a member.

If you are starting a business on your own, you will have to buy the CEO Mega Pak which costs $499.95.

You’ll have various options or niches you can choose from to build your business around: home & family, services, apparel & jewelry, spa & beauty, food & beverages, or nutrition.

Is it fraudulent?

No, Youngevity is not fraudulent. It’s a publicly operating business and is recognized in its niche.

What is their BBB rating?

They have an A+ rating.

Since when have they been operating?

They were founded in the year 1997.

What’s their revenue?

At the time of this writing, they have over $143 million in revenue.

What’s distributor size?

They have over 26,000 distributors.

Are there any lawsuits?

Youngevity, in 2016, sued Wakaya Perfections and Todd Smith when they started a competing business.

Due to witness tampering, the court in 2018, granted the company’s motion for penalization against Smith.

The best method to learn how they operate is for you to do a trial and check them for yourself.

The other businesses in this niche are

We will now look at their compensation plan…

Youngevity Review – What Is Youngevity’s Compensation Plan?

I was thinking of writing about their compensation plan but found a good video that explains it.

I don’t care to write about network marketing compensation plans because they’re extremely complicated and a complete time-suck.

I’ll usually post a video from the company or from one of their representatives outlining the compensation plan.

You can watch it if you’re interested.

What you’ll see is the company has a UniLevel remuneration plan having unlimited levels…

The ranks determine the commissions you’ll get at each level.

The video shows you this in detail.

Network Marketing Is Not A Good Business Model

You might see negative info about the company, but much like any company they also have their “haters.”

People enrolled in these businesses think of it as a jackpot and that other people are going to do much of the hard work for them.

In truth, most people do not make any money after becoming involved in network marketing.

Youngevity isn’t a fraudulent business…The problem is with multi-level marketing.

It’s a bad business model that most people follow and that’s why 99% of all MLM participants lose money!

Are Youngevity Distributors Making Money?

Youngevity Review - Will This MLM Business Help You Succeed?

Youngevity does not provide any real data about distributor earnings.

However, I’m going to review a few facts based on the 2017 Youngevity Annual Report.

Please understand this fact: although the following statistics are based of the 2017 Annual Report, this scenario is usually repeated year after year after year.

The percentages will change year after year, but not by much.

According to the 2017 Annual Report, ‘Distributor Compensation’ only represented 39.74% of revenue.

The fact that compensation is below 40% suggests that not all benefits are being paid to distributors because very few distributors qualify for full payment.

The 2017 Annual Report also states that: “There is a high rate of turnover among distributors”, which means that people are quitting at a high rate.

Therefore, in 2017 your chances of making money with Youngevity are less than 1%.

Guess what – very little has changed in 2020 when this post was written.

The fact that Youngevity has avoided sharing any real income disclosure on their distributors leads us to speculate that most Youngevity Distributors are losing money.

The bottom line: Your average Youngevity distributor in 2020 is NOT making a profit.

Therefore, much of the blame for this is because multi-level marketing is not a good business model.

Consider the following facts about multi-level marketing:

11 Multi-Level Marketing Facts You Need To Be Aware Of

What You Need To Do

You need to start an affiliate marketing business.

An affiliate marketing blog or website will put YOU in full control of how your business operates.

There is NO recruiting, NO “opportunity meetings” you have to attend, No mandatory products you have to buy.

With affiliate marketing, you can promote any products you want from any company.

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What You Need To Do Next:

OK…Here’s what you need to do next – It’s very simple:

First: STOP making excuses! The hard reality is if you don’t have enough money to create a better life for yourself and your family, you need to DO SOMETHING NOW.

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Why You Need To Do This:

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No one is going to knock on your door and give you a way out of your money problems.

YOU have to participate in your own financial rescue; you CAN do it without the stress and hassle of multi-level marketing.

The choice is yours, my friend.

I’ve personally been involved with more network marketing companies than I care to remember.

They all have the same song and dance!

It wasn’t until I got involved with affiliate marketing that I started to see real financial progress.

Don’t make the mistake I did hopping from one network marketing opportunity to another.

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Talk Soon,


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