You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness – What Now?


You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness

You’ve got to stop blaming others for your problems. You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness.

A fundamental principle for success you must embrace is this: You are responsible for your own happiness – Just you and no one else.

I experienced this first hand when I was building my online business. Until I took total responsibility for how MY LIFE turned out, nothing I tried to do would succeed.

Therefore, blaming others for your personal failures and mistakes will guarantee a continued parade of endless misery. The blame game will never end.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness: Stop Blaming Others

When you accept the idea that everything is someone else’s fault, and you don’t take personal responsibility for the decisions you make, life becomes an exercise in futility.

When you lack clarity in your life, you blame others for your misery.

Explaining away every problem becomes so commonplace that very few even recognize when it actually happens.

There’s a scapegoat for every failure that allows individuals to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions.

Failure is never the result of the choices we ourselves made.

Oh no, it’s someone else’s fault.

The hard fact is this: You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness.

However, if you feel you aren’t responsible, you lack any motivation to find a way to improve the quality of your life.

When you fail to responsibly guide the direction of your life and its outcomes, you set the stage for creating a life that is so miserable that none of your deeply held goals, aspirations, and dreams will ever become a reality.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness: Make No Excuses

You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness

What exactly fuels the dysfunctional thinking that allows people to not take personal responsibility?

What fuels it is ALLOWING the thoughts in our minds to focus on negative experiences and outcomes.

When we make excuses for failure, excuses about the decisions we’ve made, excuses about our lack of choices in life, excuses about our lack of accomplishments — all of the above reinforce wrong thinking patterns.

The ONLY way to end the destructive behavior of making excuses is to change the way you think.

You’ve got to change the way you think.

Nothing – and I mean absolutely nothing – in your life will change until YOU change.

Your circumstances won’t get better until YOU get better.

Nothing in your life will ever get better until YOU get better.

Dysfunctional thinking, undesirable actions, and behaviors are a direct result of a failure on your part to reprogram your mind with information designed for successful living.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness

Failure in your personal and professional life is a direct result of both making excuses and not taking one hundred percent responsibility for your negative thoughts, lack of clear goals, and failure to take action.

The only way to stop the bad habit of making excuses for ourselves is to silence the negative, destructive voices in your head.

When you allow your thoughts to focus on how you can accomplish your goals, you free up vital emotional space formerly inhabited by negativity.

That negative voice in your head is like a bad cassette tape machine that runs endless loops over and over of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, misery, and any other aspects of life that wallow in the mire of negativity.

How to Take Responsibility for Your Life

I’m going to tell you very specific ways to get control of the negative loop of unhappiness playing in your mind over and over again.

Step 1: Make a Decision.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness

Please understand that everything about and around you is a result of your own decisions – the choices you yourself have made. It’s been said that a decision is a bridge between your thoughts and your actions.

Having a lack of clarity in your life, you make decisions solely on avoiding negative consequences. You make decisions out of fear. Never make a decision out of fear alone.

When you decide you’ve had enough of making excuses for the quality of your life, you have started to take back control, and having a feeling of control is extremely important when you are trying to move forward.

Just make a decision RIGHT NOW that from this moment forward you will take massive action to change the course of your life.

Be determined to create an exciting, positive future for yourself through practical goal setting and relentless action to reach those goals.

The next time you catch yourself making an excuse, whether for the late project, the unmet goal, or the job you have chosen to work, gently remind yourself—no excuses.

Step 2: Engage in Personal Development to Redirect Negative Thoughts

You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness

One of the most significant statements ever made was by Earl Nightingale when he said: “We become what we think about most.”

Think about the truthfulness of those words; whatever you think about the most will without fail manifest in your life.

Here’s how to Interrupt that incessant negative loop that is playing in your mind and stop rehearsing that excuse-filled conversation:

Spend time reading books and listening to audio that will reprogram your thought processes.

If you think this isn’t true, you are sadly mistaken! The world’s most successful CEOs say READING is the key to their success.

Here are a couple of real examples:

Microsoft owner Bill Gates reads about 50 books every year.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban reads three hours every day.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook resolved to read 24 books in a year.

Billionaire Warren Buffett spends 80 percent of his day reading.

How often do millionaires read? According to research from Thomas Crowley, 85 percent of self-made millionaires read two or more books per month.

Millionaires are financially successful because they take the massive action necessary to MAKE TIME reading books that encourage self-improvement.

The road to self-improvement is a life-long process. You are constantly working on yourself and maintaining the progress you’ve made.

You will find all the tools and action steps that you need to declutter your mind, create the life that you want by forming new thoughts and habits that work for you and not against you, and how to let go of anything that is no longer serving you.

Step 3: Continually Monitor Your Thinking and How You Talk to Yourself

When your thoughts are negative or unsupportive of your happiness and success, you have to change your thinking.

All successful people are flooded with negative thoughts, but they monitor these thoughts and don’t allow the negative ones any opportunity to grow.

This is to be done gently. Don’t beat yourself up, which is what most people do.

Make a specific effort to redirect your thinking to thoughts that support your happiness and success. Acknowledge the negative thought – don’t run from it.

Immediately replace the thought with positive reinforcement; verbal statements said in an undertone are very effective.

Be specific. Talk to yourself to reinforce your new thought pattern and tell yourself that

Despite the seemingly simple technique of self-talk, it is a very powerful way to tune your subconscious mind into the direction you want and overwrite your beliefs, and reprogram your mind through repetition.

It’s necessary to use your subconscious mind with its vast processing capacities to find solutions that will make you more aware of your thoughts and emotions.

At no time is positive self-talk more important than when events in our lives don’t go the way we anticipated.

Indeed, even when events that are not under your control go very badly, make a determination of how you are going to respond.

Use unexpected negative events as an opportunity to learn and to grow.

Excuses are the fuel that makes failure run. Interrupt that incessant tape of negative self-talk playing in your mind and stop rehashing excuse-filled conversations.

Take Total Responsibility for Your Life Now

No one can live your life for you.

You are responsible for the one life you have.

Live every day as if everything you do matters. Every choice you make; every action you take – it really matters.

If there is anything you are not happy about in your life, career, health, and money, make a definite decision about how you are going to change it.

In my own personal situation, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Necessity dictated that I find a way out of lack and limitation.

My financial situation was pathetic.

I never had what I needed when I needed it because I WAS BROKE.

Starting an affiliate marketing business was a way to put an end to my financial worries once and for all.

You too may have to start a home-based business to take your life to the next level.

Do You Want To Get To The Next Level?

Believe, there is “another level” in life: – it’s not just a cliché. It’s real

It’s the level where you and your family actually have CHOICES.

You get to live where you want to live, drive what you want to drive, eat what you really what to eat for good health, and wear what you want to wear, not because it’s on sale, but because YOU WANT IT!

Do you want to experience the joy of having real choices?

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Then change your life.

Just change it!

Make a decision.

Don’t waste your life or settle for second best by aimlessly existing, barely coping, or just getting by!

Create the life you want to live NOW!

You CAN do this! You WILL do this!

Talk Soon,


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12 thoughts on “You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness – What Now?”

  1. Hi, Howard.  Like the post.  To the point and an inspiration to me and, I hope to many others. Your title pretty much says it all.  We really DO not have anyone to blame but ourselves if we lack success in any area of our lives.  

    Some of us are not dealt a pretty hand when we are born but history has proven over and over again that even those born n poor countries have, over and over again, proving that determination to be different goes a long way to being a success.

    “a decision is the bridge between your thoughts and your actions.” This is so true.  As a Christian I have come to learn that the same is also true… a thought is not a sin until it becomes an action.  

    We DO have a choice.  We DO NOT have to hold onto negative thoughts.  We CAN turn them into positive ones instead through choice.

    For some of us that will take a little more effort with the thought process but, if we are aware our self-talk is not good, that’s when we can change it.

    My new day is dawning.  Thank you,


    • Hey Wayne,

      You made some vary good points in your comments. The late Jim Rohn said it best: 

      “Nothing in your life will change until YOU change…Nothing in your life will get better until YOU get better”.

      That’s some of the best advice I’ve ever read.

      Talk Soon,


  2. It is so easy to get into the habit of blaming everyone around you, and even your circumstances, for your lack of success. I understand how that happens because I’ve been there before. When I’m feeling down, I just “see” that everyone is out to get me. 

    When I snap out of it, I remember Earl Nightingale’s words, “We become what we think about most.” That is the truth right there.

    When I think negative thoughts, I get more negative thoughts to think about. When I think good thoughts, I get more of that surrounding me. It’s totally our choice, and I know this now. 

    I know that everything that happens in my life is due to the thoughts I am thinking. In a way, it makes you feel completely responsible, which can be hard to take at first. But then, I feel liberated and I know I have control in my life and I can choose to make it as good as I want to. I think it’s exciting! 

    And great idea starting an online business. That’s what I do too. I know I can’t fail with the right set of tools and the right mindset. 

  3. This is really an interesting topic. Unfortunately the matter of the blame game is the sole problem of many people today. Many even some  believe the source of their problem is spiritual or is as a result of witches and wizard where as they are cause of their problems. There is a popular saying that talent takes you to the top but your attitude keeps up there. Many have been successful but their bad attitude has made them not to maintain their success thus they became a failure. I can go on and on to talk more about this wonderful topic. Until people stop the blame game in holding people as being responsible for their failures, they will still remain a failure. People should take responsibility, make a decision and keep thinking positively.  

  4. Great Content and InformationThanks for this concise and thorough article.

    This is what many people fail to know that you are responsible for your own happiness. I also experienced so many challenges when I started online business but because I have a goal; I had to stick to it and am thankful to God today that I didn’t quit.

    The second step you highlighted in your article is an eye opener for me “Engage in Personal Development to Redirect Negative Thoughts” . This is the type of information some professional bloggers will love to hide from public knowledge. I’m so happy I found your blog

    • Hey Wealthfather,

      Anything I can do to help people reach their goals is why I commit so much time and effort on my blog. I’m very happy you derived benefit from this post.

      Talk Soon,


  5. Wow! What an informational article. I impressed. I highly agree with you to end the destructive behavior of making excuses is to change the way we think. Every work becomes hard If We don’t put passionate Interest on it. We have to keep the passion for complete the whole work. Not only for online affiliate marketing also for other work in real life. We should monitor our responsibility daily and try to improve day by day. Thank you, I like your thought very much.

  6. Hello Howard,Your words are very true. Nobody can make a person’s life happy except the person himself. This article is beneficial to me as a reminder to stop the negatives thinking which makes us lazy and failure. This article is undeniably very much useful to me. Thanks a lot for sharing.I hope to hear from you in the next article. sincerely, Ranao.

  7. Hi Howard,

    I have read the whole article about You Are Responsible for Your Own Happiness: Stop Blaming Others For Your Problems and Fix Your Life

    This is an educative as well as an inspirational article.I like this ARTICLE very much.I have learn many positive vibe from this article.I have learn that the basic principle for succes is that we must embrace Our fault and stop blaming Others for our problems. I have also learn that how to take responsibility for my own life from this article.I am going to take responsibility for my own life according to your advice.The 3 steps of how to take responsibility of our life is an amazing information.I believe if someone read this article he will be able to learn how to take his own responsibility as well as he should stop blaming others for his own problems as you highlighted these positive thought so nicely.Thank you very much for sharing such an inspirational article.I will share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can be motivated from this article.

  8. Hi Howard Spinney,

    I have read your whole article and gotten a great inspiration from your post. Your post reminds me my childhood teacher’s advice like “Don’t find other’s fault before find your’s fault” which was my best lesson in my life. I also believe that all of those step by step guidelines from real life experience can help beginners to make a right decision and to be strict to be achieved their dream in future. I am going to share your helpful article with others. Thanks for writing those helpful tips.


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