WhatUsersDo Review – How Much Money Do You Really Make?

WhatUsersDo Review - How Much Money Do You Really Make?

Welcome to this unbiased WhatUsersDo Review.

Today, I’ll be determining if WhatUsersDo is legal or a scam, can you make money with these surveys?

Also, if they are actually worth the effort and time.

Those of you who are expecting a quick verdict, here you go:

The platform is without question, not a scam. Read this brief review further to get the facts regarding this survey panel.

WhatUsersDo Is Now IntelliZoomPanel

WhatUsersDo Review - How Much Money Do You Really Make?

In 2019 WhatUsersDo was acquired by UserZoom, the UX Insights Company.

Survey opportunities that were coming from WhatUsersDo now require you to register a new account with IntelliZoonPanel in order to keep receiving surveys.

Company Review

WhatUsersDo was started in London in 2008, United Kingdom.

The aim is to provide usability checking services to clients.

The company’s main research field is User Experience (also technically known as UX).

It means other businesses pay them for gathering information on people’s thoughts and feeling about certain websites.

They enroll and pay testers who include people such as me and you to do this type of work and give feedback to them.

IntelliZoomPanel acquired WhatUsersDo last year.

UserZoom is a huge international business having half of its clients comprised of Fortune 100 businesses.

Some of their clients are companies like Adobe, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Facebook, General Motors, Lenovo, Microsoft, New York Times, Oracle, and some major retailers like Gap, Kohl’s, Kroger, and Staples to name just a few.

This is an impressive set of companies that affirms the fact that they’re legit and are serious about the work that they are doing.

Much like their name, the company’s goal is to determine user impressions and habits while they browse websites, and also to know how user-friendly and easy the site is to them.

Taking a careful and closer look at the company’s website, you’ll also see the portion that says: “…Your opinion matters.” This is exactly what the company is after. The “why” becomes the main question in all projects.

This explains the current situation and will help in anticipating, influencing, or changing the future.

Making Money Using This System

Open their website and search for the blue “Let’s do this!” button or the “Sign Up” link.

Then, you will have to fill up all the required details on their landing page.

The company is currently accepting users from Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK, the US, Spain, the Netherlands, and France.

Before you apply, you have to make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements that are mentioned above in the registration form.

You’ll require at least a 2 GHz Processor (Dual Core), 2 GB RAM (memory), 5 GB HDD space, an external or built-in mic, a broadband connection (internet), and a PayPal account.

After successfully registering on this website, you’ll receive the practice video (the duration is about eight minutes).

In order to access this video, you’ll have to download the company’s Screen Recorder app from Apple’s Store or Google Play.

When you start the video, you have to make sure that your microphone is working properly.

This is a crucial step and that is the reason why you will not be able to skip this.

The company might not pay you if clients are not able to clearly hear you speak.

After completing the test, you’ll also receive a small, 5-minute form related to demographic info, and that’s all there is to it.

You do not need to revisit your dashboard again and again, as the company notifies you through an email immediately when new tests are available.

When this happens, if possible you should rush and complete the test right away, or else the test might expire.

You should also make a note of one important thing. After you upload the video, be sure that you answer the last question as well. If you do not, the company might not pay you for the surveys.

What’s the Earning Potential With IntelliZoomPanel?

WhatUsersDo Review - How Much Money Do You Really Make?

Each test roughly takes about 20 minutes maximum, and always has clear guidelines for you to follow.

Therefore, even if you have never done this usability testing beforehand, you’ll be able to catch onto it quickly.

They tell you to go to a certain site and perform various actions, like clicking on tabs, adding items to your shopping cart, or selecting from various items.

This is just like your normal browsing habits, except that you are paid money for doing these things.

In the end, how much money can you earn with this system?

Each test pays you €8 / £8 / $8; although your monthly income actually depends on the number of tests that you are invited to take.

Many users generally get about 3 invitations each month.

The actual number of surveys is generally dependent on the person’s demographic profile, although there is a little workaround that may allow you to get more invitations to the tests.

Be sure that you are accurate and thorough when you are providing your feedback to them.

Being attentive to detail and honesty are to some degree the factors that they are looking for here.

Your income is automatically transferred to the PayPal account you have by the 25th of next month.

Thus, you will not get rich by completing these surveys; the money you make from IntelliZoomPanel is not life-changing income.

The money you make from sites like IntelliZoomPanel will get you dinner, a new outfit, money for transportation, and that’s all.

It’s not a lot of money.

What Do I Think About IntelliZoomPanel?

IntelliZoomPanel is most certainly a legit survey website.

It’s similar to other legit, low-paying survey sites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Using this panel will not get you much money; even if you combine it with other survey websites, you will be making very little money in relation to the amount of time you have to invest.

Regarding survey websites, you are literally working for “small change” when it comes to the amount of money you actually make in comparison to the amount of time spent on these surveys.

As a matter of fact, filling out surveys is one of the worst ways to make money online. 

When you compare the amount of time spent with the money you make, it’s literally “pennies on the dollar.”

It doesn’t matter how active you try to be on these survey/GPT websites.

Regardless if you complete surveys, download cash offers, take polls, complete tasks and refer people to generate points and commissions, you will always make very little money.

Another problem with survey websites is you don’t qualify for every survey and most survey websites don’t send you surveys on a regular basis.

Similarly, with survey/GPT websites, you are never in control of the money you make because you are not in control of the actual platform from which the surveys originate.

What does that mean for you? 

It means that you can never rely on survey websites to make a full-time income and that you really need to build your own online business.

If you really want to make a life-changing income and not “small money”, click the link below and make the decision that will change your financial future.

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