What Is WiredBucks?

What Is WiredBucks?

If you’re reading this blog post, you might be doing some research on this website called WiredBucks. 

In this post, I will do a brief review on WiredBucks and then you can decide for yourself whether you want to try and make money from this website.

Or you might decide that this is not for you and you’ll just skip over it.

Although, I’m pretty sure after you read this review, you’ll pass on WiredBucks!

What Is WiredBucks – A GPT Site With FAKE Reviews

Now, the first thing I want to say is nothing gets under my skin more than lying, FAKE reviews.

When a survey site, or any website, uses fake reviews, other details about the so-called business really doesn’t matter.

On the WiredBucks website under the “Testimonials” tab, you’ll see 4 so-called testimonials.

The first one is from “Dale Kaing”:

What Is WiredBucks?

Is “Dale Kaing’s testimonial real? Nope. Notice this image has been used 912 times on the internet!

What Is WiredBucks?

Testimonial number two is “Krista Treger” Let’s see if this testimonial is fake:

What Is WiredBucks?

Another fake “testimonial” that the unknown owners of WiredBucks tried to fool us with!

What Is WiredBucks?

Next, let’s look at “Delisa LeFerve” to see if this is fake as well:

What Is WiredBucks?

Amazing! This image has been used as a fake review 469 times, including at WiredBucks.

What Is WiredBucks?

The next one was more difficult to find. Instead of using www.tineye.com, I had to use Google Image Search.

What did I find on “Jacob Giltner”

What Is WiredBucks?

Good old Jacob is a stock image from Pexels.com. This is another fake “testimonial.”

What Is WiredBucks?

Last, but certainly not least, we have “Barry Matya”. What’s the story with “Barry?”

What Is WiredBucks?

This image has been used 61 times for fake testimonials…

What Is WiredBucks?

As you can see, WiredBucks has lost all credibility by using so-called “testimonials” that are proven to be fake.

Is WiredBucks Business Address Fake?

Below is a screenshot of the WiredBucks address as it appears on the website FAQ:

What Is WiredBucks?

However, when you do a Google address search, this is what appears as A108 Adams St, New York NY, 535022:

What Is WiredBucks?

There is no indication of an office building where the company operates from. This seems to be a fake address used by WiredBucks.

Bogus Claims Of Making $200 Dollars A Day With Very Little Work

When you come to the website, it says, make your first $200 with us today.

It says that you can make 200 bucks today, which is just crazy.

Any website that claims that you can make hundreds of dollars on the same day that you find the website, red flags should be going up immediately!

They also say, “we are the number one influencer network” and they will pay $10 for every friend that you invite. 

$10 dollars for every person you invite is a lot of money.

If you recommended 10 friends, that’s a hundred dollars just for you sending a link to your friends.

You have to think about this and ask yourself this question, how are they paying people?

Imagine if they had a thousand people sharing their WiredBucks link with 10 friends, every single day, they would be out of money.

Where are they actually getting all the money to pay people? It doesn’t actually make sense.

The revenue model does not make sense; and then you get $25 just for signing up? So think about that…

If they have a thousand people signing up, they have to pay a thousand times $25. That’s just on free signups.

That’s crazy. Where is their money coming from?

WiredBucks is similar to other SCAM websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Nothing But Shenanigans

The whole thing is it’s a nice looking website and it’s designed that way to kind of fool you into thinking that this is real.

Also, WiredBucks call themselves “the number one influencer network.”

The problem is there are hundreds of these fake survey / GPT websites claiming to be “the #1 influencer network.”

If you look under the “Proof of Payments” tab you’ll see some supposed payments, however, notice that there are no dates on any of these so-called payments.

None of these “Proof of Payments” are real.

So the question is, Why are they doing this?

Well, the name of the game here is they want to collect your data. Okay. This is a data harvesting scam.

This is just a straight-up scam.

So this is just the way it works.

Whoever owns these websites, what they do is create a decent looking website to lure you in.

The first thing they do is create a decent looking website to lure you in.

Afterwards, they replicate them and give each on a diffrent name.

This is a fact because I’ve reviewed over 40 of these websites that have all of the same features but with different names.

They’re all the same and they’re structured exactly the same way. 

What’s Really Going On Here?

What actually happens is when you sign up for free you’re giving them your name, email address and password.

That’s what they’re after.

It’s called Data Harvesting.

They’re after your name, email address and any associated passwords.

They collect this information over a period of time, meanwhile, this website could be collecting personal data for years before it ever gets caught by the FTC. 

They’re building up this database of literally tens of thousands, if not millions of names, email addresses, and passwords.

What they do with that information is sell it to third-party vendors.

Once those third-party vendors have acquired your personal information, they will hack you.

They will relentlessly promote stuff to you. They will spam you six ways to Sunday!

Your information is sent to other hackers and then goes into the black market because this is how these scammmers make their money.

These scammers will close down one website and then start all over again with another website, scamming unsuspecting people to no end.

There Is A Better Way That Really Works

At this point, you may be saying to yourself: “I just don’t know what business model to look at. I don’t know what’s real.”

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The wonderful thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the owners, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, show you what works and what doesn’t work.

In the nearly 20 years Wealthy Affiliate has been operational, no one has been scammed or unfairly taken advantage of.

However, please understand this: If you want to make money online you have to be willing to learn, improve your mindset, improve your skillset, and put in the hard work. 

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