What Is Weed Millionaire – Are These People 3 Miles High?

What Is Weed Millionaire - Are These People 3 Miles High?

What Is Weed Millionaire? Just when you think you’ve heard it all about making money online, here comes Weed Millionaire.

Are you kidding me?

Weed Millionaire?

Supposedly, this website says it will help you make great money by trading marijuana stocks.

Once again, we have another “special auto trading software” that’s going to make millions.

Likewise, there seems to be very little work involved.

Can you really make money with this?

All that’s needed is to sign up, fund your account, and watch the money roll into your bank account.

Oh, Yea!

Man, this sounds like a fantastic opportunity, doesn’t it?

Let’s dig a little deeper…

Weed Millionaire Review

What Is Weed Millionaire - Are These People 3 Miles High?

Let me say that I’ve NEVER smoked weed in my life or used it in some other form.

Therefore, I’m not at all knowledgeable about the value of marijuana in one’s life.

I saw this email message that said “Weed Millionaire.”

Initially, I thought it was a spelling error.

I came across the Weed Millionaire website today (weed-millionaires.com), via a “news article”.

What this website talks about is how cannabis could be a $57 billion dollar industry by the year 2020.

Weed Millionaire Summary

  • Product Name: Weed Millionaire
  • URL: The URL to Weed Millionaire is no longer working
  • Owner / Founder: the owner of this platform is Unknown
  • What Is It: Marijuana Stock Trading
  • Price To Join: $250
  • Program Summary: This originated when legal marijuana was introduced in Canada.
  • Would I Recommend It: Are you kidding me? NO!
  • Rating: 1/100

We’re going to get right into this to see if this is legit or a Scam…

Update 2022: Weed Millionaire Went Up In Smoke

would anyone be surprised by this?

At the time of my updating this blog, the URL for Weed Millionaire is no longer working.

Usually, the owners remove a program like this because it was a SCAM and had to be taken down.

Scammers take advantage of unsuspecting people by creating websites like these, stealing as much money as possible, closing down the website when the heat is on, and then moving on to another scam.

It literally is “rinse and repeat” with these sick people.

This is the reason why I repeatedly encourage readers of this blog to build their own online business that YOU completely control.

Reading the rest of this review can give you some insight as to how scammers work so you can know the warning signs and not fall prey to these slimy individuals again.

Let’s Look At The Fake Testimonials

Look at the testimonials below from the Weed Millionaire landing page:

Now look at the “testimonials” from another product called the Paradise App:

The images are different, but the wording is EXACT; If you read them both, they say the EXACT same thing!

What Is Weed Millionaire?

Isn’t it unbelievable that different people, featured on two completely different websites, are using the EXACT same wording?

This is not unusual for SCAMS. This is a common tactic scammers use.

What scammers do is get stock images from websites that sell them or feature them for free.

Then they use the images as the “actual testimonials” of people who are successful using their system.

This is an unethical practice that is completely dishonest.

Verdict: The so-called “testimonials” for Weed Millionaire are FAKE!

The Supposed “Real-Time Results” Are FAKE

Here’s another red flag that this is a SCAM:

The website features a moving board that says “Real Time Results” on it.

Let’s take a closer look:

Notice the names “Eugene” and “Steven.”

Look at the images closely. You’ll notice that the images are the same.

How can “Eugene” and “Steven” be the same person?

Verdict: This “Real Time Results” ticker is a SCAM!

Using TV Clips For A Fake Program

What Is Weed Millionaire - Are These People 3 Miles High?

Look at the images of both news clips from the Weed Millionaire landing page.

You’ll notice in the bottom right corner the station “CNBC”.

What Is Weed Millionaire - Are These People 3 Miles High?

Again, another story from CNBC about how “Pot Stocks Riding A High.”

These video news clips talk about investing in cannabis and the potential to make huge financial profits.

These TV clips have nothing to do with Weed Millionaire.

What the unknown owners of Weed Millionaire are counting on is this:

If you see news clips from so-called “legit” sources like CNBC, then this must be a real, legitimate investment opportunity.

That’s what they want you to believe!

The ONLY thing that’s going on here is this:

These TV clips are being used as a convincing sales pitch to try to sell you on the idea of investing $250 with Weed Millionaire!

In other words, it’s just a marketing tactic to legitimize the scam.

The true purpose of the page is to convince you to join a trading brokerage and deposit some money.

Remember, you can’t activate the “special Weed Millionaire Software” until you deposit a minimum of $250 into a broker account.

This is how the people running this profit off of you.

This is a very good scam operation, in my opinion.

Read on to learn more.

How Did Weed Millionaire Work?

What Is Weed Millionaire - Are These People 3 Miles High?

First: You are sent a SPAM email or a spammy ad about investing in cannabis stocks. You are encouraged to click another link to learn more.

Second: You are taken to a FAKE that goes after your emotions by trying to sell you on the idea of profiting from pot stocks using auto trading software.

Third: You click through and come to the sales page for Weed Millionaire. While on that page you are emotionally bombarded again with more FAKE hype than you know what to do with.

The main emotional catchphrase they want you to hear is “quick and easy money”.

Fourth: You fall for the SCAM and join the brokerage they are associated with and send these cockroaches your hard-earned $250 to “activate your account.”

Fifth: Congratulations! You’ve just given away your money to an unregulated so-called brokerage called Prestige Financial Markets.

According to ThatSucks.com, a website that monitors and reviews worldwide brokerage firms, they recommend staying away from Prestige Financial Markets.

What Is Weed Millionaire - Are These People 3 Miles High?

Also, Prestige Financial Markets is run out of Estonia.

That’s right – the country Estonia.

Do you know where Estonia is on a map?

You didn’t send your money to Philly, New York, or Miami… You sent it to a European country called Estonia, which would probably take you a week to find on a map!

Sixth: Now you know what it’s like to feel like a complete Jackass!

Unregulated Brokers Equals SCAM

ThatSucks.com posted this warning about doing business with unregulated brokers:

What Is Weed Millionaire - Are These People 3 Miles High?

A non-regulated broker is frankly a financial entity that is not operating under government guidelines and is doing whatever the heck it wants to do with other people’s money.

After doing my due diligence, my research has concluded that this is clearly a SCAM.

Once you make your initial deposit, you will be harassed by these clowns for more and more money before you ever make one red cent in profit.

Weed Millionaire is similar to some other programs I’ve recently reviewed:

Let’s Be Clear About A Few Things

You can make outstanding money trading stocks.

But that will only happen if you know what you’re doing OR you hire someone (stockbroker) who does.

Also, when you are investing in stocks, you need some initial capital (enough money) to make a difference.

Today, cannabis stocks are potentially a lucrative and exciting proposition for many savvy investors.

But NOT from garbage websites like Weed Millionaire!

When ANY website or blog promises financial gains and profits way above the ordinary, just stay away from it!

However, in the case of Weed Millionaire, it collapsed on the weight of its own SCAM!

Verdict – Was Weed Millionaire a Scam?

Absolutely; Weed Millionaire was a total scam in my opinion.

Simply put, scam artists are using the “cannabis green rush” to suck your wallet dry.

Do you have any idea how many people would become millionaires if making money was as easy as Weed Millionaire says it is?

I recommend that you DO NOT get involved in this!

Why Do Most People Fail To Make Money Online?

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The decision is yours, my friend.

Make the right choice.

I know I have!

Talk Soon,


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