What Is ViewFruit – Can You Make Big Money Here?

What Is ViewFruit - Can You Make Big Money Here?

ViewFruit is a reliable and vast online market research network, however, many of you have never heard of this platform before and want to know What Is ViewFruit, and can you make money on this platform?

It is an online survey platform that has made its services available on a global scene for non-US residents, especially Asians.

ViewFruit has come to satisfy the desire of survey takers who are not from the US and actively looking for a survey platform.

Some other online survey sites do not offer survey opportunities for international takers living in less developed countries.

Due to this reason, most survey platforms are found in developed and populous countries like Europe, the US, and some Asian countries.

Compared to others, ViewFruit is attracting customers all across 32 countries. This scope contributes to its wide and international acceptance.

You can always trust transactions on ViewFruit because it is a member of the Market Research Association.

This background knowledge opens you up to the legitimacy and reliability of the platform.

However, there are other pieces of information you should know about ViewFruit to determine whether its reliability and legitimacy match its profitability.

Read through this article and learn all that you should know about this platform to make an informed judgment before signing up on ViewFruit.

How Does This Platform Work?

What Is ViewFruit - Can You Make Big Money Here?

If this is your first time on ViewFruit, and you are wondering how it works, here is how.

You have to register on ViewFruit to begin to enjoy their services.

Registration on the platform is free and you will not be charged for using the platform.

Singing up on ViewFruit doesn’t take time and can be done within a few minutes.

All you need to do is input useful information they will request of you and you will have your profile set up on the site.

Be patient enough and wait to completely set up your profile to maximize your earning potential.

Providing helpful details like gender, age, occupation, and income level will allow them to send you well-selected and targeted surveys that will avail you of more chances to qualify.

You will also find various short questionnaires on ViewFruit.

These questionnaires are based on different themes like healthcare, food and beverages, travel, parenting, gaming, finance, automotive, and other lifestyle topics.

Filling out the questionnaires is optional, but when you attend to them, they increase your chance of getting accurate surveys in the future.

When you frequently fill out as many surveys as possible, there is a possibility the number of survey invitations that will be sent to your inbox will increase.

Keep in mind that demographics are the main determining factor regarding how frequently you receive surveys.

How Do I Earn On Viewfruit?

What Is ViewFruit - Can You Make Big Money Here?

Earning on ViewFruit is based on the type of survey you take.

There is no other activity that can fetch you money on ViewFruit other than surveys.

You have to get enough surveys on a regular basis in order to earn consistently, however, it’s difficult to get the number of surveys needed to make decent money.

Surveys must also be attended to in time to avoid them expiring or timing out before you finish them.

When survey invitations are sent to you, they should be filled out as soon as possible because other members might also receive similar invitations and get them completed before you.

Also, you want to complete any surveys as soon as possible to also avoid disqualification and non-entry.

You can get from about 100 and 5000 points for any survey or surveys that are quickly and successfully finalized.

So how much real money do you earn from your survey points?

You get $1 from every 500 points.

Cash-out will be possible when your points reach 2500 or your real money is $5.

Other market survey platforms offer an industry cash-out rate of $20 to $25, this is another selling point for ViewFruit; it is easier to cash out even without building up so many funds.

ViewFruit Also Provides Different Options For Cash Out.

Customers can decide to use PayPal or get their cash via Amazon or iTunes gift cards.

A referral bonus is available on ViewFruit. This can be accessed when you refer a friend and they complete their profile.

A referral bonus is always 10% of the points from friends that you refer to the site.

There are other activities you can engage in on ViewFruit but they don’t get you money.

For a service like V-Vote, which you find on your dashboard, you interact with other users on Viewfruit by contributing to polls or creating polls for others to engage in.

Why ViewFruit Stands Out

  • ViewFruit accepts applications from thirty-two countries including the United States of America.
  • Applications from India, Australia, Canada, Philippines, the UK, Malaysia, and Singapore are accepted on Viewfruit.
  • They have a mobile app that is not common with other market research and survey panels.
  • The points you build up equate to cash and the starting point for their cash out is low and fast.
  • ViewFruit offers a cash-out threshold of 2500 points or $5.
  • Points equate to cash. Cash can be withdrawn through PayPal or converted to gift cards from Amazon or iTunes. No wonder the a vast number of candidates on the platform.
  • It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to conclude any survey on Viewfruit and you earn between $0.20 to $10. However, don’t look for any $10 surveys on a regular basis.

Some Downsides to Viewfruit

  • The disqualification rate is very high. Frequent users even complain of the extent to which survey sites disqualify their users
  • Most US applicants complain of limited surveys available for them. Some even complain of never getting any survey invitation
  • Most users never get to complete any survey because of the fast response time out and inaccessibility after surveys time out
  • You need official approvals before points can be converted or withdrawn. After the official approval that takes place on Fridays and you get approved, then you can convert your points to cash.
  • There are lots of grammatical errors that are unbecoming for such a site as Viewfruit.

My Final Thoughts On ViewFruit

There is no doubt that Viewfruif is a legit survey website.

Viewfruit is not much different than other legit survey websites I’ve reviewed on this website such as:

Similarly, they all have one major thing in common: You make very little money from these survey websites.

You are literally making pennies on the dollar.

The best you could ever do with the money you do make is buy gas or bus/train fare, pay 1 or 2 small bills, buy some groceries, or some other small purchases.

Survey websites were never intended to be real money-making opportunities for the general public.

You will never make a life-changing income with survey websites because they are designed to pay out very little money.

The money you make isn’t worth the time you spend filling out surveys.

It never has been and it never will be.

If you REALLY want to know how you can make a five, six, or even a seven-figure income by leveraging the power of the internet, then please click on the link below.

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