What Is Tube Crusher – Big Scam Or Big Money?

What Is Tube Crusher - Big Scam Or Big Money?

Have you heard about Tube Crusher? Some have asked What Is Tube Crusher?

Tube Crusher is a make-money-online program on the Clickbank platform.

Tube Crusher has been promoted as a program that will earn you thousands of dollars per month.

Also, Tube Crusher makes the ridiculous claim that you can start making up to $3,000 in affiliate commissions TODAY.

I have been disappointed with many of the products hosted on the ClickBank platform.

Is Tube Crusher going to be any different?The answer, sad to say, is Not Really.

I wrote this review to give you important facts about Tube Crusher and find out if its LEGIT or a SCAM.

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Update March 2020What Exactly WAS Tube Crusher?

Look, if you’ve stumbled on some renegade link or website promoting a program called Tube Crusher, don’t waste your time.

As of March 2020 here is an update for Tube Crusher:

Tube Crusher has left the building!

It’s gone.

The official web address for Tube Crusher was supposed to be www.tubecrusher.co

However, when you type that address in the search engines, you get the following:

What Is Tube Crusher - Big Scam Or Big Money?

Apparently, Tube Crusher no longer exists.

According to GoDaddy, the URL once used for Tube Crusher is up for sale!

It’s been taken down, as indicated by the fact that the URL www.tubecrusher.co is available for purchase.

Imagine that!

A so-called make-money online program that claimed to make you thousands of dollars a month couldn’t keep its own domain name.

What About The Tube Crusher Review?

After some consideration (about 30 seconds), I’ve decided to forgo the rest of this review.

Why do you ask?

Because it would be a total waste of time.

Tube Crusher is gone because it was a SCAM from the beginning.

From day one, whoever created this piece of garbage knew full well its sole purpose was to suck money from inexperienced marketers.

Plain and simple.

Therefore, to use the rest of this post to explain the details of this “product” is a total time waster.

Usually, I’ll continue with a review of a product, even if it’s no longer working so that inexperienced marketers can understand and spot the signs of a SCAM.

However, since this was sponsored on ClickBank, no further explanation is necessary.

The creator of Tube Crusher has no identity, yet claims to be a YouTube superstar.

How can you believe that without any proof?

I have observed something about a large number of ClickBank products.

They claim they can make so much money online, yet all these are simply lies and nothing more.

When you get inside many of their products, you will discover that most of them are full of hype and very little substance.

The Reality Of Making Money On YouTube

Yes, YouTube is a platform that can earn you money,

However, if you think that is going to happen in just a few days like the guy at Tube Crusher has described, it is not true.

Can you make more than 5 figures on YouTube legitimately?

Yes, you can.

However, thinking that this is going to happen within the next 1 week or 1 year is a joke.

The problem with many of these “programs” is they flat-out LIE to people looking for a way out.

They give the impression that money can be earned from the internet without much hard work or sacrifice.

This is why inexperienced people fall for this crap and get their wallets cleaned out.

These scammers are trained in the art of pushing just the right emotional triggers to get you to hand over your hard-earned money.

Was Tube Crusher A SCAM?

Absolutely! Without a doubt.

Thank goodness it’s no longer available.

Tube Crusher reminds me of other SCAMS I’ve reviewed on this very blog:

However, look out!

If the scam artist that created Tube Crusher is anything like the other scam artist on the internet, he or she will repackage Tube Crusher.

It’s possible they will rebrand it and try to sell it as a whole new “program” different from anything else out there!

What Is Necessary To Make Money Online?

This is the part where I tell you how much hard work is involved in online marketing.

Here is the part where I tell you that you have to actually build your own business to see a life-changing income.

So why even get involved with online marketing, specifically affiliate marketing?

I’ll tell you.

Affiliate marketing can be insanely profitable.

You can make five, six, and seven figures through affiliate marketing.

However, there’s ONE catch.

One challenge you have to deal with.

You MUST learn how to do it right.

You must.

Why is that so surprising to people?

If you work for a company or a corporation they have standards of proficiency that have to be met on a daily basis.

Well, it’s no different from an online business.

You have to LEARN how to do your job.

When you go to work every day there are standards of proficiency you have to meet to keep your job.

Why should it be any different with affiliate marketing?

Most People Don’t Understand That Affiliate Marketing Is A Skill

Affiliate marketing is a genuine, bonafide SKILL.

It’s a very profitable skill.

However, it’s a skill you have to LEARN and become proficient at.

The problem is garbage programs like Tube Crusher give the wrong impression that you can make money online with very little work.

I’ve reviewed similar programs that tell you how easy it is to “make money with five clicks of your mouse.”

“Make $500 dollars In one weekend.” “You can make $10,000 in 30 days!”

When you see income claims like these, they are absolute LIES.

Online marketing has NEVER worked this way unless you are outright scamming people.

There is no “magic bullet” for making money online.

No “secret formula”

Just. Hard. Work.

Wealthy Affiliate is The Best Platform To Learn How To Make Money Online

I’ve tried a lot of different platforms over the years.

I’ve found that Wealthy Affiliate is the most complete platform online today.

That’s my opinion based on my personal experience.

When I say “complete”, this is what I mean:

The Wealthy Affiliate platforms made it as easy as possible to build your own online business.

Once you sign up, there are no additional “upsell” or “one-time-offers” you’re hit with.

Everything you need to build your affiliate marketing business is provided with your annual or monthly membership fee.

There are NO surprises.

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review to see how ordinary people are making extraordinary incomes.

Tens of thousands of average men and women making job-killing incomes thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

Also, you can try Wealthy Affiliate without risking one red cent by starting a FREE account.

You can keep the free account as long as you need to.

Heck, after I understood all the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate, I had my free account for just one day before I upgraded to a paid membership.

Below is a chart highlighting the benefits between the FREE Membership and the Premium Membership.

Will you take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing?

That, my friend, is entirely up to you…

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