What Is The Vasayo Opportunity – Is It Right For You?

What Is The Vasayo Opportunity - Is It Right For You?

Welcome to my brief Vasayo review! I’m sure you’re here because you’re wondering What Is The Vasayo Opportunity and if is it right for me?

Also, you want to know if you can make money with this MLM.

Because you are reading this review, I’m assuming you are looking for a way to make money online.

Vasayo sells wellness and health products, which includes CBD oil, using the MLM business process.

Dallin and Karree Larsen started it in 2016 and were with a MLM called MonaVie previously.

Let’s look closer at Vasayo, their merchandise, and business opportunities, to help decide whether it’s worth it.

What Is The Vasayo Opportunity – Company Overview

What Is The Vasayo Opportunity - Is It Right For You?

The company was started by Karree and Dallin Larsen in 2016.

Together, they both have a long history within the MLM space.

It looks like Dallin Larsen was earlier associated with Usana in the 1990s when he, in 2005, finally started MonaVie.

According to a Wikipedia article, MonaVie had a rocky ride in a span of ten years with numerous legal cases.

In fairness, it went on to become a successful network promotion company.

Anyways, in July 2014, Dallin took retirement from MonaVie after “considerable philosophical disagreements,”

Mauricio Bellora was appointed the CEO of MonaVie to replace Dallin Larsen.

In 2015, shortly thereafter, MonaVie folded.

Vasayo Has A Diverse Line Of Products

What Is The Vasayo Opportunity - Is It Right For You?

The company’s products consist of eight “Microlife Nutritional” merchandise.

They are largely dietary additives from weight loss additives and detox capsules to CBD oil (Cannabidiol) and even multivitamins.

Below is a list of Vasayo’s core products:

  • V-Tox (helps to detoxify the body)
  • One (cannabis oil)
  • V-Slim (weight loss powder)
  • Core Complete (multivitamin capsules)
  • Neuro (cognitive enhancement capsules for enhanced brain function)
  • Renew (oral spray for joint health)
  • V3 (mood, energy, and hydration supplement)
  • MicroLife Sleep (oral spray to improve sleep)

They follow this up using downloadable PDFs for each item and show you precisely what components are utilized and how this makes the products distinctive.

You have vast opportunities here as it’s a quickly growing market across the United States and worldwide.

In any case, these items all have a thirty-day cash refund guarantee as well.

If you buy their products but are not satisfied with them, they will refund your money.

They also have a 31 to the 60-day returns policy for sealed products of 90%. This is truly beneficial.

What Is The Vasayo OpportunityIs This Real Science Or Unique Marketing?

What Is The Vasayo Opportunity - Is It Right For You?

A thing that makes their products distinctive is their merchandise contains ‘liposomes.’

The product’s spokesperson, Emek Blair, founder of Valimenta Inc. pioneers “liposomal dietary additive” R&D.

I am not a health expert. I’ll attach an excerpt of liposomes taken from HandWiki:

“Liposomes are at present being applied for specific oral deliveries of certain diet and nutritional additives.

A select few diets and nutritional additive companies are at present pioneering the positives of these unique sciences…”

Looks as though this is related to increasing the bioavailability and absorption of nutritional additives and making it more efficient.

Put differently, it makes vitamins function better.

Based on what I’ve looked at (again, not an expert) there appears to be believable evidence that supports this method.

This is what makes their product line distinctive.

Dr. Emek (an honored scientist) makes use of a branded method for developing his liposome process.

Why this is important for people looking at this opportunity?

It’s because these products could be very distinctive if users get results by using them.

Being objective, the company will be the monopoly leader using this branded technique because they have Dr. Emek’s partnership.

If their products are what they promote them to be, it could prove to be very profitable.

Vasayo would be one of a few MLM businesses that actually deliver distinctive products that are worth their price.

Vasayo reminds me of other legit network marketing companies I’ve reviewed recently such as:

The Vasayo Compensation Plan Is Very Detailed

Vasayo Compensation Plans or Reward Plans outline how one can start as an associate, the different ways to earn, and the amount you’ll be able to get.

Since it’s a network marketing business, you can make money from selling their products and also growing your network.

I do not go into detail on compensation plans in my reviews.

The reason I don’t is that MLM compensation plans make my head hurt.

Network marketing compensation plans are detailed and/or extremely complicated.

What I have done is provide the link to Vasayo’s Compensation Plan so you can view their actual numbers yourself.

For Vasayo’s Compensation Plan Click Here.

What Is The Vasayo Opportunity – Getting Started With Vasayo Is Expensive

What Is The Vasayo Opportunity - Is It Right For You?

It’s simple; choose a product kit, they range from $239 to $899. As I am writing this, they’re giving their ‘founders kit’ for $1495.

For you to be regarded as ‘qualified’ and earn fees, associates must have a minimum of two active distributors below them in their binary downline scheme.

Being active means associates must gather 80 personal volumes through retail selling or higher each month and at least one customer.

You have eight different money streams that are available which depend on your associate stage and functioning.

You can learn which rank represents an income stream in the ‘associate rank chart’ below.

As previously mentioned, your money-making potential is dependent on your associate stage.

The Vasayo Compensation page outlines the various ranks and positions by which you can make money.

You can view the Vaysao Compensation page by Clicking Here.

Vaysao Is A Legit Network Marketing Company

What Is The Vasayo Opportunity - Is It Right For You?

The company is not fraudulent or a pyramid system in my view.

If their products are unique and genuinely offer your money’s value, there is a shiny future for this business going ahead.

It’s actually good to find a business with a firm emphasis on retail selling as a qualifying factor as opposed to just enrolling people.

The company’s compensation plan is organized in a respectable and ethical manner, which leaves plenty of space for inspirational Brand Partners to make a profit.

I believe it all comes down to the degree to which their product is actually good.

Therefore, here is the question:

If Vasayo is a solid network marketing company, then why am I not recommending it?

It’s because statistics have proven that 99% of people who enroll in network marketing companies fail to make money.

Look at this screenshot from the Federal Trade Commission website which is based on an exhaustive study by the Consumer Awareness Institute in 1999.

What Is The Vasayo Opportunity - Is It Right For You?

If you recall, Dallin and Karree Larsen started network marketing in 2016 with MonaVie.

Look at the last box on the right of the screenshot. 99.71% of ALL MonaVie’s associates lost money!

However, that’s not unusual when it comes to network marketing companies.

The reason why people don’t believe it is because they’ve contracted “Shiny Object Syndrome” and see only the glam and glitz of “owning your own business.”

They don’t want to face the hard truth that most people FAIL to make any money with network marketing.

Building Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business Is A Better Alternative

When you build your own affiliate marketing business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, you are in COMPLETE control of it.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else does, or if the company goes under and fails, or if some other situation occurs that’s unfavorable.

It doesn’t matter.

YOU are in control.

What most people fail to realize is if you have your own blog or website, you can sell the products you like from a network marketing company on your website.

Please understand this important point as well:

Most distributors are given a generic “done-for-you” website after they sign up with there name and affiliate link.

However, what most distributors fail to realize is the search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, detest “done-for-you” websites!

They consider them duplicate content.

Therefore, you’ll never get free, organic traffic to your website.

Also, you’re not allowed to change the content on these “done-for-you” websites.

You can add relevant content, images, nothing.

So your “company website” will NEVER rank on the search engines.

This is a HUGE problem.

Think about it – this is why you constantly have to personally recruit people to join your “opportunity.”

Actually, your website or blog should be getting you new sign-ups.

However, it can’t because it’s not SEO optimized and never will be!

That’s why I’ll never recommend network marketing as a way to make money.

Wealthy Affiliate Makes It Easy To Build Your Own Business

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STOP relying on network marketing companies to help you make money.

The dirty little secret is you probably won’t make any money!

Stop listening to the hype and false promises from misguided network marketers!

You’re always going to be fed the false narrative that you can make a ton of money as part of someones “downline.”

Don’t fall for the hype!

Take control of your financial future TODAY.

Talk Soon,


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