What Is The Secret To Making Money Online

What Is The Secret To Making Money Online

Right now, today you want to know What Is The Secret To Making Money Online?

At this point, you’re not concerned about what other online marketers do. 

You’re concerned about YOUR business.

You’re here because you want to know if there’s something you’re missing that can help improve your online business.

Similarly, failing to understand this formula is why so many are unsuccessful at making money online.

They continue to be broke and lack abundance.  

Believe it or not, all success in business comes down to this one particular formula. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling hamburgers, insurance, landscaping services, or underware.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 40 years or you started your business 3 hours ago. 

Whatever your niche is makes no diffrence. 

From a business standpoint, this same formula brings success to every endeavor.

Similarly, ignoring this formula almost surely brings failure.

What Is The Secret To Making Money Online?

What Is The Secret To Making Money Online

The “Secret” to making money online is this: There isn’t any “Secret”!

The never was a “secret” to making money online.

The fake “Gurus” wanted you to believe there was some “secret” so they could sell you more of their stuff…

Here’s something else I want you to understand:

In life, the simplest answer is often the correct answer. 

Similarly, so it is with THE Formula. 

THE Formula for Business Success:

  • Create an Irresistible Offer
  • Present this Irresistible Offer to the prospects who are hungry for it
  • Sell to them again, and again, and again.

That’s it. Those are the three no-fail ingredients you must have to make money online.

The first point regarding What Is The Secret to Making Money Online is: Create an irresistible offer?

What can we say is actually a “irresistable offer”?

A irresistable offer is one that presents so much desired benefit for such a small perceived cost that prospects rush to purchase.

A “irresistable offer”can be one that has to be purchased or it can be a free offer.

In either case, it’s the percieved value to the customer that makes it irresistable. 

Step 2 says to present this offer to the people who desire it. 

For example, you wouldn’t sell snow tires to residents of Floridia.

You sell snow tires to Northerners who are bombarded with snowstorms during the winter months.

And Step 3 says to hang onto those customers and sell to them time and time again. 

Why would you do this? 

They already know you because you’ve provided relevant, valuable content to them.

They like you and trust you because you’ve endeavored to help them solve their problems.    

It is far easier and far more profitable to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one.

So…What Does This Mean For YOU?

What Is The Secret To Making Money Online

Now that we’ve told you What Is The Secret to Making Money Online, the obvious questions are: 

What does this mean in the world of online marketing? How does this affect my business?

The first point is, don’t just sell something because you want to sell it.

What million-dollar marketers do is find out what their customers fervently desire.

After all, it’s about your customers, not you.

Once you know what they want, then you create an irresistible offer.

For example, this very blog promotes Wealthy Affiliate.

The reason this blog primarily promotes Wealthy Affiliate is tens of thousands of people on a monthly basis search for how to make money online.

Another topic that people search for is a’affiliate marketing”.

So people fervently desire to “make money online” through “affiliate marketing”.

Although “make money online” is a difficult niche due to it’s competitiveness, nevertheless, it’s still a topic that’s highly searched month after month.

That’s one example of what thousands of customers regularly search for. 

Therefore, what I need to do is try to create an “irresistable offer”, something that motivates the customer to get them to take action. 

Put ‘Em In The Crosshairs

What Is The Secret To Making Money Online

The second point: target your offer to those who are most interested. 

If you have a course on marketing for brick and mortar businesses, you might have to get it in front of 200 prospects to make one sale. 

But if it’s a course on marketing for chiropractors, you can double the price and still close 1 in 20.

The point is when you specifically focus your offer, you close more sales with fewer customers.

Why is that? 

Because your offer is more tightly targeted to the exact people who want to buy it.

The third point: treat your customers like royalty. 

Notice I didn’t say to treat them like family.

Unfortunately we sometimes take our families for granted. 

However, NEVER take your customers for granted!

Always share your very best insights, news and helpful tips with them.

Why is it important to do this?

If you are always sharing relevant content with your audience, when it’s time for them to make another purchase, they don’t hesitate to purchase from you.

This will work even if you are merely the affiliate recommending someone else’s product.

Actionable Content Will Always Be King

What Is The Secret To Making Money Online

This I’m positive of: whatever you’re selling, this is the formula that will make you rich.

However, I know what you’re thinking…

“But surely, there must be exceptions?”

No. Not really. 

Let’s say you don’t sell anything outright, and instead you are a blogger and you just provide information.  

Is it possible that you still have an irresistible offer?

Yes it is. It’s the information you are sharing on your website for free. 

If it’s outstanding information targeted to your niche, then your readers will be excited to read it.

They will return time and time again to read it and look for new information you post. 

If you monetized the website through either ads or affiliate products there is an even greater benefit.

While your readers are returning to read, they are also sometimes clicking your ads or purchasing the products you promote.

This will work even if you run a non-profit.

Even non-profits follow this rule. 

For example, the irresistible offer is the chance for the interested person to make the donation.

The donation is either time or money to help a cause that is near and dear to their heart. 

The non-profit will be promoted only to those who have a keen interest in the cause. 

Therefore, what eventually happens?

If treated with care, respect and gratitude, those who donated once will likely donate again and again.

Additional Resources

But Will This Actually Work For Me?

What Is The Secret To Making Money Online

Similarly, as a marketer I can’t think of one human interaction where this formula won’t work.

 It’s that powerful.

Since the information is this blog post is for the benefit of your business, here is my challenge to you: 

Set aside 10 minutes to do this exercise.

  • Take out a pen and paper and write down the 3 steps. 
  • Now write how you will specifically accomplish each of the three steps in your niche or your next marketing campaign. 

The next thing I want you to consider is how do you increase your possibility of success?

One way to do this is by doing 2 specific things:

  • STOP Making Excuses
  • Use a platform that will help you build a profitable affiliate marketing business – Wealthy Affiliate.

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What Is The Secret To Making Money Online

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