What Is The Income League And Why You Need To Know

What Is The Income League And Why You Need To Know

Many people have asked What Is The Income League; is The Income League a scam or is it legit?

Can you really make money with this?

Well, you won’t get the opportunity to – The URL for The Income League is no longer working.

The Income League is finished.

However, this post will discuss a very important part of The Income League and other platforms – “Done For You” websites.

We will consider the following: The difference between a “Done For You System” like The Income League in comparison tobuilding your blog or website with a platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

Also, we will look in detail at the pros and cons of The Income League, as well as similar systems like it.

At the end of this post, we’ll conclude with some practical advice.

The Income League Was “A Done For You” Program

Regarding The Income League, below are the Pros and Cons of this program:

  • Program Name: Income League
  • Website: incomeleague.com
  • Price: $47 + Over $500 In Upsells
  • Recommended: I do not recommend Income League
  • Owners: Matthew Neer ( left ) & Jamie Lewis
What Is The Income League And Why You Need To Know

Is There An Upside ToDone For You” Systems?

What we need to ask is: What is the mindset of a person who buys a “Done For You” system?

The reason these systems claim to give you an easier way to make money online is that most of the work, the ‘heavy lifting’ as it were, has been already “done for you.”

Usually, all a person needs to do is send traffic into the funnel.

Here is the point: one good aspect of these “done for you” kinds of systems is they really do take some of the hard work out of setting up a typical sales funnel.

Therefore, by having the sales funnel already set up you don’t have to worry about some of the technical aspects of your website.

Here are systems similar to The Income League that use “done-for-you” websites:

As we dig deeper, there are definite drawbacks to using these ready-made websites.

Why “Done For You” Websites Aren’t Good For Your Long Term Business

The problem comes in when these programs make you think on their sales page that all you have to do is “plugin” to your “system” by sending traffic to it and soon the money will start flowing in like a river.

But it’s never as simple as just ‘plugging in’ and sending traffic to an offer.

It never has been that easy and it never will.

Therefore, just how ‘done for you’ the sales funnel is, however, really depends on the system itself.

However, the ‘traffic part’ is not as simple as it sounds.

At least, not if you want to make that traffic profitable.

The honest truth of the matter is “done for you” systems appeal to aspiring marketers.

Many people who are new to online marking don’t want to ‘roll up their sleeves” and do the work necessary to build their own affiliate marketing business.

These systems appeal to people who want “quick” results; they want to make money as “fast as possible.”

Here is a point that needs to be made:

There are no “quick” or “fast” ways to make money online that aren’t bordering on unethical methods.

Therefore, a done-for-you internet business is not about selling your own products.

It’s about joining an existing company and promoting their existing products to customers as an affiliate.

You give up control of your own website for the convenience of having a “business in a box” set up and ready to go.

Was The Income League A Scam?

This platform emptied the wallets of the beginner because they weren’t experienced enough to identify the gaping holes in this product.

Unfortunately, any “newbie” who purchased the Income League was taking a huge risk.

Not only are done-for-you systems risky, but spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on wasted solo ads and second-rate, come from behind network advertising is also NOT a good idea.

Let me say, without a doubt, that The Income League was NOT a SCAM.

However, I would have never recommended it as a reliable platform to help you learn to make money online, especially for new people.

The basic principle behind Income League, that of affiliate marketing, is correct.

The program was tailored for individuals to invest not only in the initial training but in the numerous upgrades that unsuspecting customers are bombarded with.

The Income League was a classic example of sales pages and funnels that are designed to appeal to emotions.

These types of programs don’t have long-term SEO benefits.

Through the sales funnel, there is pressure to buy more sub-standard training and more useless services.

Following the sales funnel could lead down a road you don’t want: no results, no commissions, and massive frustration.

Is There A Better Way to Learn How to Make Money Online?

I’ve mentioned Wealthy Affiliate a number of times in my blog posts.

The training is simply amazing. It flat out WORKS!

This platform has taught me how to build an online business that touches on EVERY AREA you need to be familiar with in order to successfully make money online.

You will learn how to build an online business that your visitors see, not as a weak, money-grabbing excuse for a website, but as an authoritative site.

Your website will feature great content that actually helps people solve problems.

When you build a content-rich website or blog you build trust with your visitors, which in time will manifest in sales. 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you that an email list should be just a part of an online business.

You’re taught to build your email list in such a way that it will attract its own free organic search traffic.

Ultimately, following the training will result in people coming to you organically instead of you trying to constantly “chase money”.

I hope with these blog posts you have a better understanding of Done For You systems and why owning your own website is a better long-term option.

Make the RIGHT DECISION TODAY and check out Wealthy Affiliate…You Can Do This!

Talk Soon,


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10 thoughts on “What Is The Income League And Why You Need To Know”

  1. Hi Howard,

    Thanks for sharing this review, in answer to the question what is the income league, when I see that the initial price is $47 with over $500 worth of upsells, the first thing that springs to mind is  potential scam to get you to purchase the products from them that do actually work (the more expensive ones).

    This was before I got to the multiple con points that you listed, it seems to be a lot of the same things that a lot of products like this try to promote automated untargeted traffic, which is low quality and means low conversions. On top of this, who wants to be associated with low quality products (I Have found some very good ones on clickbank as well), it makes you look bad and far less people are likely to be inspired to purchase. 90 minutes of training, simply isn’t enough for $47 and to create a sustainable business plan!

  2. Getting traffic on ones site is unargueably one the biggest plan of a site owner, especially if the site is of affiliate marketing, and this is because you’ll need these traffic to help gain a good ranking on Google and then you have greater chances of getting a customer to your site. Well, seeing this post have given me a better understanding of the bad activities of this site and I would stay clear. Best regards.

  3. Hello Howard, nice seeing you again with a good review on income league. It is probably the first time I’m hearing of the income league but I can say for sure that even though it Iegit, the cons are just too much and one might be risking a whole lot. Apart from that, I think that the upsells run too high to help the system work and one will have to pay. That’s really not good enough in my own opinion. It’s a nicely done review. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Oh, another very good review here on  income league. It’s not the first time that I am hearings bout this platform here but it’s very good to learn this. Having read what you have here, I think that people really need to read reviews online before joining any online platforms because as much as this one looks legit, there are so many cons to it and one is taking a very big risk plus the upsells too. Nice one!

  5. Interesting to read about income league. One thing that baffles me right now is the fact that the cons are too much. Infact, this could be the longest list of cons that I have ever seen a platform to have. If everything is faulty about them, then why are people joining them. It just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever and I really need more people to see this about Income league. I would never join this neither would I suggest to anyone to join. Thanks

    • Hello Mattias,

      Thank you for reading this post.

      The reason for the long list of “Cons” is the fact I’ve been trying to make on these posts:

      “Done-For-You” systems don’t work.

      Google HATES them and you cannot add relevant content to them.

      Great comments! Thanks,



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