What Is Survey Rewardz – Big Money Or Big Disappointment?

What Is Survey Rewardz - Big Money Or Big Disappointment?

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re wondering What Is Survey Rewardz and if can I make any money with this?

I’m going to briefly review survey rewards and then very quickly you can decide whether you want to sign up or not.

How does this work? How much money can you really make? Is it worth your time?

Let’s get into this.

What Is Survey Rewardz – Is It Any Different From The Other Survey Sites?

What Is Survey Rewardz - Big Money Or Big Disappointment?

Survey Rewardz is a legit survey site, however, it’s not much different than the hundreds of other survey websites out there.

The exact owner of Survey Rewardz is not known, but they are run by Points2Shop, a market research firm based in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Points2Shop has been in business for over 12 years and they hold a B rating at the Better Business Bureau.

I don’t consider BBB ratings a game breaker, but some people feel it’s very important to mention it.

I find it is frustrating that Survey Rewardz provides very little information to their members until they have registered for an account.

When someone provides their demographic information before they are able to get any relevant information on the company only benefits the company.

You can create a free account on Survey Rewardz and register with your name and email.

As soon as you verify your account, you will be able to start making money.

You will be informed via email when a new survey is available.

Eligibility Is A Constant Challenge

What Is Survey Rewardz - Big Money Or Big Disappointment?

At any given moment you can log into your account and see plenty of available surveys.

However, the problem is eligibility.

You could be 3 to 5 minutes into your survey and because you don’t meet the survey’s demographics, you’re disqualified.

This process, which is the same as all survey websites, accounts for a tremendous waste of time.

I would have to say that the most annoying issue survey takers face on a daily basis is getting disqualified.

Regrettably, that’s just the way most survey websites are.

You can fill out surveys, which might take you anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes per survey.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to qualify for every survey because they’re looking for specific demographics on behalf of their clients.

Survey Rewardz is similar to other survey/GPT websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

How Much Money Can You Make With Survey Rewardz

Every time you fill out a survey, you make anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar.

Here’s the problem though.

You don’t get to fill out more than one survey per day; a lot of websites work like that.

They’ll start sending you lots of surveys initially, then the survey opportunities become less and less and less.

Even if you’re filling out one survey per day, how much can you really make right now?

The cash-out threshold at Survey Rewardz is very low – only $1 dollar.

Once you get past the $1, you can exchange it for a gift card, like an Amazon gift card, or you can cash out with PayPal.

Let’s just say that everything worked really well, and you were getting one survey per day from Survey Rewardz and the surveys were paying $1 upon completion.

How much money can you really make?

Let’s do the math: 1 survey per day, times 31 days a month, you can make a whopping $31 bucks.

However, let’s say you signed up for multiple accounts through other legit survey websites like Gain.gg, Superpay.me, Panda Research, Timebucks, Rewarding Ways, ySense, PTCShare, and OneDay Rewards so you could maximize your earning potential.

Let’s say you were completing surveys for four hours a day.

How much can you really make?

If you scale your daily efforts to where you’re making $1 dollar an hour X 4 hours would equal to $4 dollars a day, you would be making a whopping $124 bucks a month.

Is There A Better Way?

Ask yourself this question.

If you’re investing four hours a day on a survey website and you’re making $124 a month extra, how is that going to change your life?

The answer is it’s not going to change your life.

If you’re starving and you can’t put food on the table, then $124 dollars a month will probably keep you from starving.

However, $124 dollars a month isn’t a life-changing income.

When you’re spending four hours a day completing surveys and other online tasks in order to make $124 a month, that is a complete waste of time.

The only way to create a life-changing income is to leverage the power of the internet on your behalf.

You need to learn the skills that will allow you to build a profitable online business so you can create the income that will give you real choices in life.

The best platform to help you to build your own online business is Wealthy Affiliate.

Why You Should Use Wealthy Affiliate

What Is Survey Rewardz - Big Money Or Big Disappointment?

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need, all in ONE place for one reasonable price.

The Premium membership from Wealthy Affiliate is by far the highest value, most cost-efficient way to create and grow an online business in 2020 and moving forward.

If you have struggled for years to build a successful business online, or feel that you don’t have the “full picture”…

Wealthy Affiliate has been designed especially for YOU.

Learn how to make a life-changing income with Wealthy Affiliate like the members below have:

What Is Survey Rewardz - Big Money Or Big Disappointment?
What Is Survey Rewardz - Big Money Or Big Disappointment?
What Is Survey Rewardz - Big Money Or Big Disappointment?

The excellent video tutorials in Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to build your own online business properly.

If you’re willing to listen, learn and follow directions, it is not difficult.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle Loudon, and Carson Lim have helped tens of thousands of people build successful online businesses for almost 20 years.

They have made it as easy as possible for people with zero experience to build a profitable online business.

They have made it possible for you to create a FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate so you can try out the platform for yourself without spending one dime.

Click the link below and start your FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate so you can see for yourself how awesome this platform is.

What You Need To Do Next:

First: STOP making excuses.

You’re broke. Your finances are a joke.

Second: Sign up for a FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate.

Third: Get To Work! Create your own online business!

Why You Need To Do This:

You need to do this so you can give yourself and your family a better quality of life without the stress and anxiety of trying to make money online by filling out surveys.

The choice is yours, my friend.

Before you decide that this is not the right time or you’re “too tired” or you have “other commitments, consider these words:

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

The above words from the late motivational speaker Jim John are a fact of life.

If you don’t do something now, then when will you do something?

How bad do your finances have to get before you say “I’ve had enough!”

It’s time to TAKE ACTION!

Talk Soon,


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