What Is Secret Investor Society – Can You Make Money Here?

What Is Secret Investor Society - Can You Make Money Here?

You’re here reading this post because you want to know What Is Secret Investor Society and if it’s a scam or legit. You also want to know if you can make money with this platform.

This blog post is going to give you the facts on Secret Investor Society?

The man behind how the society was created goes by the name “Simon Green.”

Also, we have no way of knowing if “Simon Greene” is the owners real name or just who the actual owner is.

The system is claimed to be a way to make people become very rich, simply by flipping advertisements.

Secret Investor Society makes some outlandish claims when it comes to making money.

It claims to help you make nothing less than $3500 every 24 hours, from the start date to at least 45 days of joining.

That is a really bold claim!

Do you feel this system is true and will seamlessly deliver all that it claims to do?

Let’s look at how it works…

What Is Secret Investor Society – How It Works

What Is Secret Investor Society - Can You Make Money Here?

Unfortunately, the video that sells the Society hardly touched on the real deal of how the system is designed to work.

For 20 minutes, all you are told is the following:

Simply create an account, buy some advertisements that are supposedly inexpensive, then flip the ads you bought to earn a profit immediately.

The idea of “flipping ads” sounds easy and the process seems logical, and in fact looks practical enough to try out.

If you have been on the internet for a while then you understand the truth behind “advertisement flipping.

You will instantly know from experience that the product above is a cheap lie and doesn’t make any sense.

The actual truth is there is no such thing as “advertisement flipping.”

You can’t buy and sell online ads the same as you do with bonds and stocks on the stock market.

Online advertising is exactly what it is: online advertising.

You don’t “flip ads to make a profit.” There’s no such thing as “flipping ads.”

How The Secret Investor Society Scam Works

What Is Secret Investor Society - Can You Make Money Here?

In that video, the creator of this system, “Simon Greene”, says the Secret Investor Society is a free-to-use system.

Is that really true?


When you create your trading account, you will be requested to pay $250 to be able to trade.

How is that free?

These types of schemes are not new.

If you have heard of Free Ad Cash System and similar products, you will know they are all the same as this Secret Investor Society.

Interestingly, you will actually see money will be added to your account, and you will strongly believe that you are earning.

However, everything is fake – your account and even the money.

Then, with the assurance of the funds you see in your account, you are convinced to want to invest more to get more revenue.

Eventually, you will realize that there is no way to cash out your fake earnings.

That’s when you will finally realize it is not a legitimate business.

You’ve been SCAMMED.

Secret Investor Society is similar to other SCAM programs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

What Is Secret Investor Society –Proof That It’s A Scam!

Still don’t believe that this is nothing but a scam?

Consider the following so-called “testimonials” from the Secret Investor Society.

This gentleman claims that the Secret Investor Society saved him financially.

What Is Secret Investor Society - Can You Make Money Here?

Well, business must really be good on Fiverr.com becausethat’s where this FAKE testimonial came from.

What Is Secret Investor Society - Can You Make Money Here?

Wait! Heres another “testimonial” from the Secret Investor Society.

What Is Secret Investor Society - Can You Make Money Here?

I guess the gig on Fiverr.com was just too good to give up…

What Is Secret Investor Society - Can You Make Money Here?

Unrealistic Income Claims

It is more than possible for anyone to earn online.

However, it takes a considerable amount of work and diligent effort.

So, if a system promises to pay you a lot of money every day with very little work involved, I’d be really skeptical.

Making money online is systematic and requires a learning curve. Anything otherwise is not real.

The “Limited Positions” Lie

Anything that tells you to be fast and don’t miss the only opportunity left, need to be checked again and again.

Most scam products do exactly the same thing – they try to play with your emotions.

They try to give you an idea that there are “just a few slots remaining”.

Also, the earlier you “lock in your spot”, the better or else you miss out on the opportunity.

The “limited positions” trick is a total lie and has been used by scammers for years.

I hope you read this review before you jump into this signing up with them and giving away your money.

Fake Testimonials

As I demonstrated earlier, In case you are not aware, the people you see on the Secret Investor Society video are paid actors.

Why in the world would you or anyone else trust a make money online opportunity that uses FAKE testimonials?

Obviously, the so-called owners couldnt find one real person who made money from this bogus program.

So they had to find paid actors from Fiverr.com and LIE about their success.

Similarly, they try to use video testimonials to get you into believing that the Secret Investor Society is legitimate.

How could anyone possibly trust a program like this?

Is Secret Investor Society A Scam? – Yes It Is

As I stated above, this Secret Investor Society is not legit and its setup is a scam.

It says you will make a lot of money without any effort, commitment or work.

If you give them your phone number while trying to sign up, look out!

They have phone scammers (called salesmen) who will get on the phone with you, to convince you to register with $250 or more.

Don’t get scammed; don’t give them your personal information and don’t give them your credit card number.

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