What Is SavvyConnect – Can It Connect Money To Your Wallet?

What Is SavvyConnect - Can It Connect Money To Your Wallet?

If you’re reading this blog post, you might be wondering What Is SavvyConnect?

SavvyConnect is a survey app based on the website called SurveySavvy.

The company behind SavvyConnect is SurveySavvy, which is well-established and has been in operation since 1999.

The question is How much can you earn by using the SavvyConnect app?

Let’s find out in this brief review.

What Is SavvyConnect? How Does It Work?

What Is SavvyConnect - Can It Connect Money To Your Wallet?

Similarly, SavvyConnect is a part of SurveySavvy.

Survey Savvy is basically a platform that delivers surveys to your phone, tablet, or PC through the SavvyConnect app.

There are many users of this site who claim the website is trustworthy and actually pays out the money you earned.

Once you sign up for a free account and have loaded all your basic personal information, you will start receiving emails from them with links to certain surveys.

The number of surveys you may receive varies greatly according to your demographics.

Savvy Connect as well as all survey websites are based on participants’ demographics.

Therefore, there is no possible way to know how many surveys you will be invited to within a week.

A key tip to keep in mind is the more information you provide in your member profile, the greater the opportunity of getting surveys that you can make money.

SurveySavvy has been up and running for more than 15 years.

It was in 2009 when SurveySavvy decided to introduce new software that allows them to gather more information about consumers and users.

This new software supposedly helps you make more money.

Will SavvyConnect Really Help You Make More Money?

What Is SavvyConnect - Can It Connect Money To Your Wallet?

This new software was called SavvyConnect.

Since SavvyConnect is an app you download to any of your devices, its main purpose is to collect and interpret information about your behavior online while you use the Internet.

Once this data is compiled it’s sought after by SurveySavvy´s clients.

One of the benefits of downloading and installing SavvyConnect on your devices is the app automatically allows you to join their behavioral research program.

Using the software will give you the advantage of receiving paid surveys directly from the app along with additional invitations not available through their website.

What I don’t like about SavvyConnect is that with the app you are being watched on everything you do.

Yes, you are being tracked.

Although the website has privacy agreements in place and swears that it will not sell your information so easily, everything you do is still being watched with the SavvyConnect app.

Is There Really Anything New Here?

What Is SavvyConnect - Can It Connect Money To Your Wallet?

Just like the rest of the survey sites I’ve reviewed, the number of survey opportunities you get depends on your demographics.

You need to qualify for the surveys and it’s not as simple as just jumping on their website and them giving you all the surveys.

They actually have to send you the surveys. And sometimes they don’t really send you the surveys depending on how quickly you’ve been filling them up.

In theory, all great and good, but can you actually make money from savvy connect and how much money can you really make?

If you go through a lot of the reviews, there have been a lot of complaints about Savvy Connect.

Some people say it’s okay, but a lot of people say that they don’t actually get access to their surveys.

When you first sign up, it’s very easy, but after a little while, it gets harder and harder to get access to surveys.

When you do get access to surveys, a lot of the time you don’t actually get the money.

Once you get up to $10, which is the threshold before they pay out your checks, you might be waiting two or three months before you get your $10 check.

Sometimes you never even get it.

Along with that, support from SavvyConnect isn’t very helpful.

It’s Time For A Little Honesty

What Is SavvyConnect - Can It Connect Money To Your Wallet?

Let’s be honest about this – The admins at SurveySavvy are surely not interested in identifying who you are as an individual.

What they are interested in are the web pages you visit, the time you spend there, and which ads you click.

All of this behavioral information about you is being used for marketing purposes.

It’s very difficult to get a meaningful reply from anyone in support.

But let’s just say, everything goes super smooth and perfect.

How much can you really earn with survey websites?

It’s interesting that many people think those survey websites are great sources for making part-time money.

The problem is the money you make is literally “pennies on the dollar”!

SavvyConnect is no different than other legit survey sites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

The truth is even if you spent four or five hours a day, filling out surveys on your phone all day, you could literally earn about $15 to $20 dollars a week.

That’s on a really, really good week.

That’s like an extra $60 to $80 a month, and $80 is if you really hustle.

$60 dollars a month is real money, but how is $60 going to change your life?

When you look at the amount of time you’re investing versus the amount of money you’re getting back it’s just not worth it at all.

If you don’t have enough food it could make a difference.

The fact remains that $60 to $80 dollars aren’t a life-changing income.

My guess is if you’re here reading this post it’s because you’re trying to figure out how do you generate income through the internet.

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You can make a buck here, a $2 bucks there, $5 bucks over there, $10 bucks there.

Every last one of them is a total waste of time.

If you’re starving and near homeless then yes, the pocket change you make from completing surveys will keep your stomach from imploding from hunger.

However, if you want a life-changing income, you have to make the sacrifice and make the time to build your own online business.

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