What Is Pure Leverage About – Can Big Money Be Made Here?

What Is Pure Leverage About - Can Big Money Be Made Here?

You’re here reading this post because you want to know What Is Pure Leverage About and if you can make money with this platform?

Does Pure Leverage provide legitimate value-added services for Internet entrepreneurs?

Are they worth you investing time and effort into?

I am going to disclose all this and much more in my brief review of Pure Leverage.

Now, let’s get started.

What Is Pure Leverage About – An All-In-One Marketing Solution

What Is Pure Leverage About - Can Big Money Be Made Here?

The company is an MLM company that offers online marketing tools, like their autoresponder, website builder, lead generation, and others.

They claim that using these tools will help you to earn money online.

They offer a full-fledged marketing solution promising good incentives to you and others that you enroll under their business.

The company is an Internet-based program offering marketing tools that are necessary to start businesses.

Its parent company is Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO). Joel Therien founded GVO in 1999.

Global Virtual Opportunities is a multi-million dollar well-established company that engages in Internet marketing and web hosting.

Joel Therien is a veteran in online marketing. He collaborates with other top marketers online. The company was established in March 2013.

It has been depicted as the sole solution you will need for making money online.

The company offers a solution that supposedly does the difficult work.

Supposedly, all you have to do is sit back and watch your wealth pile up.

The solution itself is attractive as it offers a very low enrollment fee. It is only $24.95 each month.

This is lower than most MLM pyramid-scheme companies in the market.

This, nevertheless, is the starting point of numerous costs that the company is going to charge as you attempt to move forward.

Who’s Pure Leveraging Who?

What Is Pure Leverage About - Can Big Money Be Made Here?

All associates start as customers by sampling their program from 7-30 days at a fee of $1 only.

The precise number of days for trials changes from time to time.

You are charged $24.95 as a monthly fee. This fee lets you access the six important tools that we talked about previously.

Now we’re at $24.95 out-of-pocket costs.

For you to get commissions, you have to join them as a reseller.

For becoming a reseller, you’ll need to buy the rights and resell their marking solutions to people.

This will additional cost you $19.95 monthly.

OK…Now our monthly expenses go up to $44.90

Altogether, you will have to shell out $44.90 every month to get access to these tools and keep your reseller rights intact.

At this juncture, Pure Leverage is going to jump in and try to make you sign-up for their Elite Training Program.

Including all their other fees, their VIP plan costs $97 every month.

This plan allows you access to numerous workshops and videos that are aimed at helping you promote the company.

If you unwittingly click and join, you end up paying $142 as monthly fees.

But Wait…There’s More To Come

One of the main selling points of Pure Leverage is that you’ll be earning 100% commissions by reselling the product.

However, if you look at the fine print, you’ll see that this actually applies only for the first month ONLY.

Afterward, you get a HUGE 50% slash in commissions!

Moreover, premium marketing training from Terry Anglin, the company’s lead coach is offered.

This is to help you with information on how to develop and promote your business.

This plan costs $47 every month. It covers each and every factor in setting up your online business.

Now we’re at $189.00 in monthly fees to start an online business! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!

All total, if we purchase all the up sells to increase our rate of success, we’re spending $189.00 A MONTH before we see one red cent in profit!


Pure Leverage Is Another Multi-Level Marketing Product With Expensive Monthly Fees

What Is Pure Leverage About - Can Big Money Be Made Here?

Naturally, you do not have to buy their VIP or reseller plans, but you should be ready as you will receive plenty of emails from the company.

These emails promote their upsells that they will affect the money you will make.

What Pure Leverage does not disclose is that minus upgrading, you will not make the following commissions as advertised when promoting their solutions:

  • 100% fees in the very first month, and 50% second-month fees
  • 50% matching incentives for every member who is under you
  • Words of Wisdom Audio Series

Their idea is selling you their solutions by making you recruit people into the network.

Commission fees are given if you are able to enroll other paying members.

Enrolling people in your network allows you to get more commissions regularly.

There Seems To Be A Pyramid Like Structure With Pure Leverage

If a person you enrolled signs up new people under them, you and the recruit will get commissions.

The company operates in a pyramid-like structure.

You should be aware that 100% commissions are only accessible on direct referrals for the very first month only.

These fees drop to 50% after the very first month.

This is the common fee that is available for various digital solutions or services.

Actually, the company is earning $19.95 extra through the monthly reseller commissions.

This results in you being made to pay to sell their solutions for $24.95 while you pay the monthly commission.

This in total is almost $45 every month.

You Have Questionable Support If You Buy Into This System

What Is Pure Leverage About - Can Big Money Be Made Here?

Their support availability is questionable although their Insiders’ Club availability is promoted as a “top-notch” assistance system to their members.

You do have other ways for availing of the support that you require.

You can get access to comment boards and forums, ticketing assistance system, or asking for help.

These all could be encountered with other members attacking you publicly.

This is especially so if the accusation or question is about their methods and structures.

It has been said that some long-time, established members can become quite defensive about any negative comments, especially when the program’s legitimacy is challenged.

The point is members have numerous ways of contacting the company, however, many who’ve do so were met with less than favorable responses.

You will not find “less than favorable responses” among the members of Wealthy Affiliate.

And if a Wealthy Affiliate member is treated in an unkind manner, it simply won’t be tolerated.

Pure Leverage Isn’t A Scam But It Will Suck Your Wallet Dry

What Is Pure Leverage About And Can It Help You Make Money?

Although the company isn’t an outright scam, and it isn’t a pyramid system, it is barely able to pass the mark.

Their online solutions are offered at various monthly fees.

Their solutions are low-key, and you will be able to find better solutions or services at lower costs or for free.

Fees are only paid if reseller rights are bought from Pure Leverage.

Their main focus, though, is to recruit resellers who recruit other resellers.

Their focus is to create a huge “network” which is an adequate sign that sets off many warning bells.

In spite of the promises, the company doesn’t meet the expectations.

There are drawbacks that exceed any benefits.

Again, the company isn’t a scam; although it isn’t something that can be suggested for starting your internet marketing business.

Pure Leverage plainly doesn’t make the grade and is similar to other MLM companies I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Wealthy Affiliate Is A Much Better Option

What Is Pure Leverage About - Can Big Money Be Made Here?

I cannot tell you how refreshing Wealthy Affiliate is in comparison to Pure Leverage.

Check out the comparison chart below to get an idea of the value you get with Wealthy Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate You Don’t Get Slammed With HUGE Monthy Expenses As A Newbie

There’s nothing worse than getting nickeled and dimed as a “newbie” when you’re trying to build your online business.

That will never happen to you at Wealthy Affiliate.

Give them a try with a FREE account. No debit or credit card needed.

Look around and see for yourself how great the platform is.

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need, all in ONE place for one reasonable price.

The Premium membership from Wealthy Affiliate is by far the highest value, most cost-efficient way to create and grow an online business in 2020 and moving forward.

If you have struggled for years to build a successful business online, or feel that you don’t have the “full picture”…

Wealthy Affiliate has been designed especially for YOU.

Learn how to make a life-changing income with Wealthy Affiliate! 

Talk Soon,


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