What Is Profit 24 7 – Will It Make You Money?

What Is Profit 24 7 - Will It Make You Money?

What is Profit 24 7?

Now and then you come across a product and you scratch your head and say to yourself:

“What the heck is this?”

This was my reaction when I reviewed Profit 24/7.

Initally, it sounds too good to be true when you think about it!

Making money online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all on autopilot.

As with many of these make money online products, it really is too good to be true.

Is Profit 24/7 a straight scam you need to stay away from? YES it is!

What is Profit 24/7 – It’s A Straight-Up Scam!

  • Program Name: Profit 24/7
  • Price: $37 + Upsells
  • Owner: “Jacob Allen” or “Robert Sharpe” (depending on the sales video) 
  • Recommended? Absolutely Not!
  • The sales video for Profit 24/7 makes grandiose statements about how you’re going to make money online with their system.
  • Throughout the video, no attempt is made to explain what exactly Profit 24/7 does.

These types of SCAM websites are a plague on the internet.

Fortunately, there are legitimate platforms that really teach you how to make money online.

Profit 24 7 Update August 2022

When you click on the URL for Profit 24/7, makemoneyonline.network, you don’t get the Profit 24/7 website.

For some reason (I’m not surprised!) you cannot find the URL for the Profit 24/7 sales video anymore.

You were getting redirected to a sales video for a product called Mass Income Machines.

Now, you cannot find the Mass Income Machines website either, as that URL is no longer working as well!

This is not unusual – this is the type of thing scammers do on a regular basis.

Once they’ve stolen as much as they can, they close down the website and move on to another website where they can scam even more unsuspecting people.

Profit 24/7 is an example of a so-called product that is more “hype” than substance.

Its only purpose, along with Mass Income Machines, was to steal as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

Also, Profit 24/7 and Mass Income Machines originated from the affiliate network Clickbank.

ClickBank has a reputation for hosting low-quality scammy products that have a short shelf life.

Although Profit 24/7 and Mass Income Machines are dead, there is still much you can learn from the rest of this review so you can know how to spot scam platforms in the future.

However, if you want to learn how to create a solid online business that YOU are in control of, click on my review of my #1 recommended platform!

Another Low-Quality Clickbank Product

During my time as an online marketer, I have reviewed many Clickbank products, and most of them are the same as Profit 24/7.

There are a few good products on Clickbank, but not many.

Similarly, the reason why people create deficient products similar to Profit 24/7 is due to the shallow standards of the Clickbank platform.

Anyone can create an inferior product and as long as it passes the low-quality threshold in Clickbank, they’ll accept it.

Basically, you can host it on their platform and try to sell it to unsuspecting newbies, which is what scammers do.

Scam artists who promote these Clickbank products hide in the shadows.

They use fake stock photos instead of real ones and fake nicknames and pen names.

These individuals don’t want to be exposed as the unethical frauds they are.

A Scam Is A Scam Is A Scam

One thing I always notice in the scams similar to Profit 24/7 is they always keep talking about how much money you will earn.

Rarely do they mention a specific money-making method you can use?

Also, what these sales videos try to do is trigger an emotional response and tell you everything you like to hear.

They want to make you relate to their narrative.

This is a psychological technique that experienced scammers use to lure unsuspecting newbies into buying their garbage products.

Unfortunately, products like this on Clickbank are all too prevalent.

Don’t Fall For These Scams

Creators of these awful Clickbank products expect people to buy just on the dream of making money online.

Apparently, it seems to be working on a number of newbie marketers.

A legitimate product or system will actually teach people how to make money online, not just tell you on a slick video.

When a product doesn’t show what’s involved, what you’re doing, and what you’re learning, these are all signs of a SCAM.

With Profit 24/7 you get no value for your money whatsoever.

Also, they try to convince you that money will be rolling into your bank account 24/7 like the results they showed in the sales video.

When inexperienced newbies watch the Profit 24/7 video, it gives them the wrong message.

It gives the impression of making 4 – 5 figures a week in six months or less with their system.

How Profit 24/7 Really Worked

The main focus of this program is to take the money of unsuspecting newbies – people who are inexperienced at identifying what a SCAM is.

Profit 24/7 doesn’t promise you’ll make $10,000 in 30 days.

However, you are shown weekly payouts of 4 – 5 figures as if it’s easy to generate that kind of income from the start of this so-called “program”.

Similarly, the sales video is trying to convince you that making money online is very easy to do if you keep the process as simple as possible.

I’ve been making money online for a few years now, and that is just not the reality of how online marketing works.

You WILL NOT just start out making a lot of money like that.

It takes a period of time before you start actually making money.

The reality of how money is made is grounded in massive amounts of time and a ton of hard work and perseverance.

Don’t Waste Time and Money On SCAMS; See My #1 Recommended Way of Making Money Online! 

What Do You Really Get?

Once you pay your $37 dollars to get started, Profit 24/7 uses shady techniques to sell you more low-quality, trash Clickbank products.

The only way you make money from this is by selling the actual Profit 24/7 platform.

Similarly, you make money hoping that someone else buys Profit 24/7 the same way you brought it.

The only “opportunity” available is selling Profit 24/7 to unsuspecting, clueless newbies.

That’s it!

What happens is they get your email address where they will keep pushing you to buy more sub-standard Clickbank products.

Really! I’m not kidding! You’ve made a fake owner $37 dollars richer and you’ve gained absolutely nothing!

Other than spamming other people once you get their email address, I have no idea what Profit 24/7 is about.

The only conclusion I can come to is you sign up with your email address and you’re flooded with more garbage products to buy!

Adding insult to injury, you’re not only going to just pay $37.

You could be paying a lot more since I’m sure you’ll be hit with several upsells once you buy in.

In this case, the upsells will end up as a total waste of time since you have no clue what the heck Profit 24/7 is.

Buying upsells without any training makes no sense whatsoever.

Fake Income Proof

This screenshot below was used near the beginning of the sales video to prove you can make money with Profit 24/7. However, there’s a big problem.

What Is Profit 24 7 - Will It Make You Money?

The income proof shown above is totally fake. A closer look at the screenshot revealed a left column that has “2nd Tier” on its left menu.

It’s been my experience that the only products that split up their commission structure in that way are platforms that sell big-ticket items or some type of multi-level marketing product.

I know for a fact that Profit 24/7 is neither an MLM product or a big-ticket item because it’s coming from the Clickbank platform, the home of low-quality digital products.

Profit 24/7 Has a Fake Owner

What Is Profit 24 7 - Will It Make You Money?

Another red flag is that this owner, Jacob Allen, is not real.

Below is another picture of the owner “Jacob Allen”.

As you can see, “Jacob Allen” came from Shutterstock stock photos.

What Is Profit 24 7 - Will It Make You Money?

The other owner’s name is John Forbes.

Are John Forbes and Jacob Allen the same person or different people?

I honestly can’t tell you. However, my experience tells me they’re probably the same person.

The fact that the owners hide their identity is a HUGE red flag to me. 

Their disclaimer states they are using pen names, which indicates a lack of transparency.

Unethical internet marketers never show their real faces.

They want to hide their identity so they can avoid the consequences of scamming people out of their hard-earned money.

You should not use a pen name when you’re selling a product and charging money.

If you’re selling a LEGIT product, you need to be upfront about who you are and why you bring value to the marketplace.

If Profit 24/7 is truly such a great money-making platform that works, then why wouldn’t this person want to be recognized for that?

The reason is Profit 24/7 is a really bad product.

Was Profit 24/7 A SCAM?

Without a doubt, Profit 24/7 is a flat-out scam that provides the following:

  • no information on what it does
  • absolutely no insight as to how it works
  • fails to educate people on what they will be involved in
  • never explains in detail what the so-called “system” actually does

I really can’t find anything that looks even close to this being legitimate. Nothing. This is the standard for a lot of products on Clickbank.

Profit 24/7 is similar to other products I’ve reviewed such as:

The most you’ll get with Profit 24-7 is a one-page website with some Clickbank products on it.

Then you’ll be off on your own scratching your head and cursing yourself out for getting scammed.

You will certainly not be making 4 or 5 figures as Profit 24-7 showed you in the sales video.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Profit 24-7.

Stay away – far away – from Profit 24/7!

Learn How to Make Money Online the Correct Way With My #1 Recommended Online Platform!

Talk Soon,


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10 thoughts on “What Is Profit 24 7 – Will It Make You Money?”

  1. Howard, it seems as if you don’t like ClickBank. 🙂 Sure, there are lots of bad products on Clickbank as there are on other affiliate networks like JVZoo, Shareasale, CJ, and others. There are even bad products in brick-and-mortar establishments like Walmart. But there are some good ones as well. One that comes to mind is Rosalind Gardner’s, “Super Affiliate Handbook,” which was written in 2003. Rosalind is considered the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing” in the industry, a title that she does not care. 

    But, yes on the face of it, Profit 24X7 looks like a scam. It follows the formula many scammers use, “I found a technique to make money and now I am sharing it with you.” Lots of narrative about how easy it is with pictures of money, wealth, expensive cars, and beautiful women (sex sells) along with fake income claims.

    • Hey Glen,

      Thank You for the great comments.

      It’s not that I don’t like the Clickbank platform, I don’t like many of the products that they offer. And you are correct that there are low-quality products on JVZoo, Sharesale, and CJ as well.

      Thank you for reading my review.

      Talk Soon,


  2. Hi, Thank’s a lot for sharing this info. It help me stay away from this types of site that are looking to make money of the new guys. I was a member of clickbank in the past and I was scammed with other similar products so I know what you are talking about. I hone some new guys come across you article before they get into the Profit 24×7 and get scammed.

    Thanks again this is very helpful article.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on this one…. I love the way you have researched the so called owner and proved they are a fake. Nice work … although I have bought products from clickbank that where good products. I can see where you are coming from by saying clickbank is low quality. Thanks again for the review I will stay well clear of this one.

    • Hey Martin Burt,

      I really don’t know why Clickbank fails to do a better job when it comes to setting a higher standard for these products. Really baffles me…

      Thank you for your comments and for reading this post.

      Talk Soon,


  4. WoW, every time I see a new scam like profit 24×7, my mind screams “quick! kill it before it breeds!”  

    Howard, I applaud your stellar sleuthing!  It’s no joke the lengths these frauds will go to to rip people off but, your unearthing of that shutterstock photo had me grinning gratefully.

    You are going to save a lot of wallets with this article.  I appreciate you helping to keep the masses informed.

    • Hey fire,

      Thank You for taking the time to read my post…I’m happy to do what I can to save the wallets of many from being pillaged. Glad you found value in the post!

      Talk Soon,


      • Hey HOWARD, i have several attempts from 2 ladies selling the very same product and for some reason i could not find myself buying or investing into this platform . I received pics of how people receive massive payouts , the thing that bugged me is the amounts that is shown on the payouts , its just impossible to make ,

        But thanks for making it clear , really appreciate it , its also good to know that there are someone out there trying to help others .

        regards khaleq

  5. Hello Howard I was very impressed with your review of 24/7.Based on your review it is a complete waste of time and money.Clickbank was also revealed as an enabler on scams like 24/7.It is obvious that you did your research into the pictures depicting the owner of 24/7 as a stock photo from So keep us aware of scams that could cause us newbies pain and lost of money

  6. Hello Howard I was very impressed with your review of 24/7.Based on your review it is a complete waste of time and money.Clickbank was also revealed as an enabler on scams like 24/7.It is obvious that you did your research into the pictures depicting the owner of 24/7 as a stock photo from So keep us aware of scams that could cause us newbies pain and lost of money.


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