What Is Passive Profits Breakthrough?

What Is Passive Profits Breakthrough?

What Is Passive Profits Breakthrough and can it help you make money online?

We will take a closer look at this platform to see if it’s claims are true.

Are you looking for a way to make money from home and saw what Passive Profits Breakthrough promises?

It promises you can make $3,000+/month with it’s platform.

However, is it legit or is a scam?

The Passive Profits Breakthrough’s sales page doesn’t give much detail about how the program works.

In this review I’ll do my best to fill in the blanks so you can make an informed decision.

Passive Profits Breakthrough Review

Product Name: Passive Profits Breakthrough

Website: artofmarketing.academy

Price: $7 – $13 + Upsells

Owner: Art Flair & Sorin Constantin

Recommended? Yes

What Is Passive Profits Breakthrough

What Is Passive Profits Breakthrough?

is a new product from Art Flair and Sorin Constantin who are both very well-known in the make money online niche.

The sales page does claim you can make over $3,000/month without having to buy traffic and that the program will only take only 30 minutes to set up and it’s a great platform for newbies.

The claim is also you won’t need any websites, technical skills, or an email list.

On the surface this seems like a way to make money online that will be a “set it and forget it” system.

.The main product includes 18 lesson videos varying in length.

Also, there’s a bonus video of a case study of a successful student who now creates online courses for a living.

What Can You Expect

The videos will teach you not just how to make the online courses but where to upload your finished course in order to make the best money.

  • It’s a “Over-the-Shoulder” Video Course that’s easy to follow along.
  • Most of the resources you’ll need to make It work are included.
  • Simple 30 minute set up.  
  • Once you “Do The “Work” and the course is completed, you can enjoy making money from your course month after month.
  • No previous experience or technical skills needed.
  • You don’t need a website – anyone can set this up.

This platform is scaleable, the more online courses you create, the more monthly income you will generate.

Passive Profits Breakthrough discusses what topics to use, what courses customers are looking for, and the best software to use to make your online courses with.

Since choosing the right platform is critical Sorin Constantin goes through at least 4 major platforms you could use to upload and sell your online courses.

Mr Constantin also explains in detail what is required and the pros and cons of each platform.

Also, he discusses free methods of promoting your online courses, with the emphasis on how to do it on Facebook.

Although the sales video and sales page say “30 minute set up”, it takes longer than 30 minutes to actually set up the platform so you are able to start producing online courses.

As far as the actual money you can make, it could well take between 3-6 months realistically before you actually start making money from your courses.

Making money online takes a lot of time before you start to see the results of your hard work.

What About Upsells? 

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The main product sells for $7.97 as of the writing of this post but this price will go up to $12.97 as they sell more.

After that you will be hit with FOUR one-time-offers (OTO’s) which are:

OTO #1 – $27 – Advanced Training – This is a 2 minute video of advanced training designed to help you scale your business.

I’m not convinced this 2 minute video is worth $27.

OTO #2 – $37 – This is a Case Studies Pack.

There are real life case studies of people using Passive Profits Breakthrough that you can copy, paste and apply to your own business.

OTO #3 – $47 A “Done For You” package.

This includes the top 5 online courses niches, templates, product ideas, checklists, images and music.

OTO #4 – $67 – Reseller’s Licence – This OTO gives you the right to resell this particular course as your own and earn 100% commissions.

If you don’t want to create digital courses, but still want to make money online, here’s another option for you: build your own affiliate marketing business. 

Does Passive Profits Breakthrough Work?

What Is Passive Profits Breakthrough?

If you have the discipline to create clear, understandable instructive and high-quality videos that actually teach people, you’ll be able to make money with this.

How fast can you make money with this?

Definitely NOT within 30 minutes like the sales page says.

It may take you 4-6 hours in the beginning to get a video recorded, edited, and uploaded to a platform.

It could also take anywhere from 6 months to one year before you make any money.

Once your course is uploaded, people need to find your online course and want it enough to pay for it.

You can make money based on how many minutes people watch. If your video is high quality and packed with great information that solves a problem, you can make good money with it.

What I like about this business model is once that work is done, you can make money from that one online course for months and years to come without doing anything else.

Will This Platform Work For You

Having ONE online course is not going to make you $3K a month.

The key is to create many courses. Once you create one how-to video, you will gain valuable experience and you can improve the quality of your courses.

As you gain experience, you can upload an online course video in a matter of a few hours and start making money with it within 24-48 hours.

Each one of the online course platforms that you will sell on will have different requirements. 

For example, some require you to have high-quality sound or multiple videos in your one course.

You will go through a learning curve with this. Some platforms you sell your videos on have different requirements you need to meet.

The upside to that is you gain experience and are able to produce better quality videos faster.

Therefore, the more online courses you upload, you’ll be able to make a pretty good online income with Passive Profits Breakthrough.

Have We Seen This Somewhere Before?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2018-12-20-at-11.35.31-PM-1024x609.png

Yes, we have seen this course before! Passive Profits Breakthrough is the same video course of months ago by Sorin Constantin called Info Profits Academy.

All Mr Constantin did was rebrand the training, ad an interview, and made improvements to the sales page.

However, the focus of the video training is all about creating and selling e-courses on learning marketplaces like Skillshare, Udemy, and Amazing.com.

Passive Profits Breakthrough Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • The lessons are easy to follow, even for newbies.
  • Very affordable price – not expensive to start
  • Well structured instructions.
  • The videos give good tips and tricks for those starting out.
  • You WON’T make money fast with this method – do not expect quick results.
  • You can create a course in any niche you are passionate about.

The Cons

  • The sales page and sales video is overhyped.
  • You make little money for 1 sale – you have to have a number of courses available to make larger sums of money.
  • The 30 minute set up is a joke! It will take weeks or months to create quality training that stands out.
  • Four annoying upsells. Including these upsells would have made the course more valuable.
  • This is a rebranded version of Info Profits Academy

Is Passive Profits Breakthrough A Scam?

Absolutely not! Passive Profits Breakthrough is not a scam and it’s a pretty decent product for the low price.

You get great information with the front-end product. The upsells give you more ideas on what kind of courses to make along with the optional done-for-you package.

However, what people don’t realize is you can create an online course with whatever you already know.

Cooking, sewing, babysitting, pet-sitting, dog walking, auto repair and maintenance, smartphone photography, ANYTHING.

It’s sold on Warrior Plus from the Warrior Forum so you can get a refund within 30 days if you’re unsatisfied.

You can make your online course as simple or as complicated and detailed as you want.

One of the drawbacks to this product is that you don’t get support.

Therefore, I do recommend Passive Profits Breakthrough to anyone who wants to make money from home creating and selling online courses.

If selling online courses is something you would enjoy doing, then Passive Profits Breakthrough is a great option.

If you’re NOT interested in creating online courses, check out the platform that I use to build a profitable online business.

My #1 Recommendation to Make Money Online

If the idea of becoming an online instructor or creating online courses doesn’t appeal to you, I highly recommend you build an affiliate marketing business.

Here are a few of the reasons why I think affiliate marketing is a win/win situation:

  • You don’t need to create your own product, nor do you have the hassle of customer service, inventory, or shipping.
  • You have total control over your business – it’s not dependent on what anyone else does or fails to do.
  • An affiliate marketing blog/website can attract people from all over the world, any time of day or night. 
  • Your main focus is content creation (writing blog posts) and recommending other people’s products. When people click on your affiliate links and purchase the products that you recommend, you make money!

Anyone willing to work hard can build an online business through this all-inclusive platform called Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

Similarly, I’ve reviewed so many “platforms” that I’ve literally lost count.

Regardless of what I review, nothing has taken the place of Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 rated platform to make money online.

If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, click the link below and check out my full review of this awesome platform.

 My Wealthy Affiliate Review – My #1 Rated Platform For Building a Affiliate Marketing Business and Learning to Make Money Online! 

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4 thoughts on “What Is Passive Profits Breakthrough?”

  1. Good afternoon Howard,

    This was interesting information and it made me think if I would be capable of creating an online course myself.

    As you explain in your post this Passive Profits Breakthrough is legit so luckily not a scam, there are enough scams on the market already. I understand it is not too difficult to set up but 30 minutes is too short a time. As I am very untechnical it might take me some hours. Now I am wondering what kind of course I could create which then would interest people enough to pay for it. That really needs some more pondering on. I think the 3 to 6 months before you see results of your work is very reasonable. 

    At the moment I am busy with affiliate marketing but I will keep this online course making in mind for the future.

    Regards, Taetske

  2. If your goal is to learn how to make online video courses this appears to be valuable information.Unfortunately the hype on the ad appears to imply that you could make big money on line with passive income if you buy this course.You could make money seling online courses if you are an expert on a specific product or have knowledge in subjects that people want to learn and are willing to pay for that information.You can not earn passive income if you have nothing to offer.Unfortunately this is not emphasized in this website. 

    • Hey Carlos,

      You are correct , my friend.

      This is an example of learning to read between the lines, which is something most newbies aren’t able to do because of their lack of experience.

      If it were that easy, many many more people would be doing it.

      Thanks for reading!

      Talk Soon,


  3. Hey Howard,

    Great review and sound interesting! This is the first time l heard about Passive Profit Breakthrough and definitely will take a look as l am interested in creating some online course.

    You’ve well justified the pros and cons of the product, and l agreed with you that upsells should include as a whole package of the product to make it more attractive.

    Howard, thank you for introducing this product.


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