What Is NutriCellix? A Great MLM Company Or One To Avoid?

What Is NutriCellix? A Great MLM Company Or One To Avoid?

Many of you are wondering What Is NutriCellix? Is this a great MLM you can make money with?

NutriCellix is another new supplement MLM company that was successfully launched in the network marketing industry.

Like other MLM’s, you might have been wondering if it’s a scam or if it’s legit.

This post covers many aspects of NutriCellis in detail.

We are going to cover all areas related to this MLM platform such as its background, compensation plan, information, pricing, overall overview, etc.,

By the end of this review, you will be able to decide if this earning opportunity is for you or not.

NutriCellix Update 2022: NutriCellix Is No Longer In Existence

This is EXACTLY why I NEVER recommend joining multi-level marketing organizations to make money for myself and my family.

Although Bo Short signed on as CEO of NutriCellix in early 2020, his presence there was short-lived (no pun intended).

Shorts’ position lasted a few months before parent company LaCore Enterprises merged Nutricellix into Uforia Science.

Apparently, Terry Lacore of LaCore Enterprises owned both NutriCellix and Uforia and merged the two so that both of his companies wouldn’t be competing against themselves in the already fierce health and wellness market.

Thus, the reason why the URL that was for NutriCellix may redirect you to the website for Uforia Science.

What really bothers me about many of these MLMs is that they merge with each other and buy each other out as frequently as you and I change outfits.

I certainly don’t want to be a part of any organization that may be here today and gone tomorrow!

Imagine the surprise, disappointment, and frustration of people who joined NutriCellix and invested time and money into the company only to have it snatched away by some CEOs who could care less about you and your family!

At this point, you can continue to read the review about NutriCellix – there are still valuable points you can learn as to why you don’t want to depend on any MLM for making a life-changing income for you and your family.

Frankly, what these MLM companies have taught me is why it’s absolutely necessary to learn how to build your OWN online business that no CEO of any fly-by-night MLM can take away from you!

If you learn anything from this post, it should be this:

Don’t go down the multi-level marketing rabbit hole!

Learn how to build your own online business that you control and start creating a truly life-changing income.

Check out my thorough Wealthy Affiliate review and make the decision that you will never regret.

What Is NutriCellix – Does your DNA Really Matter?

What Is NutriCellix? A Great MLM Company Or One To Avoid?

NutriCellix is a fairly new supplement related MLM.

They take pride in customizing supplements for their consumers by testing their DNA.

This type of health-specific marketing has been on the rise lately, and most of the time, the claims are usually accepted by the general public.

Frankly, there hasn’t been any confirmation that personalizing these supplements by testing one’s DNA is beneficial for the consumers’ overall health.

Also, I’m not saying that these supplements do not have beneficial effects.

To date, I have not seen this point addressed by anyone promoting DNA-based nutrition.

The genetic difference between individual humans today is minuscule – about 0.1%, on average.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Claiming to offer customized nutrition on a 0.1% differentiation between person to person feels like a marketing gimmick.

There hasn’t been enough evidence to prove that this specific aspect of weight loss actually works.

Regardless of the type of product marketing, you are bound to face the typical issues with this company as you would with most other MLMs.

The success rate weighs heavily on the low side, and investing your money in such companies can prove to be a loss for most.

What Is NutriCellix – Who Are The Owners?

What Is NutriCellix? A Great MLM Company Or One To Avoid?
What Is NutriCellix? A Great MLM Company Or One To Avoid?

Bo Short and his wife Roni Short are the CEOs behind NutriCellix.

Launched in January 2020, NutriCellix is a reasonably new DNA supplement niche-related Multi-Level Marketing company.

Actually, NutriCellix is a subsidiary of LaCore Enterprises.

LaCore Enterprises has been in the MLM market for a while now and also owns Uforia Science, which is another DNA supplements-related MLM.

There has been news of Uforia science merging with another company named MaVie.

MaVie was acquired by LaCore Enterprises and is a company under the same niche; DNA Supplement MLM.

Subsequently, Lacore Enterprises owns two DNA supplement-related MLMs in the market.

Bo Short, who has been in the industry since the late 1990s, is also the CEO of Lacore Enterprises.

Ways To Make Money With NutriCellix

What Is NutriCellix? A Great MLM Company Or One To Avoid?

Like every other MLM, NutriCellix, too, allows those associated with them to make money.

Like most other MLMs they also have different ways you can make a profit.

As I mention in all of my multi-level marketing reviews, I don’t get into detail about the company’s compensation plan.

The reason is that 99% of MLM compensation plans are ridiculously detailed and so time-consuming that it makes my head hurt.

However, here is something I found odd:

There are actually 2 company websites for NutriCellix that exist which are:

  • NutriCellix.com
  • MyNutriCellix.com

The main website appears to be NutriCellix.com.

However, the main company website offers little information about the owners.

Apparently, the MyNutriCellix.com website does have the company owners’ bio information on it and was probably created for their affiliate members.

I found a detailed PDF explaining the compensation plan at www.mynutricellis.com, but since the company has been dissolved, the compensation plan PDF has been removed.

There were two primary ways to earn with NutriCellix:

1. Become an affiliate- By becoming the company’s affiliate marketer, you will be able to sell the products of this company in return, you receive a commission on every successful sale.

2. Recruit More Agents: By recruiting more people in your team and building a downline, you can earn a small percentage every time the person you recruit makes a sale.

As I mentioned, the NeutriCellix compensation plan is irrelevant at this point.

Cost Of Joining NutriCellix and Product Costs

What Is NutriCellix? A Great MLM Company Or One To Avoid?

To become an affiliate, you will have to pay $59.

But before giving it a go, you need to know that this is not the only investment cost involved.

You will have to keep money on the side to try their products out yourself. You also need to calculate transportation costs.

Other than that, the products are not cheap at all.

The first step is to purchase the DNA+ Supplement package called Prime, which will cost you about $129.95.

This product is specially designed for weight loss, and once you start shedding weight you will have to purchase the Prevail Supplement Package.

The Prevail Supplement Package also costs the same amount as Prime, which is $129.

In addition to these, you may also have to invest in their other products, which are as follows.

  • Surge – $49.95
  • FIT Shakes- $59.95
  • Core – ($129.95)

These supplements will last you for a month.

Actually, you could be out of $300 -$400 dollars easily before you get started!

Is This Company Risky? You Bet It Is!

What Is NutriCellix? A Great MLM Company Or One To Avoid?

As this company hasn’t been around for a long time, there hasn’t been much negative news in the market as yet.

Their parent company, Lacore Enterprises, is not too transparent. Therefore, we cannot be sure if the company is reliable.

Are there more companies like these in the market?

Is NutriCelix in any way similar to a Pyramid Scheme?

No, not at all.

There haven’t been any red flags raised regarding NutriCellix when it comes to the way the company is structured.

Although some MLM companies do use pyramid schemes for their advantage, it is not legal.

Are MLMs a Good Way To Make Money?

Making money through MLMs is nothing more than a situation where the majority of the people end up failing.

The success rate when it comes to earning through MLMs is hardly one percent.

This holds for all Multi-Level Marketing companies.

Even if you go for a prestigious and reliable MLM company, there are more chances of you failing at it than earning money and climbing to success.

The reason 99% fails is that recruiting people or even convincing potential consumers to buy a product is stressful and exhausting.

If you want to make good money with MLMs you need to have outstanding recruiting skills and have hundreds of people in your downline.

NutriCellix Was Not A Scam, But…

We can’t label the company as a scam. In the short time it was in existence, it was legit.

The products are somewhat like fake bait for fish, they may not help you improve your health as much as they promise, but the company doesn’t deserve to get labeled as a scam.

Your area of residence, clean water, hygienic food, and a good supply of sunlight is what keeps you healthy.

Do supplements actually help to improve your overall health? In my opinion, I think they do.

There are certain supplements I personally take on a daily basis – sometimes two or three times a day.

However, there’s no scientific evidence that having a DNA test for health supplements will optimize the use of said supplements.

The concept sounds great – there’s no reasonable scientific evidence to prove it.

Leading your life by minimizing stress levels, exercising regularly, and eating a proper diet is precisely what keeps you healthy.

Nonetheless, they are transparent about ways you can make money with them.

However, we don’t sniff a pyramid scheme around here. Their compensation plan seems pretty open.

Earning opportunities with NutriCellix, however, seem to be no different than with other network marketing companies I’ve reviewed such as:

Are The Products Really Effective?

Another question is are the products as effective as the company claims to be?

Also, the price of the products is a major concern; they may be too expensive for the average consumer to purchase.

Convincing potential consumers to buy them can be a lot tougher than you imagine with this product.

Particularly will this be the case with the “I’ll find something similar on Amazon” crowd.

Recruiting people, on the other hand, requires you to have some serious convincing skills because it’s simply not as easy to convince people as most believe.

Trying to recruit and motivate people today is extremely difficult.

The mindset of the type of people you’re dealing with in today’s society, is like supervising a group of third-graders.

In my honest opinion, I wouldn’t recommend investing in NutriCellix.

It’s not because of the company’s products – it’s because it’s the foundation is multi-level marketing.

Especially is that true today more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Multi-Level Marketing Is Not A Good Business Model

What Is NutriCellix? A Great MLM Company Or One To Avoid?

The above statistics weren’t pulled out of thin air – these are real percentages from actual people who’ve experienced network marketing.

The Consumer Awareness Institute in conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission really did their homework.

On the other hand, Affiliate Marketing is an excellent business model, with none of the difficulty that goes along with Muti-level marketing.

My experience has been that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform available to help anyone with ZERO experience build their own online business.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Use Wealthy Affiliate To Build Your Online Business

What Is NutriCellix? A Great MLM Company Or One To Avoid?

Learn How To Make Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate

It’s no secret how difficult network marketing is.

Why would you want to drag yourself through such an experience?

The entire process of recruiting people, holding “opportunity meetings” for any who are interested, helping your recruits overcome challenges and discouragement, etc, etc, etc.

I’ve personally experienced the network marketing lifestyle – with more than one company – so I know what I’m talking about.

Stay away from network marketing.

Learn affiliate marketing so you can leverage the power of the internet.

If you gain the proper affiliate marketing skills, you can learn how to make more money in one month than most people make in a year!

The above statement is not a guarantee of income, it’s a statement of what’s possible with hard work, determination, and focus.

Look at the comments of current members of Wealthy Affiliate and the results they’ve achieved:

What Is NutriCellix? A Great MLM Company Or One To Avoid?

You know what you need to do, my friend!

Sign up for your FREE account with Wealthy Affiliate and try the platform out for yourself.

You won’t regret it.

It was the best business decision I ever made!

Talk Soon,


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