What Is NiceCash About – Will You Make Money With This?

What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?

You may have come across a so-called “#1 influencer website” called NiceCash and may be wondering What Is NiceCash About? Can you make money with this?

NiceCash.co is supposedly a social media influencer network and they claim you can make $500 starting today.

I’m going to review this website and then you can decide whether you want to try nice cash out or not.

What Is NiceCash.co About – Why Are They Called A Influencer Network?

Nicecash.co call themselves an influencer network, and I’m really not sure why.

What is an influencer network?

It’s a website that you can go to and find services of influencers, or a group of people with a particular interest, to promote your product.

But with NiceCash, it’s not that kind of influencer network at all.

In fact, you can’t really do anything on this website.

All you do is you come here and they entice you to join.

I don’t see where this website is a true “influencer network.”

Nicecash Update 2021

What you need to understand is scammers are relentless. They never stop and they will continue to scam unsuspecting people out of their hard-earned money as long as they can.

I say this because when you use the URL for NiceCash, you get redirected to a different , updated website called EarnBucks, shown below:

What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?

So “NiceCash” is now “EarnBucks” and some months from now, it will become something else.

Make no mistake, all of the so-called payment proofs and testimonials are absolutely FAKE on EarnBucks just as they are on NiceCash.

Lets go into more detail about NiceCash…

How Does NiceCash Work

What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?

First of all, you supposedly get paid $25 when you sign up, and every time you recommend somebody, you can earn 10 to $15.

That’s a lot of money for a website like this to pay out.

In other words, if you recommend 10 people to this website, you’re already earning $100. That’s a lot of money.

The first thing I’m thinking about is “how are these guys making their money?”

The revenue model doesn’t make sense.

On this very blog, I’ve reviewed a number of these types of websites.

Basically, NiceCash is a website designed to capture your information. That’s all.

What happens is you basically log in, and provide your name.

You also give them your email address, your password, your date of birth, and other important information.

Once they have that information, what do they do with it?

They sell it to third-party companies because data in this day and age is very, very valuable.

Imagine what happens when a website like this stays open for roughly about a year or sometimes even two years before they get caught?

They’re literally getting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people’s data, personal data, and then they take that information and they sell it to a third party.

They make a ton of money, they shut the site, and they open up another website very, very easily.

Some heartless, gutless scammers have been known to own like 10 or 15 of these websites.

The reason scammers gravitate to this kind of fraudulent activity is because It’s very easy to replicate websites like these.

Also, unfortunately, this type of activity is very profitable.

But wait!.. It gets even better!

The so-called “testimonials” on NiceCash aren’t what they had claimed to be.

What Is NiceCash.co About – Nice Cash Has FAKE Testimonials

What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?

Interestingly, on the “Video Testimonials” page you would think there are, well, video testimonials.

There aren’t any…Not even one.

That’s somewhat suspicious to me.

Let’s look at the other testimonials that are on the sales page or website.

Upon closer inspection, you can see that the so-called testimonials that appear on NiceCash also appear on other GPT (get-paid-to) websites as well.

I know this because I’ve reviewed them!

Below are testimonials from NiceCash.co

What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?

These are the testimonials from KashTree.com:

What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?

Below are testimonials from PaidLeaf.com:

What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?

The same three testimonials appear on RainMoney.com, CashOG.co, and Paid4Clout.com!

Ask yourself: “How can I trust a program that lies to its customers by using fake testimonials?

The other thing is as well, all these testimonials show up are fake.

I’ve seen these pictures many times now of this particular lady in the middle named “Ambria.”

“Ambria” is not real, and neither are these “testimonials.”

But wait…It gets better!

Look at the so-called payment proofs that are posted on the NiceCash website.

The date of this payment was April 12th, 2019

What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?
What Is NiceCash About - Is This Nice To Your Wallet?

This payment date was July 19th, 2018

What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?
What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?

The date of this payment is May 2nd, 2019

What Is NiceCash About - Is This Nice To Your Wallet?
What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?

OK…Here’s the clincher:

According to NiceCash’s About Page, it was established in 2015.

When I did a WHOIS check their domain was only registered on September 24, 2019.

Remember, the three payments above are:

  • April 12, 2019
  • July 19, 2018
  • May 2nd,2019

Question: How could these payments have been made when the company wasn’t in existence until September 24th, 2019, according to WHOIS?!

The logical conclusion is these so-called payment proofs are FAKE!

What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?

NiceCash Promotes Extremely Exaggerated Income Claims

We’ve established that Nice Cash uses false income claims to make you think you can earn big money.

Let me make this ONE fact absolute clear:

It is physically impossible for you to earn $27,000 from any survey website anywhere in the world.

They just don’t pay that much.

The most that you can earn is probably one to $2 a day on a survey website.

That’s the best you’re going to do.

It’s just the way that they’re set up.

Survey sites or get-paid-to (GPT) sites are not meant to make you rich. They’re meant to make you a pocket change.

Money for some groceries, gas for your car, other personal incidentals. That’s it!

No legit GPT or survey website will tell you that you can earn $500 a day because it’s physically impossible.

They’re not meant to make you a lot of money.

However, Nice Cash’s agenda is completely different.

They’re not going to come right out and tell you what I’m telling you, but basically everything here is fake.

The payment proof is fake.

All the so-called testimonials are fake.

NiceCash is similar to other scam websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

What Is NiceCash.co About – What Happened To My Money?

What Is NiceCash About - Will You Make Money With This?

It’s always about the money, isn’t it…

When you create a free Nice Cash account, you should see your money adding up as you use the platform.

The scam owners designed it that way to get you emotionally invested at the thought of finally making money online.

However, when you try to withdraw your money, you’ll never ever actually get it.

Eventually, people who can’t get the money they think they’ve earned will complain about the website.

At some point, the Federal Trade Commission will finally catch on and they’ll shut this website down.

By that time, the so-called owners would have closed NiceCash, rebranded, and renamed it with a different URL.

Next, the scammers will move on to continue taking advantage of unsuspecting people looking for a way to make extra money for their families.

Literally, it’s “rinse and repeat” with these lying scammers.

Unfortunately, it takes too long before the authorities catch up with these scum.

By that point, they have collected millions and millions of people’s data from all over the world.

They sell it, they make a lot of money, and they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Without A Doubt Nice Cash Is A Scam

I would stay away from NiceCash and anything that looks similar to it!

From day one, my opinion has always been the following:

If a program uses FAKE testimonials or FAKE income claims to lure people into buying a product, then it’s a SCAM.

How is it not a SCAM if you’re lying to people with FAKE testimonials?

Understand that if you are here to try to make money from a survey website or a GPT website, you’re going to make very little money.

If you feel you MUST do surveys, websites like Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars are very good legitimate websites.

However, the most that you can earn, even if you spend five hours a day on those websites, is roughly two, maybe $3 a day.

So if you do the math, you’re getting paid literally pennies on the dollar.

You’re earning about 20 to 30 cents per hour.

That’s CRAZY!

Do you realize you’ll make more money mowing someone’s lawn or painting someone’s wall or babysitting or walking dogs than you would by answering surveys?

If you are stuck on this idea of doing surveys to make extra cash, then you seriously need a reality check.

You need to ask yourself this question:

Why do you put so little value on your time?

Why do you persist with the false idea that you can make good money completing surveys?

You really need to dig down deep and be totally honest with yourself and with your current financial situation.

You Can Learn How To Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, learned properly, can make you a lot of money.

However, you have to understand that you need to do it properly.

You have to learn real skills and take them very seriously.

If you’re here just to kind of fool around and you know, make a couple of bucks here and there, then GPT/ survey sites are for you.

You can waste five hours a day and you’ll make maybe, $80 – $90 a month.

But if you really want to earn big money, we’re talking five and six figures a month, then you have to understand that building a profitable online business requires skill.

It requires hard work and dedication.

What also requires is an investment on your part in time and money.

You can absolutely earn a monthly five and six-figure income ONLY if you dedicate yourself to learning the right skills to build your business.

Affiliate marketing, particularly Wealthy Affiliate, can potentially change your life.

Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine.

I can literally work from anywhere in the world and travel all over the world.

The “Laptop Lifestyle” is one of the most amazing things you could ever experience.

Having said that, you do have to WORH VERY HARD!

You also have to take MASSIVE action, otherwise, it will never work.

Create Leverage In Your Life

Wealthy Affiliate allows me to create leverage in my life.

It allows me to have time, money, and freedom, three things that most people living today do not have.

People don’t have time, money, and freedom because they have been conditioned to believe a narrative of life that can only lead to disease, frustration, and lack of money.

My guess is if you’re a reader of this blog you are someone who is sick and tired of living in lack and limitation and you seriously want a better financial future!

If that’s what you want, then all you have to do is click the link right below this blog post.

Make the decision to leverage technology and leverage the power of the internet and build YOUR OWN online business.

Do it NOW so you can experience the Laptop Lifestyle for yourself!

This is NOT the time to fool around.

Stay away from Nice Cash and other similar garbage programs!

Value your time by not wasting it on survey sites!

Get a FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate.

Go. Change. Your. Life.

Talk Soon,


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