What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?

What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?

I received an email today about the Money Sucking Websites System (MSW System). Exactly what is money-sucking websites?

This is another “push button” system.

Also, this is “the one”. This system claims to be different.

If you like to have cash “pouring into your bank account”, then supposedly this system is for you.

Let me ask you this:

Does this sound too good to be true?

If red flags are going up in your mind, congratulations!

This program is not what it seems, my friends.

Let’s read on to see exactly what Money Sucking Websites is all about.

What Is Money Sucking Websites – Quick Review

  • Company Name: Money Sucking Website
  • Website URL: http://ww7.mswsystem.com/ ( The URL doesn’t work and apparently keeps changing )
  • Price To Join: $47 + Upsells
  • Owners: Willy Handcock ( This is a FAKE owner! )

Let me say here that in many of these types of products the URL doesn’t work or for some reason is no longer in service.

The reason for that is what these unethical scam artists do is shut down the URL after enough complaints roll in.

Later, they repackage the same program with a different name and a different URL.

The platform I’m associated with, Wealthy Affiliate, has been in business ant the same domain for over 13 years!

Unlike Money Sucking Websites, Wealthy Affiliate has nothing to hide.

It All Starts With A FAKE News Article

If there’s one thing I’ve learned – there’s no news like FAKE news.

Scammers love to piggyback on the Amazon brand because these dishonest parasites know this gives them a measure of legitimacy.

Therefore, Money Sucking Websites are no different.

Below is a screenshot of a FAKE news article on a so-called “work from home opportunity.”

The name of this bogus couple is Karen and Chris Peters.

Do you know what they claim?

They claim to be making over $13,000 a month!

Emphasis on the words “claim to be”…

What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?

This opportunity is supposedly run by Amazon.

The name of this work-at-home site is Amazon Cash Websites.

There’s just one slight problem.

The so-called family benefiting from this work-from-home opportunity is FAKE!

100% FAKE. Phony.

Karen and Chris Peters and family is a straight-up stock photo!

Take a look at it below!

FAKE news does it again!

What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?

What Is Money Sucking Websites: Is It Legit Or Does It Suck?

This family above used in the sales video is a fake testimonial.

The owner of Money Sucking Websites flat out lied about who is making money with this so-called “system”.

Hold on…

It gets better.

There is a statement in the Privacy Policy that really surprised me!


What this means is everything about this website and the product is suspect!

It’s basically FAKE!

What’s going on here is inexperienced marketers are getting involved with Money Sucking Websites and getting SCAMMED in the process.

Since these scammers are using the Amazon brand to hide who they really are, people are more likely to buy this garbage.

What really happens is after you accept the Amazon work-from-home opportunity, you are redirected to Money Sucking Websites.

Just Push A Button And Money Comes Pouring Out!

What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?

“Just by pressing a button…”

This is so terribly misleading that it should be criminal!

No legitimate program would be promoted this way.

You should never use deception and half-truths to lure unsuspecting individuals into buying your product.

Let’s take a closer look though to see what the underlying program is all about.

Promoting a so-called system that claims you can make $500 daily by literally pushing a button is insane.

Affiliate marketing has NEVER worked like that.

Please realize something:

If internet marketing were that easy then every Tom, Dick, and Harry would be doing this!

( No offense intended if your name is Tom, Dick, or Harry )

The reality of affiliate marketing is that it takes a tremendous amount of hard work to be successful.

There are no “push button” websites where the money comes flowing out.

If you believe that then you need to stop reading this blog because you’re wasting your time!

It’s been my experience that whenever I see a program like this, it’s usually a SCAM.

Furthermore, every time I have seen a program make this claim, it has been a scam.

The actual sales video for Money Sucking Websites tells you NOTHING about how the program actually works.

The video repeatedly states how rich you will get.

It also repeats how easy and quick it will be with your very own money-making website.

That’s it…

That’s basically the content of the video.

Absolutely zero explanation as to how you’re supposed to make this money.

Zero discussion about what the “system” is you’ll be using to generate this income.

You are told that you are going to own a “Money Sucking Website”.

Who The Heck Is Willy Handcock?

The dude speaking in the video says his name is “Willy Handcock”.

In the sales video, you are shown a picture of Mr. Handcock and his family.

The reason for this is to show people he’s a “normal”, “ordinary guy” with a family to support.

That’s a pile of cow dung…

Below are “The Handcocks” as they appear courtesy of Money Sucking Websites…

What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?

However, there’s one problem.

It’s FAKE.

There is no such family called the “Handcocks” benefiting from Money Sucking Websites.

The “Handcocks” were bought and paid for courtesy of Shutterstock!

Look at the proof below!

Hey, wait! Here Is “Mr. Handcock” and his family on another stock photo site called CanStock Photo!

What Is Money Sucking Websites? A Den Of Shenanigans

I don’t like shenanigans.

Especially when it comes to making money online.

Money Sucking Websites is FULL of shenanigans!

If you notice, all of these testimonials are the same.

They claim to be complete newbies who found this system and without hard work or experience are making boatloads of cash.

All of these people are paid actors.

As a matter of fact, some of these people I’ve seen on other products I’ve reviewed.

I’ve seen this woman before on another SCAM website…

What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?

Here she is again on the Money Sucking Websites video…

What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?
What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?

Bought and paid for “testimonial” thanks to the good people at Fiverr.com.

What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?

Below is another so-called “testimonial” from Money Sucking Websites:

What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?

I applaud this guy… At least he had the decency to change his shirt!

What Is Money Sucking Websites: Does This Really Suck?

Additional Reasons Why Money Sucking Websites Has The Right Name

The domain registration for Money Sucking Websites was done anonymously.

When you consider you don’t know who the real owner is, trying to find out who originated this website is extremely difficult.

Money Sucking Website System is named appropriately!

This website was designed as a way to “suck money” from the wallets of inexperienced newbies.

These unethical people intended to make a lot of money at YOUR expense.

Don’t fall for the hype that this program is in high demand: This is a total lie. This “system” was never in high demand.

This is an online trick to get you to pull an emotional trigger and buy this crap.

The timer is also used to get you to buy quickly.

If you refresh the page, the timer would start all over again!

These scammers want to sell as many of these things as possible. The “timer” is a complete joke!

Your 51% off discount was accepted? There was NEVER some so-called “51% discount.” Another LIE.

This entire order form is designed to get people to buy on impulse.

It certainly does not happen in the way this guy claims.

He’s telling you it’s push-button simple because he wants to profit from you.

That is the real story about what is going on here.

“Money Sucking Websites” is an appropriate name for this, because that’s exactly is what this was designed to do.

Suck as much money out of your wallet as fast as they could.

Is Money Sucking Websites a Scam?

Yes! Without a doubt, this is a total scam.

This is a SCAM from top to bottom.

Up to this point, I still can’t tell you what this “system” does or what it’s about.

The way this so-called system is marketed is profoundly dishonest and misleading.

In order to make money online with a website, you must take the time to learn the correct way to do it.

Learning how to make money online takes a great deal of hard work and a sacrifice of time. A Lot of time.

However, it’s absolutely possible to earn a very comfortable living through affiliate marketing.

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