What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance – Big Money Or Big Scam?

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance  - Big Money Or Big Scam?

What is Millionaire Mentors Alliance and is it worth your hard-earned money?

As I was writing this blog discussing what is the Millionaire Mentors Alliance, I started thinking about the word “millionaire.”

These days, anything with the word “millionaire” in it gets instant attention.

Why is this?

It’s because millions of people want to become millionaires and live the life of their dreams.

The question we’re going to probe on this blog post is What is Millionaire Mentors Alliance and Are You Willing to Take the Risk?

Also, regardless of the country you live in, people are fascinated with the process and the goal of becoming a millionaire.

To prove this, Google the word “Millionaire” and see the endless titles of books, videos, and other media dedicated to this topic.

Likewise, there are tons of social media sites and groups that discuss all things millionaire.

It’s no wonder we have a platform that promises to help people become millionaires.

The “risk” we’re referring to in the title is not just spending hard-earned money on a program like Millionaire Mentors Alliance, but also the sustainability of the business model.

Is this a realistic way to make money online?

Also, is Millionaire Mentors Alliance a platform you should join or should avoid?

In fact, a closer look at this type of business shows that it is quite risky and is not a great way to build a long-term business.

In my Millionaire Mentors Alliance review below I will explain why that is.

What Is The Millionaire Mentors Alliance? It’s Tricky

If you remember nothing else from this post, remember what I’m about to tell you!

The trick is: make the “system” sound way easier than it actually is and people will make a decision based on emotion and not by cold hard facts.

This is the #1 trick marketers use to get unsuspecting people to buy questionable products.

That’s the trap people fall into when joining systems like Millionaire Mentors Alliance.

There are certain words or statements that will instantly tell you something is not right.

Below are some phrases used to bait your emotions, to lure you in.

There are many more I haven’t listed, but they all have a similar word pattern:

“Easy Money…”

“Quick results…”

“In one week I made…”

“In one month I made…”

“3 Click System…”

“In just 4 clicks I made…”

“By the end of the day I made…”

“In a few days I made…”

“Very Little Work…”

“Very Little Money upfront…”

“It’s already set up…”

“It’s done for you…”

“Done-for-you system…”

If you’re going to get involved in ANY online business that have any of the above word patterns, WATCH OUT!

How Programs Like This Are Structured

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance  - Big Money Or Big Scam?

The basic idea behind Millionaire Mentors Alliance and a similar high-ticket program like this is that you pay an astonishing price for the right to resell the product that you just purchased.

Along with the ability to resell the product you purchased, you will receive what they call a “done-for-you” digital business.

This is nothing more than a template website, some digital products, and a so-called “proven marketing and sales system.”

However everything that you do will be focused around getting other people to join Millionaire Mentors Alliance so that you can make commissions.

  • Product: Millionaire Mentors Alliance
  • Website: millionairementorsalliance.net + other member sites: The URL is no longer working
  • Price: $500 – $50,000
  • Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance A Scam? Yes it is
  • The Owner (s): The owners are unknown
  • Do I Recommend Millionaire Mentors Alliance? No!

Millionaire Mentors Alliance is a direct marketing association composed of part-time and full-time business owners organized to help each other succeed.

What is interesting is this: they claim they are not an MLM or have any sort of downline that you earn from.

However, that’s exactly how the business is structured.

It’s structured in a multi-level marketing fashion.

Therefore, from the standpoint of the Federal Trade Commission, it’s definitely structured like a multi-level marketing organization.

Millionaire Mentors Alliance is a high-ticket program similar to another program called Business Success Alliance.

They are also structured in a similar fashion as M.O.B.E. and Digital Altitude.

The focus is on baby boomers and retirees who have money to “invest”.

These “investors” are told this program will be very easy to do since 99% of the marketing system is “done for you”.

Their claim is you can make $500 – $50,000 per week, especially if you sell the higher-cost memberships.

How Does Millionaire Mentor Alliance Work

When you watch the sales video for Millionaire Mentors Alliance it walks you through the basics of how the system works.

However the video makes it seem much easier than what it actually is.

It gives a false impression that making money with this system is not going to be difficult.

Millionaire Mentors Alliance is a high-ticket online business opportunity focused around a person buying into the “opportunity” to make money online so that you, in turn, make money off of their joining the business.

Once you become a member, the way you make money is by reselling the same “business opportunity” you just purchased to other people who are looking to make money online.

Millionaire Mentors Alliance is expensive at the beginning level and gets more expensive with each increasing level.

Along with the rights to resell the product you purchased, you will receive a “done-for-you” website, digital products from Millionaires Mentor Alliance, and what is called their “proven marketing and sales system.”

The main focus of this business is getting other people to join Millionaire Mentors Alliance so that you can earn large commissions.

Also, the way this business is set up is you earn 100% commissions on whatever product packages you sell.

The Bronze Package, for example, costs $500; if you “recruit” someone else who buys the same package, they will earn $500.

The same goes for all the other packages and levels.

Millionaire Mentors Alliance Is Expensive

If you recruit someone at the highest level, the $50,000 “Empire” level, you make $50,000. How the company makes its money is through what is called a “Licensing Fee.”

Using the example of a person who comes in at the $50,000 “Empire” level, the licensing fee would be $1,498 – this is paid by the new person coming in and goes to the company.

As I’m sure you’ve probably already noticed by now, it is incredibly expensive to join into Millionaire Mentors Alliance.

Let’s go over their various membership levels and prices.

  • Bronze Package: $500 + $195 Licensing Fee
  • Silver Package: $2,000 + $198 Licensing Fee
  • Gold Package: $3,500 + $298 Licensing Fee
  • Platinum Package: $7,500 + $398 Licensing Fee
  • Diamond Package: $15,000 + $448 Licensing Fee
  • Elite Package: $25,000 + $498 Licensing Fee
  • Empire Package: $50,000 + $1,498 Licensing Fee

As you can see from the membership prices above, the membership levels are quite expensive.

In my opinion, the membership that you purchase, at whatever level, is not worth the price you’ll have to pay for it.

This is generic training that’s extremely overpriced.

In order to earn the larger commissions, you will have to buy the most expensive memberships, like the $25,000 and $50,000 ones.

Quite frankly, this is NOT a great way for the average person to make money online because your earnings will depend on how well you promote the opportunity.

The other problem with Millionaire Mentors Alliance is that its business model is patterned after MOBE and Digital Altitude.

Both of these multi-level marketing scams were shut down by the FTC.

If Fake Reviews Are Used, Then Is It Legit?

If this program is so legit, then why use FAKE reviews?

Good question!

I took a look at the results tab on their site and saw some testimonies and success stories from people who are said to have had success with this system.

I did some image searches and discovered that these testimonials are invented, which means that the people from the pictures are not members of the Millionaire Mentors Alliance.

The people behind Millionaire Mentors Alliance have purchased those pictures on stock photography sites like Bigstock and Shutterstock, as you can observe below:

Here’s the so-called “testimonial” from The Millionaire Mentors Alliance:
Below is the same couple promoting Esquire Bank!

Below is another couple promoting Millionaire Mentors Alliance:

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance?

As you can see, this couple came directly from Shutterstock

Is The Millionaire Mentors Alliance A Scam?

The two examples above of fake testimonials are the ones I took the time to research.

Ask yourself: How many more FAKE testimonials are part of Millionaires Mentors Alliance?

From my point of view, ANY so-called business opportunity that uses FAKE testimonials IS A SCAM!

I don’t care what they claim to sell – it doesn’t matter.

If FAKE testimonials are used to sell a business opportunity then IT’S A SCAM!

If the business worked so well, then why on earth would you have to use fake testimonials? You should have happy endorsements from satisfied customers.

Millionaire Mentors Alliance is similar to other “make money online” opportunities I’ve reviewed:

What Is The Millionaire Mentors Alliance Other Than A Risky Business Model

The Millionaires Mentors Alliance is extremely risky because in the FTC’s eyes, they’re structured like a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme.

The FTC does not put up with members paying into other members without any outside retail sales involved.

When the only way you make money is from other members without any outside retail sales involved, then it’s a pyramid scheme.

Likewise, the FAKE testimonials made me categorize this business as a SCAM, regardless if it’s a pyramid scheme or not.

When the FTC catch on to Millionaire Mentors Alliance, they are probably going to close it down just like M.O.B.E. and Digital Altitude.

Therefore, my suggestion to you is to stay far away from Millionaires Mentors Alliance!

Why Not Build Your Own Business?

The allure of so-called business opportunities like the Millionaire Mentor’s alliance is attractive to many people because much of the online work is already done for them.

They don’t have to set up a website, they don’t have to write content or deal with SEO.

The problem is when the company goes under, your commissions are gone and so is a source of income you were relying on.

So My Question To You Is This:

Why would you want to gamble on a multi-level marketing business that has total control of your source of income?

Not only that, since the website you use is a “done-for-you” website, you can’t modify it, make changes to it, or update it in any way.

You’re totally at the mercy of Millionaire Mentors Alliance, or whatever MLM you belong to.

However, I’m happy to tell you that it’s a totally different situation with the platform I use to build and maintain my affiliate marketing business, Wealthy Affiliate.

Basically, you build your business the way you want to and according to the niche or niches you’re interested in.

You have total control of the content and direction of your blog or website.

That’s the only way to build an online business, where you have control.

You don’t want your business in control of some shadowy owners who have no regard for you or your business.

Give Wealthy Affiliate a try on their dime – not yours.

You can sign-up for a free account and try out some of the features of Wealthy Affiliate to see if it’s a good fit for you.

If you like it, you can go to the next level and sign up for the premium membership and unlock ALL of the features of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you don’t like it, you’ve lost nothing, not one dime.

And so, the decision is yours.

I hope you make the right one.

Talk soon,


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