What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam Or Legit? Is it a platform you should join or avoid?

In fact, this type of business is quite risky to use these days and is not a great way to build a long-term business.

In my Millionaire Mentors Alliance review below I will explain why that is and answer the question:

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

Here’s The Trick

If you remember nothing else from this post, remember what I’m about to tell you!  

The trick is: make the “system” sound way easier than it actually is and people will make a decision based on emotion and not by cold hard facts.  

Above all, this is the #1 trick marketers use to get unsuspecting people to buy questionable products.  

Consequently, that’s the trap people fall into when joining systems like Millionaire Mentors Alliance.  

There are certain words or statements that will instantly tell you something is not right. To clarify, below are some phrases used to bait your emotions, to lure you in.

Words The Let You Know A Program Is Possibly A Scam

If you notice the following phrases used often in relation to a make money online program, run for the hills!  

“Easy Money…”  

“Quick results…”  

“By the end of one week I made…”  

“In less than one month I made…”  

“3 Click System…”  

“In just 4 clicks I made…”  

“At the end of the day I made…”  

“In a few days I made…”  

“Very Little Work…”  

“It took very Little Money upfront…”  

“It’s already set up…”  

“No skills necessary…It’s done for you…”  

“It was so easy that…”

How Programs Like This Work

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

So what is the basic idea behind Millionaire Mentors Alliance?  

Pay an astonishing price for the right to resell the product that you purchased to family and friends.  

Along with the ability to resell the product purchased, you will receive what they call a “done-for-you” digital business.  

To clarify, this is nothing more than a template website, some digital products, and a so-called “proven marketing and sales system.”  

However, most of the activity will be focused on getting other people to join Millionaire Mentors Alliance so that you can make commissions.  

Product Overview

  • Product: Millionaire Mentors Alliance
  • Website: millionairementorsalliance.net + other member sites
  •  Price: $500 – $50,000
  • Owner (s): The owners are unknown
  •  Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance Recommended?: No!

Here Are the Main Sections of This Review:

  • What Is Millionaire Mentor Alliance?
  • Does It Smell Like A MLM?
  • Recruiting Is The Key
  • Various Membership Levels and Prices
  • If This Program Is So Legit, Why the FAKE Reviews?
  • Fake Reviews Used By Millionaire Mentors Alliance
  • More Fake Reviews Used By Millionaire Mentors Alliance
  • Will You Trust Fake Reviews
  • Business Model Bound to Fail
  • The Federal Trade Commission Is No Joke
  • Build Your Business the Correct Way

What Is Millionaire Mentor Alliance?

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

Millionaire Mentors Alliance is a direct marketing association composed of part-time and full-time business owners organized to help each other succeed.  

Yet they claim they are not a Multi-Level Marketing organization or have any sort of downline you earn from.  

When you look at the business in detail that’s exactly how it’s structured. It’s organized in a multi-level marketing fashion.  

In addition, Millionaire Mentors Alliance is a high-ticket program similar to another program called Business Success Alliance.

The focus is on baby boomers and retirees who have money to “invest”.

For instance, the sales video makes it seem much easier than what it will actually be.

It gives a false impression that making money with this system is not going to be difficult.  

Millionaire Mentors Alliance, however, is a high-ticket online business opportunity.

A person buys into the “opportunity” to make money online so that you, in turn, make huge commissions.  

Furthermore, once you become a member, you make money by reselling the same “business opportunity”.

Does It Smell Like A MLM?

Millionaire Mentors Alliance is a high-ticket program.

It’s expensive at the beginning level and gets more expensive with each increasing level.  

Moreover, along with the rights to resell the business you purchased, you will receive a “done-for-you” website.

You’ll also get digital products and their “proven marketing and sales system.”  

The main focus of this business is getting other people to join Millionaire Mentors Alliance so that you can earn large commissions.  

To clarify, the way this business is set up is you earn 100% commissions on whatever product packages you sell. The Bronze Package, for example, costs $500; if you “recruit” someone else who buys the same package, they will earn $500.  

Recruiting Is The Key

Furthermore, the same goes for all the other packages and levels. If you recruit someone at the highest level, the $50,000 “Empire” level, you make $50,000.  

How the company makes it’s money is through what is by means of a “Licensing Fee.”  

Using the example of a person who comes in at the $50,000 “Empire” level, the licensing fee would be $1,498 –  

The new person coming in pays the $1,498 and goes to the company as a “licensing fee”.  

Consequently, as I’m sure you’ve probably already noticed by now, it is incredibly expensive to join into Millionaire Mentors Alliance.

Various Membership Levels and Prices

Look at all of the various membership levels in this program.

There are 7 levels you need to accomplish before you “reach the top” of this pyramid.

This is the typical structure of a multi-level marketing company.

  • Bronze – Admin fee $195, Commission- $500
  • Silver – Admin fee $198, Commission – $2,000
  • Gold – Admin fee $298, Commission – $3,500
  • Platinum – Admin fee $398, Commission – $7,000
  • Diamond – Admin fee $448, Commission – $15,000
  • Elite – Admin fee $498, Commission – $25,000
  • Empire – Admin fee $1,498, Commission – $50,000

If This Program Is So Legit, Why the FAKE Reviews?

Good question!

I took a look at their results tab on their site and saw some testimonies and success stories.

These are from people who are said to have had success with this system.

However, I did some image searches and discovered that these testimonials are invented.

That means the people from the pictures are not members of Millionaire Mentors Alliance.

They’re FAKE!

To clarify, the people behind Millionaire Mentors Alliance have purchased those pictures on stock photography sites.

These photos of FAKE members come from websites like Bigstock and Shutterstock, as you can observe below.

Fake Reviews Used By Millionaire Mentors Alliance

Here is a so-called “review” on the Millionaire Mentors Alliance website:

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

The above “couple” also appeared for an ad promoting Esquire Bank – I guess they needed somewhere to deposit all of the money they were making from Millionaires Mentor Alliance!

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

Heres another “review” from Millionaires Mentor Alliance – Take a good look at the pictures:

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

Well, the so-called “testimonial” was a stock photo from Shutterstock!

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

More Fake Reviews Used By Millionaire Mentors Alliance

Here’s a clean-cut, honest looking dude – surely this “testimonial” is real:

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

NOPE! The image for this “testimonial” came directly from iStock Photo!

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

Below is another FAKE review. I guess you get paid BIG money when your photos come from BIGSTOCK!.

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

Bought image from Bigstock for FAKE testimonial!

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?

Will You Trust Fake Reviews

Meanwhile, how many more of the reviews on Millionaire Mentor Alliance are FAKE?

They also have a number of YouTube video testimonials on their website.

Are any of these fake Fiverr.com actors, or are they real?

The videos seem to be by real people, however, they could be video testimonials by paid actors.

It’s possible that some of these people could have made money with this system and posted a real video testimonial.

Really…How are we to know for sure?

In light of the above, we’ve established that there are fake testimonials on this website, it raises real doubt about the validity of the others!

Business Model Bound to Fail

However, there is another huge problem in the way the system works.

The only source of money is the actual members of Millionaire Mentors Alliance.

Theres NO RETAIL ACTIVITY outside of the Millionaire Mentors Alliance.

The point is, you’re not selling any retail products to the general public, nor do you have an option to expand your ‘business’ beyond the company.

Consequently, this is the reason why the Federal Trade Commission shut down two very large organizations, Digital Altitude and M.O.B.E. (My Online Business Education)

The Federal Trade Commission Is No Joke

I’ve had specific reasons for telling people not to join Digital Altitude/Aspire, or its sister company MOBE for quite some time now.

For example, I wrote a post titled “Is MOBE an MLM Scam? The FTC Said YES and What You Need to Learn From This” in which I said the following:

“Let me say this: The Federal Trade Commission…has determined that an MLM company primarily generating revenue via sales to recruited affiliates is a pyramid scheme.

You can’t be providing a genuine product or service value when nobody outside of your income opportunity is paying for your product and/or service. That’s the core of the problem the FTC has.

This was the same situation with MOBE.

Only the people within MOBE was buying what MOBE was selling.

They had to keep making sales within MOBE in order to make the business viable.”

This is a similar issue the FTC had with Digital Altitude/Aspire.

“The bottom line is this: An MLM company without significant retail activity is a pyramid scheme.

The FTC has done their homework and concluded the retail revenue in MOBE among its own members/participants is quite substantial.

In conclusion, if the majority of company-wide revenue is NOT derived from the sale of products and services to retail customers, then look out: You’re in the crosshairs of the FTC!”

Is It A SCAM or Is It Legit

I have said this on multiple occasions:

I don’t care if a make money online product has SOME legitimate value.

If it has FAKE testimonials connected with it, then as far as I’m concerned, it’s a SCAM!

My equation works like this: Fake Testimonials + Exagerated Income Claims = SCAM!

In addition, if people were really making money with Millionaires Mentor Alliance, then why use FAKE testimonials?

Why use stock photos from Bigstock, iStockPhoto and Shutterstock and pass them off as REAL members with real success?

Beyond any doubt, that’s deceptive and fradulent and downright dishonest!

To sum up, from my point of view and from my opinion, Millionaires Mentor Alliance is a SCAM.

Consequently, if it’s ONLY source of generating revenue is through it’s own members buying their own digital products, and NOT through normal retail activity, then it’s a pyramid scheme!

Build Your Business the Correct Way

I have never met a MLM that I liked. Not one! 

Every MLM I’ve ever known depend heavily on recruiting friends, family members and aquaintences.

The start up costs are usually ridiculous, and you’re always under pressure to meet deadlines or quotas.

In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make an outstanding income from home every month.

Below are a few reasons prefer this model of affiliate marketing:

  • You get to promote whatever products you want or are related to your niche or your website
  • It’s possible to start your online business for free
  • There is NO RECRUITING of anyone which is a requirement for MLMs
  • No direct selling is involved

Wealthy Affiliate Is the Best Way to Build A Profitable Online Business

If you want to learn how to make job-killing income online, you need to use a business model that is sound, sustainable, and has been proven to get results.

It isn’t difficult to do if you have the right training and tools to use. Check out this brief video outlining how Wealthy Affiliate works:

You can access this valuable training for FREE; create Your FREE Wealthy Affiliate account.

This will allow you to have a look at how the platform can help you to create a life changing income.

Click Here to Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account

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8 thoughts on “What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance: Scam or Legit?”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me at how many MLMs turn out to be scams. I just looked into a few because a Facebook friend wanted to know if I was interested. Normally I ignore such requests but she is a good friend from long ago that we reconnected through Facebook.

    Of the four I looked into, three were obvious scams and Millionaire Mentors Alliance is definitely one of them. The telltale sign I look for is whether or not the opportunity has a retail product and if recruiting is the only way you can make money. Either of those are major Red Flags.

    Your review here has convinced me that my suspicions are correct. Millionaire Mentors Alliance is a scam. People who do not know any better need to read websites like yours to prevent from getting scammed or misled. Too many well-sounding opportunities that are fake and they need to be exposed.

    • Hello Robert’

      Great comments…Thank You for reading my post!

      You really have to be careful with MLM these days.

      As you so accurately pointed out, there are a LOT of shenanigans going on!

      These FAKE programs need to be exposed!

      Talk Soon,


  2. I am really disappointed at the rate these scam sites atr increasing in numbers by the day and I must commend your effort to bring them into light for all to see. I have often paid attention to some things to detect a fake site. First ghost owner, if a Particular owner is ghosting on his business, then I don’t want to go into it. Also lies which includes fake testimony and hypes. Lastly if you trust your business so well, then there should be free membership for a while, to convince people to join. Thanks once again for exposing this site.

  3. Apparently, millionaire mentors is a scam and its good that you have brought this up here to teach us. Those fake reviews are very saddening. Its very important that one knows this because this platforms only plays on peoples emotions. They are not real at all. Thank hou for revkewknh millionaire mentors.  Nice post!

  4. Why join a high ticket programme when there are other make money online programmes where you dont need to pay so much to join. One thing that writes me off is the fact that based on your research, they have fake testimonials. Tbis is something I have noticed with online platform scams over the years. Although one cannot totally say that millionaire mentors alliance is a total scma, it still isn’t ideal with that controversy. This is a very detailed review. Thanks!

  5. Fake reviews, forced recruiting to make co.musions, licensing g fee, and damn upsells and scostly start up fee. If all these are not enough to get anyone suspicious enough to not get involved with such a shady business like this millionaire mentors alliance, then definitely nothu g could prevent them from being a victim. Thanks for putting this review together. I’m beginning to get very toree of all these online dubious schemes and thankfully to people like you, we could pinpoint the various hidden agenda.

  6. I am very happy to have come across this post. I based a search on it because I have been hearing so much about it late and the sweet talks about it made me raise a brow towards it. From what I have read about it, its seem these people take everyone for fool and come out with such ridiculous ideas just to scam those who have no idea about the business.
    Personally for me, I don’t have a single interest in dealing with MLM scheme and worse of all this particular one has ranking which you attain by payments. The red flags here are just too much. Thanks for your time.

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