What Is LifePoints Surveys – How Much Money Can You Make?

What Is LifePoints Surveys - How Much Money Can You Make?

If you’re here you probably heard about a survey / GPT website called LifePoints and are wondering What Is LifePoints Surveys?

Can you make money sharing your opinions on the LifePoints website or app?

Read this review very carefully so you can understand what LifePoints has to offer you.

LifePoints Rewards You For Sharing Your Opinion

What Is LifePoints Surveys - How Much Money Can You Make?

The purpose of LifePoints is to reward members for sharing their opinion on consumer services and products.

Canadian entrepreneur Ethan Foy founded LifePoints in 2016.

It seems LifePoints us also affiliated with Lifespeed Online Research as well as Global Test Market; they are two of the largest survey companies online.

Let me say early on that LifePoints is a legit survey site and not a scam similar to the following legit survey sites:

LifePoints Offers Multiple Ways To Earn

What Is LifePoints Surveys - How Much Money Can You Make?

LifePoints pays everyday people to share their viewpoints about services and products.

They have some offerings that are sure to appeal to those who like survey websites.

Here are the tasks you can participate in:

Earn On The Go – These are location-based tasks.

It’s possible you could be asked to comment about a recent visit and earn points for your observations.

Surveys – After answering a few questions to pre-qualify, you can be invited to participate in surveys. You can also earn points here as well.

Daily Challenge – Short Q&As; that are different every day.

You also earn points for answering these; you also earn extra points for answering the “daily challenges” consistently for 30 days.

Updating your profile – The more information you provide you increase the chances of getting surveys in your inbox.

Your point total increase as you add more information to your profile.

With all four opportunities, points earned can be converted to money after you reach the minimum payment requirement.

LifePoints Does Not Pay Out A Lot Of Money Which Is Normal For Survey Websites

What Is LifePoints Surveys - How Much Money Can You Make?

How much you earn with LifePoints depends on how active you are and whether these tasks are available.

In other words, you can’t just “hang out” in your pajamas and fill out surveys all day and expect to make $100 bucks a day.

That’s not how survey sites work.

Looking at what current members of LifePoints are cashing out, an expectation of around $10 to $15 dollars within 2-3 weeks seems to be the norm.

However, please keep in mind the above statement is based on my personal observations and is not meant to be a guarantee or a promise of income.

The truth is it’s somewhat difficult to pinpoint the exact amount you can earn because everything is based on the availability of the surveys.

The technical term is demographics.

One thing I do know: you CAN NOT create a life-changing income with survey / GPT websites.

But you can improve your chances of making a decent amount of money by having multiple streams of income. So consider joining sites like.

You Waste Valuable Time Trying To Make Money With Survey Websites

What Is LifePoints Surveys - How Much Money Can You Make?

Here are a few facts you must understand.

Survey sites were never intended to allow a person to make large sums of money.

They’re designed so that someone could make $40 to $60 dollars on a monthly basis.

That’s only if they spend 4 to 5 HOURS a day filling out surveys and completing tasks.

In most cases, the money is much lower.

How on earth is $40 to $60 bucks a month going to change your life?

If you’re literally starving you could probably buy enough food to eat every month – barely.

But the reality is you can’t do much with $40 to $60 bucks a month.

Therefore, why would you spend valuable time making pennies on the dollar with survey sites?

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Here’s the bottom line:

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Joining Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best Decision You Can Make To Improve Your Finances

If you want to create a life-changing income, then survey sites are not the way to do it. They were NEVER intended for people to make large sums of money.

With survey sites, what you literally make are pennies on the dollar.

If you want a different life than what you have, you’re going to have to take a whole different set of actions.

It really is up to YOU to choose to continue on as you are with few financial options at your disposal, or create your own online business and make a real, life-altering income.

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What You Need To Do Next:

OK…Here’s what you need to do next – It’s very simple:

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Why You Need To Do This:

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YOU have to participate in your own financial rescue.

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