What Is Lead Generation Blueprint – The Facts You Need To Know

What Is Lead Generation Blueprint - The Facts You Need To Know

The Lead Generation Blueprint is a program that teaches you how to make money with social media marketing for your business and is run by Ryan Wegner.

You are here reading this post because you want to know What Is Lead Generation Blueprint?

You’re probably here to find out whether this product is actually worth its price tag or if it’s just more of the same mediocre fare.

This brief review will help you answer that.

All the important facts you need to know about this program, ranging from its background information and training to its sign-up fee and other vital details, are provided in this brief review.

Without any doubt, you’ll easily decide if Lead Generation Blueprint is suitable for you after reading this review.

What Is Lead Generation Blueprint – An Overview

  • Product: Lead Generation Blueprint
  • Business model: SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency)
  • Sign-up Fee: $497
  • Do I recommend it? Lead Generation Blueprint is a good product, but NOT recommended for new internet marketers.

Lead Generation Blueprint is a highly comprehensive program that shows you how to develop a social media marketing agency (SMMA).

Unlike the other insanely expensive SMMA programs I’ve reviewed, this one is actually quite affordable, and it appears that Ryan Wegner is committed to ensuring that students are successful.

The solid bonuses attached to the course even make it cheaper and better.

However, let me be clear on this fact: It’s very difficult to succeed as a social media marketing agency (SMMA)

The slim chance of succeeding in SMMA is my only issue here.

Since the emergence of SMMA a few years ago, various new courses have continued to spring up.

One common thing among most SMMA courses is their terribly huge price.

The majority of them cost more than $1000, while the sign-up fee for some runs into several thousand.

The amazing thing is that you don’t need thousands of dollars to enroll in Lead Generation Blueprint, even though the course is as good as any of the top-quality SMMA courses out there.

It provides you with lots of vital information at a cost of only $497.

Who Is Ryan Wegner?

What Is Lead Generation Blueprint - The Facts You Need To Know

Ryan Wegner is the person who created this course, and he appears to be morally upright and honest.

The reason I say this is the tradition of earning cash online on YouTube is sometimes sickening.

You’ll come across thousands of fake people living a fake life by renting cars and trying to showcase a particular fake lifestyle.

When you see people on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet highlighting mansions, exotic automobiles, cash money, and so-called earnings screenshots along with beautiful women, be VERY skeptical!

Looking at his videos, Wegner seems to be successful at SMMA and is really making money from it.

An Outline of the Lead Generation Blueprint

What Is Lead Generation Blueprint - The Facts You Need To Know

The Lead Generation Blueprint may seem to be shorter than most SMMA training courses out there, but the information is just as thorough.

In many cases, the shorter courses tend to get right to the point: how to set up your business to make money.

Lead Generation Blueprint doesn’t contain the trivial fluff found in some other courses.

The training covers the following modules:

Module One – Introduction to Lead Generation

In this short introductory module, Wegner describes the business model and the people the course is designed for.

Module Two – Things You Need to Know

This is an elementary module that explains the basic characteristics of the SMMA business model.

Wegner teaches you how to determine the price for your services and other similarly essential aspects.

Module Three – Prospecting

Finding clients to work with is what module three talks about. You’ll be taught how to choose the best niches to locate and engage with businesses. The module contains 4 videos.

Module Four – Contacting the Prospects

Here, you’ll learn about various methods of reaching potential clients. Such methods include getting leads through Instagram and Facebook, cold emailing, and cold calling.

Module Five – The Meeting

How you can meet with potential clients is discussed in module five.

The module teaches you different strategies for getting clients to accept your offer.

Module Six – Building Your Funnel

This module will show you ways you can create a funnel to generate as many leads as possible for your clients.

Module Seven – Facebook Ads

One major way you can help your clients to get customers is through Facebook ads.

This isn’t just one of the most important modules in the course, but it’s also one of the longest.

You won’t succeed in SMMA if aren’t getting clients on a consistent basis.

Module Eight- Wrapping Things Up

There are just 3 videos in this module, and it focuses on numerous funnels that you can apply to your business, how to expand your business and the affiliate program.

Bonus Module – The Perfect Cold Email Technique

This module, which is also long, provides a detailed technique for cold emailing.

You’ll learn about getting email addresses, following up, writing good subject lines, and more.

In addition to the training, you’ll also get the following bonuses:

A to Z of Facebook Ads

Although I was initially disappointed at the Facebook training in the course because of its short length, I eventually found this bonus Facebook Ads training to be very good.

In fact, it’s far better than most of the available Facebook ads courses that cost hundreds of dollars.


To avoid suffering unnecessarily, mentorship is very important when learning how to make money online for the first time..

A good mentor helps you to shorten the time it takes to start making money.

Wegner mentors you through Facebook Messenger, which is awesome.

Pros and Cons of Lead Generation Blueprint

What Is Lead Generation Blueprint - The Facts You Need To Know

Here are the things I like and dislike about this course:


  • Decent price and repayment policy: The fees for SMMA courses are usually very high, as most of the top-notch courses cost over a thousand dollars. Lead Generation Blueprint costs just $497, which is a lot cheaper than many of the good SMMA courses. Moreover, it has a 30-day refund policy if you don’t access more than 20% of the course.
  • Quality training: The course really provides good training and is straightforward. I was a bit dissatisfied that the Facebook training was too short, but the free bonus you get compensates for this.
  • Mentoring: Nothing is better than having someone to guide you when learning a new thing. Someone who has already achieved success can tell you what to avoid and what to do. Getting direct mentorship from a person like Wegner is really cool.
  • Responsive: One other thing I like about the course is the timely support you get from Wegner. I was actually surprised that it took just 30 seconds for Wegner to reply to the message I sent to him.


The negative aspect of this course is that the business model is hard. Personally, I would rather follow a less stressful path to make money.

Lead Generation Blueprint is similar to other SMMA programs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Is Lead Generation Blueprint a Scam?

Absolutely not! This is a totally legit program by a totally legit marketer, Ryan Wegner.

Aside from the fact that the course is run by a legitimate teacher, it’s also affordable, has great content, and teaches you a business model that has been tried and tested.

Ryan Wegner is a great marketer and has a trustworthy presence online.

There is no doubt that local businesses need social media marketing too, which means that it will likely continue to grow.

However, starting and growing a Social Media Marketing Agency is a very stressful process, because you have to personally engage potential clients in order to grow your business.

For many, that can prove to be an overwhelming task.

I would certainly recommend Affiliate Marketing as a less stressful alternative when it comes to making money online.

If you are new at online marketing or have tried in the past but were unsuccessful, affiliate marketing is a less stressful and cheaper alternative than social media marketing.

Is There A Better Option?

If you’ve made the decision that Lead Generation Blueprint isn’t right for you, there are other ways to learn how to make money online.

From my experience, the best and easiest way to make money online is with affiliate marketing, especially if you are new to online marketing.

I say this because with affiliate marketing cold calling complete strangers in person or don’t the telephone trying to convince potential clients to do business with you isn’t required.

Also, you can start affiliate marketing on a shoestring budget.

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In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best course that I know of that will teach you how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

The best part?

Wealthy Affiliate is free to try!

Since it’s FREE to try, you literally have nothing to lose.

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