What is Killer Content System About – Is The Hype Real?

What is Killer Content System About?

Some are wondering What Is Killer Content System About?

It claims that it has an automated system that makes you money by creating websites for specific niches.

You may be asking yourself If this system works and is it for newbies or for those who are experienced marketers?

In this post, I will answer your questions and highlight other details about Killer Content System.

After reading this post, you’ll be more informed about this platform.

Killer Content System Review

  • The Name of the Product: Killer Content System
  • Their Website: www.killercontent.com
  • The Type of Business: Website business/ PLR
  • What Is the Price: $47 ($37 with special discount), $97 platinum up-sell, $297 Gold up-sell
  • Who are the Owners: Socrates Socratous (this is probably not the real name).
  • Overall Rank of the product: 30 out of 100 (SCAM)

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Killer Content System?

Some Pros of Killer Content System

  • The video is decent. Although, the Owner also makes all those claims of earning big overnight.
  • The member’s area doesn’t have an overly fancy page, it is just nice as it is.

Cons of Killer Content System

  • In case you are taking their word for it, about the fact that you will be able to make a lot of money by doing minimal work, that’s a complete lie.
  • Have you heard about PLR? It is taking other people’s products and selling it as yours. This is completely unethical.
  • Apart from the unethical things about PLR, the ones that the Owner of Killer Content System recommends in this product are those of cheap standards.
  • There is no customer support and there are no free trials either.
  • You are on your own when you join the product. So, don’t expect to have any form of community to support you on the journey.
  • After joining, they will sell you more products (referred to as upsells in the internet marketing industry) and they describe it as one-time offers.
  • Most of the stuff in the training is outdated. Most of the tricks shared by the Owner are obsolete.

What Is Killer Content System All About?

What is Killer Content System About?

Have you been thinking, ‘so, how can the money be made with Killer Content System?’

The idea is that this product will make you money simply from your own website.

Actually, what Killer Content does is show you how to use PLR, or Private Label Rights content to populate pre-made templates that you put on your website.

As “Socretes”, the owner of Killer Content System says, all you need to do is to create your websites, and you will be given an already-made template to fill it with content.

However, that content is copied from other people and you are presenting it on your website as your own.

If you have hundreds, or even a couple of thousand people posting the same content from the Killer Content template, what do you think Google is going to do?

When you piss Google off, it will spell DISASTER for your online business!

The problem with using Private Label Rights content is most online marketers are LAZY.

Flat out LAZY!

They won’t take the necessary time to re-write the PLR so that it becomes uniquely theirs.

So what will happen is you’ll have all these marketers using Killer Content System with similar content that Google will look at as duplicate content or plagiarism.

Therefore, for this reason alone, I would not recommend Killer Content System.

As a matter of fact, Killer Content System has the same characteristics as some other “programs” I’ve reviewed such as:

Does Killer Content System Have Tools and Training?

Killer Content System does offer some training that is supported by a number of tools and resources.

The accompanying tools for the training are:

  • Site Manager – To manage your websites
  • Copy-Paste Ready-Made Articles – This method is NOT the correct way to learn online marketing!
  • Money Makers – These are banners you can use on your website.
  • Auto-Publishers – To automatically publish your blog posts on your websites (and a SURE way to cripple your website’s SEO!)
  • Report Generator – These are additional PLR provided for you to use.

Does It Offer Quality Support?

Support for purchasers of Killer Content System is not good at all.

As a matter of fact, if you need a quick response to get help setting up your website, it’s not going to happen!

There’s no other way to say it.

Killer Content is hosted on ClickBank. Although ClickBank hosts terrible products, they do provide refunds for dissatisfied customers.

I’m very big on customer support when you purchase a product such as this.

Many people are brand new at trying to make money online, so it stands to reason that many will have questions and concerns.

When you have any concerns or are stuck somewhere in the program, there will be no one ready to give you a helping hand.

What Is The Pricing Strategy?

Killer Content System has an inconsistent pricing strategy.

For example, when it isn’t holidays or any special event, Killer Content System will just charge their regular price of $47.

However, If you want to leave the website, they simply change the price from $47 to $37.

Imagine that your friend or family got the same product at a higher price, not based on discounts but on a pricing strategy of charging $10 less as a down-sell.

Be ready to also get bombarded with OTO”S (One Time Offers) such as a Platinum Membership ($97) and a Gold Membership ($297).

Also, please be aware that $47 is just the start of what you have to pay to run an online business.

There are several things you will need to pay for such as your website domains and possibly other tools you may need to run your business.

A Better Alternative To Killer Content System

The very platform I’ve used for years to create the blog you are reading right now is Wealthy Affiliate.

I can tell you as a serious online marketer, Wealthy Affiliate gave me the best opportunity to succeed, in my opinion.

Below is a comparison chart between Killer ContentSystem and Wealthy Affiliate:

It’s quite obvious to me which platform is the better option for building a successful online business.

If you’re serious about making life-changing money online, I know you’ll make the right choice.

Make the right choice and build your business the right way through Wealthy Affiliate.

You can try the Wealthy Affiliate platform for FREE so you can get some idea what’s involved with building your online business.

What I Love about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that I can get quick technical help and questions answered from other experienced Wealthy Affiliate members literally 24/7.

That is not an exxageration. You can get help 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon – the time of the day or night dosen’t matter.

I know I made the right choice with Wealthy Affiliate…What choice will you make?

Talk Soon,


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