What Is High Ticket Wealth System?

What Is High Ticket Wealth System?

Some of you have heard about this program and want to know What Is High Ticket Wealth System?

High Ticket Wealth System tells you that you can make thousands of dollars in commissions on a monthly basis.

Also, this “program” states you can make comissions of $1,250 to $10,000 per sale and all earned on autopilot.

Therefore, is High Ticket Wealth System a SCAM or not?

This blog post is going to highlight all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Hold on to your wallet until the end of this post!

What Is High Ticket Wealth System?

What Is High Ticket Wealth System?

Program Name: High Ticket Wealth System

Website: highticketwealthsystem.com

Price: $49

Upsells: Yes – Thousands of dollars worth!

Owner: Saj Purkayastha

Recommended? No!

High Ticket Wealth System is owned by a guy named Saj Purkayastha.

Although “the system” informs you about making between $1,250 and $10,000 for every sale, this so-called “system” is very misleading.

Actually, High Ticket Wealth System is a SCAM. Below are the reasons why.

What Is High Ticket Wealth System – A Funnel For MOBE

If you’re not familiar with MOBE, it stands for My Online Business Education.

MOBE is a multi-level marketing program. Here is the compensation structure used in MOBE:

The Compensation Structure

  • MOBE licensing rights – $1250 per sale
  • Titanium Membership – $2500 per sale
  • Platinum Membership – $5500 per sale
  • Diamond Membership – $20000 per sale

The Price

The $49 joining fee will only get your foot in the door of MOBE.

The MOBE 21 step My Top Tier Business (MTTB) does include some training.

However, MOBE is actually centered on promoting MOBE products to it’s own members.

Here are the fees within MOBE:

  • Licensing kit – $297
  • Home business summit event – $497 for a VIP ticket and $97 for online streaming
  • Six-figure coaching secret-$997
  • Diamond coaching program – $4997

Inner Circle Membership

  • Standard Affiliate fee -$19.99 per month
  • Licensing rights – $99 per month plus a one-time fee of $2497
  • Titanium – $199 per month plus a one-time fee of $9997
  • Platinum – $299 per month plus a one-time fee of $16667
  • Diamond – $299 per month plus a one-time fee of $29997

Here is the huge problem with High Ticket Wealth System and similar funnel websites promoting MOBE:

MOBE had no retail products it could sell to the public.

In other words, you could only get MOBE training if you were a MOBE member.

Also, the training materials from MOBE could not be purchased online through various affiliates outside of MOBE.

Similarly, the ONLY people buying MOBE training was MOBE members.

The money that was made was from its own members, not from retail sales.

Therefore, the Federal Trade Commission determined that MOBE was a Pyramid Scheme.

Frankly, the Federal Trade Commission got this one right.

But wait! There’s more to this.

High Ticket Wealth System – Shut Down By The FTC

What Is High Ticket Wealth System?

We’ve established that High Ticket Wealth System is a funnel for MOBE.

Heres the problem:

MOBE was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission on June 11, 2018.

Therefore if you see ANY references to High Ticket Wealth System or MOBE as a business opportunity, it’s a SCAM.

Apparently what’s going on is there is this:

Dishonest people creating websites that seem to have nothing to do with MOBE that are in fact funnel sites for MOBE.

Take High Ticket Wealth System, for example.

When I first saw it, I certainly didn’t think it was connected to MOBE.

That’s how these bogus websites work.

They don’t tell you the truth up front, hoping you’re gullible enough to buy into the lies and hype they’re selling.

Similarly, there’s one more thing:

What Is High Ticket Wealth System – Did It Bite The Dust?

Yes…High Ticket Wealth System bit the dust. It’s no longer in existence.

When you type www.hoghticketwealthsystem.com, this is what you see:

What Is High Ticket Wealth System?

The problem with these schemes is the only way you generate money is by deceiving others to purchase high ticket products.

Also, you are not actually selling to the public but to other individuals who are interested in becoming part of the system.

So, the way you earn your money is by inviting others to become a member and pay for high ticket products.

Plainly, your business involves massive recruitment of thousands of people.

That is the classic example of a pyramid scheme.

Find a few individuals who will jump at your offer as you did and who can afford the products.

The way these Pyramid Schemes like MOBE are set up is why the FTC shuts them down.

Therefore, in order for you to earn thousands in commissions, you will have to invest thousands of your own money.

What you are paying for is to acquire licensing rights to the high ticket products you will be given.

If you don’t buy these products you won’t be able to earn and recoup your money.

Is High Ticket Wealth System A SCAM?

You might consider High Ticket Wealth System a scam because it is not the real system promoted here – it’s MOBE.

You might also say it isn’t a SCAM because it has actual products you could make use of if you become a member.

However, because MOBE is a pyramid scheme and since they got shut down by the Federal Trade Commission, they are a SCAM.

A big, fat SCAM.

High Ticket Wealth System along with MOBE get my coveted Shenanigans Award for Deception and Malarkey!

Shenanigans Award For Deception and Malarkey

Conclusively I do not recommend MOBE or High Ticket Wealth System.

However, here is what I do recommend if you want to build a lasting online business that actually works – Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is My #1 Recommendation

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