What Is ForeverGreen International – Big Money Or Big Letdown?

What Is ForeverGreen International - Big Money Or Big Letdown?

Many of you are wondering What Is ForeverGreen International. ForeverGreen is another Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company operating in the health niche.

Can you really make money with Forever Green International?

Like other businesses in this area, their key emphasis is on products that encourage health.

These include a significant emphasis on nutrients, like enzyme drinks.

In spite of this, the business isn’t conventional at all.

The product category is minuscule, consisting of seven products only.

These include AIM, FIXX, PowerStrips, or Pulse-8.

Their products are designed in such a way to fit in small covers that can be shipped easily to different parts of the world.

The items have many distinctive characteristics as well.

Whether these will give you a competitive edge in marketplaces will remain to be ascertained, but there are many things that make ForeverGreen intriguing.

Forevergreen Markets Organic Nutrient Dense Products

What Is ForeverGreen International - Big Money Or Big Letdown?

ForeverGreen was launched back in 2004 and was originally based out of Utah, USA.

Additionally, the company has several branch offices, located in Columbia, Mexico, Columbia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines. and Korea.

ForeverGreen markets a range of products within the health and nutrition MLM niche. These include:

  • FrequenSea – this is a beverage based on “marine phytoplankton
  • Fixx – an ‘organic, chocolate meal-replacement shake
  • Smart Saltz – organic table salt that is free from impurities
  • Thunder – this is a Chocolate meal replacement shake
  • Electrifire – an energy drink based on plant nutrients
  • Azul – a coconut, maqui berry, marine phytoplankton, and acai berry-based beverage

ForeverGreen also markets products in the following areas:

  • weight-loss
  • the heart and cardiovascular system
  • phytoplankton-based dietary supplements,
  • hunger management
  • essential oils
  • “organic and clean” raw foods (fruits, nuts, seeds, tubers and grains)
  • dark chocolate
  • hemp seed concentrate
  • personal care items

ForeverGreen Also Focuses On Marine Phytoplankton

What Is ForeverGreen International - Big Money Or Big Letdown?

ForeverGreen employs a fairly distinctive idea that focuses on nutriment and the distinctive compounds that are present in many marine phytoplankton and plants.

Although this method has been used time in and time out, it is still a trending one.

However, here is my personal issue here: phytoplankton normally is food for fish and invertebrates like sea stars, sea cucumbers, etc.

Cetaceans, which are whales, and zooplanktons like tiny shrimp-like and crab-like creatures eat phytoplankton.

There is no concrete set of studies that show how phytoplankton is good for human consumption.

Humans eat fruits and vegetables, which contain the same “phytonutrients” but grow on land.

The vegetables and fruit that humans eat that grow on land contain the same “phytonutrients.”

All of this sounds great and factual and fancy, but it has absolutely no scientific merit.

There literally is no concrete scientific proof that phytoplankton is good for human consumption.

However, the marketing department at ForeverGreen already figured it out.

They figured out that people are inclined to be greatly evoked in bettering their general health by using ingredients that ARE NOT in the mainstream.

Using rigorous restrictions or uninspiring weight loss plans has not worked for millions of people.

However, using ingredients that are out of the mainstream is something millions are willing to try.

I’m absolutely positive that the folks at ForeverGreen genuinely believe in the nutritional power of phytoplankton.

However, in my opinion, there needs to be further scientific evidence that it actually makes a difference.

ForeverGreen Has A Global Presence

What Is ForeverGreen International - Big Money Or Big Letdown?

One of the simplest ways to make money with Forever Green is by selling their merchandise.

Although the business is located out of the USA, it features a global presence.

This opportunity provides its consultants the ability to cater to a wider customer base than is normally possible.

Other than selling products, you also have the opportunity to make money by growing your network.

As is in any MLM case, you have to recruit people for the business. Your earning capacity is determined by your progress other than your own success.

ForeverGreen does not have a huge product portfolio and its merchandise has peculiar names.

ForeverGreen Is Focused On Nutrition

Their main emphasis is on nutrition, and their product categories mostly concentrate on enzyme shakes and supplements, which is not particularly unusual here.

Take for instance their weight guidance product, FIXX, is a cocoa powder-based meal substitute shake.

FIXX has a few differences, one of which it’s marketed as an “enzyme” shake, not just a meal-replacement shake.

However, the marketplace is already overloaded with hundreds of distinct varieties and brands that already offer meal replacement shakes.

Here is another marketing example:

Another product, Pure-EU, makes use of “phytoplankton drops.”

Although we have other similar products in the market, Forever Green’s packaging and marketing of these drops with “phytoplankton” makes them appealing to a number of very health-conscious people.

A negative of this is that there are a fewer number of products to offer.

This usually means you are targeting pretty limited potential customers as you are looking for people who only want very specific health products.

Nevertheless, one advantage of these products is that people tend to use them relatively quickly.

For instance, supplements, protein powders, and corresponding items are used daily by people.

This usually means you have huge opportunities for repeat orders if customers actually desire these items.

ForeverGreen is efficient at merchandise bundling and marketing. In doing this, they offer their distributors abundant sales viewpoints to concentrate on.

ForeverGreen International is similar to other legit multi-level marketing opportunities I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

ForeverGreen Don’t Make Retail Prices Readily Available

The company’s emphasis seems to be on healthy options, and this truly is a favorable thing.

Unfortunately, I could not find any retail prices publicly provided for any of ForeverGreen’s product ranges.

Product Reviews and Cost

One key factor thing that determines a distributor’s success is how well they can sell the product.

The price of a product is absolutely critical.

Makes no difference how good the products are, If the products are too expensive, people will not buy them.

A major problem with ForeverGreen is the company refuses to make pricing information readily available to the public.

This really makes the selling process difficult and I don’t understand why the managers and higher level decision makers don’t see this.

This is basic economics – people want to know the price of a product before they purchase it.

Also, the fact that there aren’t many reviews of the actual products online really gives you the feeling that the company is not being completely transparent.

If you do come across reviews, usually they’re from ForeverGreen distributors and are pretty likely to be biased.

Honestly, this is NOT how you want to start a business relationship.

Frankly, I won’t even bother with a company that won’t make available the retail prices of their products.

This is not a good start to a business relationship.

ForeverGreen Products May Not Be Healthier Than Other Alternatives

What Is ForeverGreen International - Big Money Or Big Letdown?

In spite of their choice of words and publicity for their items, there is no adequate evidence that their merchandise is healthier than other market alternatives.

Is it possible that ForeverGreen products are what distributors say they are?

It’s absolutely possible.

Just looking at the ingredient list can be a real eye-opener.

However, the bottom line is this: does the product deliver on its promises?

If people feel they can get the same results from a less expensive alternative, they’re going for the less expensive alternative.

This is actually significant when you are selling products – as numerous potential people are going to be aware of these alternative products.

Particularly people who shop on sites like Amazon.

Network Marketing Failure Rate Is Very High

What many people are not told is the network marketing failure rate is very high.

There have been a number of studies regarding the success and failure rate of multi-level marketing.

The data was drawn from actual people who were part of a number of diverse network marketing organizations.

The actual facts aren’t very encouraging

As a matter of fact, very few people who try network marketing ever make a profit, according to Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D., Consumer Awareness Institute.

If the network marketing failure rate is very high, you may want to think twice about getting involved!

In my personal opinion, affiliate marketing is a far better choice for individuals looking to build a real online business that you actually control.

Build Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business With Wealthy Affiliate

Build your own affiliate marketing business through Wealthy Affiliate and you won’t have to subject yourself to the difficulty of network marketing.

As a matter of fact, when you build your brand, your blog, or website with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, you truly own your business.

Why do I say this?

It’s because when you join any MLM, they’ll tell you “this is your business.”

However, the most crucial piece of your business is the website, which you have no control over.

You cannot add relevant content to the website so that you can attract organic traffic.

Therefore, you have to commit to endless face-to-face meetings in order to attract new business.

Do you REALLY want to get involved in constant, never-ending recruiting?

Don’t let your business be determined by some nameless admin in an MLM back office.

Don’t be the bottom brick in someone else’s pyramid where you ALWAYS make chump change compared to the few at the top who keep telling you “You Can Do It!”

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