What Is EasyClub?

What Is EasyClub?

You are here because you want to know What Is Easy Club?

Interestingly, EasyClub has no website of its own.

Different social media platforms, like Telegram and Facebook, are primarily where the company is promoted.

As I write this, reports from Alexa show that most of the traffic (86%) to EasyClub’s website is from India.

Indians are also the major target of EasyClub promotion.

Based on this, it is very possible that the owner of EasyClub is resident in India.

Like always, you need to carefully think about joining or/and investing money in an MLM company.

If it doesn’t provide clear information about who owns or runs it, that’s a HUGE red flag!

  • PRODUCT NAME: EasyClub
  • OWNER/S: not disclosed
  • TYPE OF PRODUCT: Cryptocurrency MLM
  • PRICE: 1 ETH
  • SUMMARY: Yes EasyClub is both a pyramid scheme and a scam. There are some major red flags here.
  • RECOMMENDED: Absolutely NOT!

When recruitment is the main way for making money with ANY multi-level marketing company, look out!

When you have 0 retail products for normal consumers, the owner not identifying themselves and ridiculous investment returns, these are the signs of a good-old-fashioned Ponzi Scheme.

EasyClub’s Products

What Is EasyClub?

EasyClub doesn’t offer any service or product, and its affiliate membership is the only thing marketed by affiliates.

As I’ve said on this blog many times – if a multi-level marketing company has no retail products to offer separate from the “business opportunity” you need to be very careful.

It could quite possibly be a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

EasyClub’s Compensation Plan

What Is EasyClub?

At EasyClub, affiliates make investment in Ethereum and receive the following daily ROI:

  • get 3.1 ETH in 310 days by investing 1 ETH
  • get 6.2 ETH in 310 days by investing 2 ETH
  • get 9.3 ETH in 310 days by investing 3 ETH

Residual Commissions

EasyClub uses a unilevel compensation structure for the payment of referral commissions.

In a unilevel compensation structure, an affiliate is placed at the peak of a unilevel team, while every affiliate that they personally recruit is directly positioned below them (level-one).

New affiliates recruited by a level-one affiliate are placed on level-two of the unilevel team of the original affiliate.

New affiliates recruited by a level-two affiliate are placed on level-three, and this process goes on and on, leading to a vast number of levels.

EasyClub has a maximum of ten payable unilevel team levels.

An affiliate needs to recruit ten affiliates, who must invest in EasyClub, in order to be eligible for all ten levels.

An affiliate is given access to four unilevel team levels if they are able to recruit four affiliates who make an investment in EasyClub.

When an affiliate recruits seven affiliates who make an investment, they get access to seven unilevel team levels, and the same thing applies to other unilevel team levels.

Given these qualification criteria, residual commissions can be earned by EasyClub affiliates across ten recruitment levels.

Joining EasyClub

To become an EasyClub affiliate, no fee is required.

An initial investment of 1 ETH is required for an affiliate to fully benefit from the attached income opportunity.

My Conclusion Of EasyClub

EasyClub is another cleverly designed scam.

When you invest, the returns you get come from the money invested by new members, and you also get paid for recruiting people to the scheme.

This is nothing but an MLM Ponzi scheme.

Just like any MLM Ponzi scheme, there will be no new investment the moment affiliate recruitment slows down.

This will make it impossible for EasyClub to pay ROI revenue, which will finally lead to a collapse.

The truth remains that most participants end up losing their money when Ponzi schemes crumble.

Easy Club is similar to other SCAM multi-level-marketing programs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Get Free From Multi-Level Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes

What I strongly suggest is that you stop relying on the pyramid schemes of unknown scammers and build your own online business.

The moment you come to understand that you’re going to have to participate in your own financial rescue, the sooner you can start making real progress toward financial freedom.

The days are gone when you can just throw money at a business and see what sticks!

Ponzi schemes like EasyClub will never work – they’re designed to make the owner of the Ponzi scheme a ton of money and then it’s dissolved.

What happens is when the owner of a dissolved Ponzi scheme is done, they go and start another dishonest Ponzi scheme.

This happens over and over and over again.

These sick individuals keep doing this because they know there are more than enough gullible people they can always take advantage of.

What You Need To Do Now

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