What Is DXN Global – Big Money Or Big Disappointment?

What Is DXN Global - Big Money Or Big Disappointment?

Do you want to know What Is DXN Global? If you want to find out if this company is a scam or legit, this article is for you.

Can you really make money with DXN?

DXN is one of the oldest and biggest MLM companies, and there is so much to know about this platform before you join.

In this article, we will present the facts about DXN as a network marketing company.

Once you are done reading this post, you can decide if DXN is the right opportunity for you.

Let me also say that finding compensation information on DXN in video form to post in this review has been difficult because of the multi-cultural and multi-language aspects of the company.

Similarly, my reviews don’t focus on compensation plans because, for some reason, MLM compensation plans are extremely complicated.

For example, there are twenty-three affiliate membership ranks within the DXN compensation plan and along with their respective qualification criteria.

Twenty Three ranks!

Are you kidding me!

Aside from that, there are ALL of the various bonuses and rewards that are included!

It’s so detailed and so complicated that it makes your head hurt – literally.

Some of my fellow bloggers will post such detailed information in their reviews, however, I will not do so.

My focus is multi-level marketing as a viable business model in 2020 and beyond.

So let’s get started.

DXN Global Has A Long History

What Is DXN Global - Big Money Or Big Disappointment?

DXN was established in 1993 as a network marketing company and is Malaysian-based.

Regarding its origin, DXN was created by IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) graduate Dr. Lim Siow.

Dr. Siow’s background includes 20 years of experience in scientific and research analysis.

DXN was named after the discovery of the Lingzhi mushroom.

According to Wikipedia, the lingzhi mushroom is used in traditional Chinese medicine, but there is insufficient evidence that it is effective for treating any disease.

The lingzhi mushroom is a polypore fungus belonging to the genus Ganoderma. In many countries, it is called the Reishi mushroom.

The Backbone Of DXN Is Ganoderma

What Is DXN Global - Big Money Or Big Disappointment?

DXN is one of the biggest MLM companies around; they’ve been operating for a long time and have made a lot of money (about one billion USD).

Ganoderma, which is derived from the Reishi mushroom is an ingredient DXN is well-known for.

DXN also has strong retail sales and good reviews for its products.

They began operation in the USA in 2002, as well as Canada and Mexico in 2003.

The company is well-known for selling coffee products featuring the genus Ganoderma.

However, they also offer health supplements, cosmetic and skincare products, appliances, and other exciting products.

Daehsan Ltd was the company responsible for the promotion of the DNX product line and for manufacturing.

Subsequently, in 2003, DXN took control of Daehsan Ltd and occupied a large share of Daxen Biotechnology.

By DXN positioning themselves just so, Ganoderma became popular and became a business tactic for DXN to market their products.

Also, you receive rewards when you recruit new members under your downline.

When people under your downline make sales, you earn commissions as well.

You Can Buy DXN Products At Retail

What Is DXN Global - Is This An MLM You Can Bank On?

Retail sales are possible with DXN.

Customers not participating in the network marketing opportunity are able to purchase DXN products at retail.

Retail commissions are paid out as a 5-15% percentage and is ‘the difference between distributor price and retail price’.

Additionally, there are smaller bonuses you can make money from, which are based on personal sales and sales from your down lines.

DXN Is Not A Pyramid Scheme

What Is DXN Global - Big Money Or Big Disappointment?

Some MLM companies are legit, and others turn out to be pyramid schemes.

DNX, however, is not a pyramid scheme but a legitimate MLM company.

In a pyramid scheme, either there are no retail products sold to the general public, or their only source of revenue comes from new recruits’ membership fees.

DXN offers genuine products, and you don’t need to recruit members to be able to sell their products.

I can say for sure that DNX products are popular and have a strong retail lineup.

Therefore, DXN isn’t a pyramid scheme.

It won’t cost you a fortune to join DXN; all you need to do to sign up is pay a one-time fee of $20.

However, there are other additional costs you will have to pay if you want to increase your success rate.

For instance, you will spend money on fuel to make sales or recruit members, expenses on courses to improve sales and recruiting, as well as the cost of buying and selling products.

From my personal experience with network marketing, there is always hidden costs associated with “building your business”

Therefore, be prepared to spend money before you make one red cent in profit.

DXN is similar to other network marketing companies I’ve reviewed such as:

Watch Out: The MLM Success Rate Is Low

What Is DXN Global - Is This An MLM You Can Bank On?

In my opinion, DXN is one of the best network marketing companies operating today.

However, that does not change the fact that most people will fail to succeed in multi-level marketing, and only a few will make an actual profit from MLMs.

According to an extensive report from the Consumer Awareness Institute on Network Marketing, about 99% of individuals that sign up for an MLM platform will end up losing their hard-earned cash.

It’s obvious DXN will have some success stories due to its structure, mode of operation, organization, and services, but do not expect the success rate to be on the high side.

To succeed at DXN, you need to recruit a lot of people under you (down line) and also sell plenty of products to customers.

A lot of people forget about this when they join an MLM, that’s why they don’t succeed.

Some people, out of desperation, turn to friends and family to sell to and recruit.

However, in the long run that is not enough to propel them to success.

If you really want to be successful when you sign up with DXN, or any network marketing organization, it will require that you do a tremendous amount of recruiting and supervising your downline.

Is Multi-Level Marketing A Good Business Model For 2020 And Beyond?

When you look at the statistics below, it’s quite obvious that network marketing is NOT a good business model for making a life-changing income.

  1. According to FTC, 99% of all MLM participants lose money 
  2. The chances of profiting by starting your own small business are 38% more than by joining an MLM 
  3. The profitability rate of running an online business is 10% – 20% higher than the profitability rate of joining an MLM
  4. According to AARP Foundation, 47% of MLM participants lose money and 27% make no money whatsoever
  5. Among the 26% who actually earn a profit, 53% of them earn less than $5000 a year
  6. 39% of MLM participants quit because pitching products and services to friends and family jeopardized their relationships
  7. At least 50% of MLM reps quit within 1 year after joining an MLM and 95% quit within 10 years
  8. 75% of those who have joined and left an MLM state that they would never join another MLM in their life
  9. A 2018 poll of 1049 MLM reps across various companies found that most of them make less than 70 cents an hour, 
  10. 20% of them never made a sale
  11. 60% of them had earned less than $500 in sales over the past five years
  12. 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their MLM involvement

Things I Like About DXN

Cheap sign-up: Joining DXN requires a one-time sign-up fee of $20.

You will hardly find any MLM platform with such an offer. However, you will still pay money to purchase products to sell.

Homegrown ingredients: DXN grow their ingredients, so you are definitely getting reliable and safe ingredients. Only a few MLMs grow their ingredients.

DXN has been operating for nearly three decades: How many MLMs can you mention that have lasted decades. Unfortunately, not many.

DNX, however, is among the few companies that have been operating for a long time, which demonstrates a display of good leadership and amazing products.

Popular Products: The products they offer have good reviews and are well-liked, which makes them easier to sell in these tough retail environments.

Things I Dislike About DXN

The success rate is on the low side: Making it big with MLMs is difficult, regardless of the MLM you join. Most people will end up losing money than making profits.

The fact that multi-level marketing is a difficult business model for the average person to make money with doesn’t mean that DXN products are lacking in any way.

Trying to recruit family and friends to join: It’s advisable you know how to recruit people outside your family or friends if you want to succeed in any MLM.

Otherwise, you will end up bothering people close to you to join your business.

Approaching family and friends has ruined many relationships over the years. Whenever a family member or so-called friend tried to recruit me into a MLM and failed, our relationship moving forward was never quite the same.

Therefore, is there a better alternative to network marketing? Yes, there is.

Building your own online business is a better alternative. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to accomplish that.

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate The Best Platform For Building Your Online Business

Building Your Own Online Business Gives You Control

When you join a network marketing company, there is one very serious aspect no one thinks about.

The “done-for-you” website that the MLM company provides is the exact same website all the other associates are using.

You have no control over the content – the MLM uplines have control and they always will.

You cannot get free, organic traffic to your website because Google and the other search engines HATE “done-for-you” websites.

The search engines won’t rank this type of website at all.

This is HUGE!

This means you really don’t have control over your business because the main leverage for marketing, the website, really isn’t yours.

What You Need To Do Next:

OK…Here’s what you need to do next – It’s very simple:

First: STOP making excuses! The hard reality is if you don’t have enough money to create a better life for yourself and your family, you need to DO SOMETHING NOW.

Not tomorrow, not next week, or next month.

You need to take action NOW.

Second: Sign up for a FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate

Third: Get to work!

Why You Need To Do This:

You need to do this so you can give yourself and your family a better quality of life. 

No one is going to knock on your door and give you a way out of your money problems.

YOU have to participate in your own financial rescue.

It’s as simple as that. 

Here’s what you need to do:

Stop kidding yourself, telling yourself stories, and making excuse after excuse.

Start building your affiliate marketing business NOW, today, so you can radically change your finances tomorrow!

Talk Soon,


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