What Is Control Traders?

What Is Control Traders?

You are here reading this brief blog post because you want to know What Is Control Traders?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are the talk of the financial and digital world.

Lots of people from different parts of the world have made a fortune from investing in cryptocurrencies.

So it’s no surprise that many people want to tap into this trend and make a fortune for themselves as well.

Control Traders is a new platform in the crypto multi-level marketing niche that promises returns when you invest.

If you are looking for brief, accurate information on this platform before you decide, you have come to the right place.

What Is Control Traders and Who Owns It?

What Is Control Traders?

Control Traders is a cryptocurrency website.

On their website they outline the various businesses they’re involved with:, although there is no proof that they are doing so successfully:

  • Control Traders Cryptocurrency
  • Experienced Energy & Gas Provider
  • Over 20 Year’s In Forex
  • Fix & Flips Property’s
  • Cash Advance Small Business
  • Cannabis Products Manufacturer

Also, this site is not transparent about the owners.

There is no information regarding who is responsible for or running ControlTraders.

The domain name (controltraders.com) was privately registered on the 3rd of February 2020.

NOTE: You need to be suspicious of any MLM company that is not transparent about the owner or the people running it.

Also, I couldn’t find any information on YouTube or any of the social media sites to see who is exactly running Control Traders.

What The Heck Are They Smoking At Control Traders?

What Is Control Traders?

Aside from affiliate recruitment, my thought was that Control Traders has no retail product or service to offer.

Then I clicked on the “SHOP” tab at the top of the website.

I almost urinated on my pants!

It didn’t dawn on me that whoever owns this website would think people are really that stupid.

Look at the screenshot below:

What Is Control Traders?
What Is Control Traders?

Supposedly, the “membership plan” gives access to different digital marketing materials.

Look at these prices!

These jokers are selling ebooks from $300 dollars up to a whooping $5,000 dollars!


Are you kidding me?!

These are nothing more than Private Label Rights publications that the owner of Control Traders paid pennies for and is trying to sell them for a STUPID price.

What they’re trying to do here is unbelievable!

Between $300 to $5,000 dollars for a generic PLR publication?

I can prove how ridiculous this is:

For example, look at the ebook Control Traders is selling for $1,500 called “Bitcoin Rush.”

What Is Control Traders?

Below, here’s the website I found selling the SAME EBOOK!

What Is Control Traders?
What Is Control Traders?

Look at what they’re selling it for – A whopping $17 dollars!

What Is Control Traders?

This has SCAM all over it! Who takes a $17 PLR publication and tries to sell it for $1,500??

Whoever is running this website is delusional!

Do Control Traders Have A Compensation Plan?

What Is Control Traders?

To get returns in this scam, affiliates will have to invest between $300 – $10,000.

The so-called “Investment Packages” are as follows:

  • Beginner – Receive $12 every week for 52 weeks when you invest $300
  • Entrepreneur – Receive $20 every week for 52 weeks when you invest $500
  • Executive – Receive $60 every week for 52 weeks when you invest $1500
  • Gold – Receive $120 every week for 52 weeks when you invest $3000
  • Premium – Receive $250 every week for 52 weeks when you invest $5000
  • Challenger – Receive $500 every week for 52 weeks when you invest $10,000

Members are paid commissions when they refer people to invest.

The platform uses a unilevel compensation plan structure to pay recruitment commissions.

In this payment structure, an affiliate is placed at the top of the team, and every member they recruit personally is placed directly under them.

These affiliates are placed in level 1. Affiliates recruited by level 1 are placed in level 2 of the original affiliate’s team.

The same goes for levels 3, 4, 5, and so on. There is no limit. However, the platform caps payment at level 5.

Commissions for recruitment are paid as a percentage of money invested across level 1 to 5:

  • Earn 20% from level 1
  • Earn 5% from level 2
  • Earn 3% from level 3
  • Earn 2% from level 4
  • Earn 1% from level 5

What Is The Registration Cost

To be a member of this platform, you will have to purchase the membership package between $300 – $10,000.

My hope is that you absolutely do no such thing!

My Verdict

What Is Control Traders?

Control Traders is a shameless, flat out SCAM.

The platform claims they regenerate revenue to pay investors from trading, but we all know that is false.

Selling $3 to $5 dollar PLR ebooks that anyone can buy and rebrand as their own for $300 – $5,000 dollars is flat-out criminal.

Control Traders operate as a Ponzi; they use money from new investors to pay existing investors.

This platform will eventually collapse when recruitment/investments slow down, and investors will lose their money.

Whoever is running this Ponzi scheme, they don’t want to have their name attached to it because they don’t want to be held accountable.

It’s so blatantly obvious.

If you don’t want to lose your hard-earned cash, I strongly advise you to stay away from this platform.

Control Traders is similar to other scams I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

What You Need To Do Next

As a matter of fact, what I strongly suggest is that you stop relying on the pyramid schemes of unknown scammers and build your own online business.

The moment you come to understand that you’re going to have to participate in your own financial rescue, the sooner you can start making real progress toward financial freedom.

The days are gone when you can just throw money at a business and see what sticks!

You MUST build a online presence by leveraging the power of the internet.

My #1 recommendation is the best possible way I know of doing this.

Especially if you have no prior experience in internet marketing.

If you follow directions, you can’t fail with this platform.

Click on the banner below and start your FREE account TODAY!

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