What Is CashOG – A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

  • Are you wondering What Is CashOg?
  • Can you really make $500 on your first day with CashOG?
What Is CashOG - A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Some of you are here reading this post because you want to know What Is CashOG?

Can you really earn $25 just for signing and $10 more for each referral?

You’re here wondering What Is CashOG? Can you really make money with CashOG?

These promises made on this website seem too good to be true. 

Also, let me say this:

The letters “OG” in street language stand for “Original Gansta” or “Original Gangster”.

Similarly, I have NO IDEA why they called this business “CashOG”.

Were “the owners” trying to be hip to connect with young people, or is there some other reason?

Also, another question is How does CashOG make any money if they are giving so much away?

Let’s have a closer look at how CashOG works.

What Is CashOG – A Pimp Slap To Your Wallet

What Is CashOG - A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?
  • Product Name: Cash OG
  • Website Claim: Make $500 Today!
  • Product Type: Earn money online by completing offers, referring friends, and completing tasks.
  • Who Is This For? This is marketed towards young people and older ones who don’t know any better…
  • Price: Free – But must pay to complete offers
  • Do I Recommend This? Absolutely Not! 

What Is CashOG and How Do They Make Money

CashOG makes the following claims:

  • they will give you $25 just for signing up 
  • $2 more when someone clicks on your referral link. 
  • you will get $10 when one of your referrals signs up.
  • $50 if you make a testimonial video promoting CashOG.

Does this easy money seem too good to be true?

That’s because it is.

What they do is offer cash incentives for completing tasks. 

These tasks include signing up for other companies’ products.

However, here’s the catch: YOU will pay for the products and they will profit from it.

What CashOG is doing is tricking people into signing up for a website that never pays you.

What is really appalling is the same template or website design that’s used for CashOG.co is used for the websites I’ve listed below.

There are more “cloned” websites I didn’t list here but some of them are:

Apparently, the plan of these scammers was to create multiple websites similar in nature in order to pimp-slap as many wallets as possible.

These heartless individuals don’t care about your personal circumstances – they just want your money!

Is CashOG A Scam Or Legit?

CashOG definitely has a shady business practice. 

Actually, it’s a flat-out SCAM!

They pretend to offer a lot of cash for doing little work.

There have been hundreds of reviews saying they never payout, 

Many have complained that they only send you a verification that you have been paid, not REAL money.

Here is a fact you need to keep in mind:

You can ALWAYS tell the legitimacy of a so-called “business opportunity” by the reviews.

If a business opportunity has FAKE reviews, then it’s a SCAM.

If the business opportunity has real, verifiable reviews, it’s LEGIT.

What Is CashOG – A Platform With Fake Reviews

FAKE Testimonial #1

What Is CashOG - A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Another FAKE Review: #2

More FAKE Testimonials #3: Here is “Ambria N.” giving a glowing recommendation for CashOG.co

What Is CashOG - A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Well, she also goes by the name of “Christina Richards”!

What Is CashOG - A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Fake, phony and frauds! I’m sure you get the point!

I guarantee you, I could find more FAKE testimonials from this site!

Likewise, let me ask you this:

Do you like being lied to?

I HATE it.

Therefore, how can you possibly trust a website that can’t tell the truth?

How can you trust a so-called “business opportunity” that won’t

I can’t do it.

Another issue is websites like these have absolutely no support.

None. Nothing.

It gets better.

The email address that wasassociated with CashOG.co is non-existent.

What kind of a company gives out a non-existent email address to its members?

Therefore, what this means is these people have no intention whatsoever of communicating with you.

They don’t want to hear from you.

Furthermore, they do not want to reply to any of your questions.

They truly don’t care.

How on earth can you trust such a program?

Gettin’ Jiggy With Their Facebook Page

Here is another warning: Don’t let them trick you with their Facebook page

Whoever owns CashOG put in some effort and tried to create a Facebook page that looks legit.

However, even on their Facebook page, people from all over the world who signed up for this hot mess have been SCAMMED!

Need more proof? Take a look at these comments from the CashOG comments on their Facebook page:

What Is CashOG - A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?
What Is CashOG - A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?
What Is CashOG - A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?
What Is CashOG - A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?
What Is CashOG - A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?
What Is CashOG - A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

This is just a small example of the individuals who signed up for this SCAM and are unable to get paid.

Similarly, CashOG even went the distance and posted some bogus proofs of payment.

Don’t be fooled by any FAKE proofs of payment you see on their Facebook page!

What Is CashOG – Here Are The Facts

  • CashOG is a scam
  • without a doubt, they have no intention to pay you anything.
  • they are going to make the entire process very difficult for you
  • you will go around in endless circles and then more circles to try to get your money
  • you will have to complete various tasks you don’t want to complete
  • they will insist you fill out endless forms you don’t want to fill out
  • they want you to click on advertisements where you have to spend money with the hope of getting your cash-out
  • even after all this, they will still not pay you.
  • no matter how often you try to communicate with the admins, they will either ignore you or close down your account
  • eventually, they WILL take down that website and create a new website with a different domain name and start the SCAM all over again!

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The decision is yours to make, my friend!

Do you continue to bounce around from SCAM to SCAM, getting your wallet pimp slapped and emptied…

Do you continue feeling frustrated, humiliated, and still flat BROKE?

Or will you make the decision that will allow you to eventually quit your day job and live life on your terms?

The Choice Is Yours!

Talk Soon,


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4 thoughts on “What Is CashOG – A Gansta Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?”

  1. Hello Howard, Thanks for sharing another great review. 

    I am very glad for this opportunity of coming through another great work from one of my mentors on this platform. 

    I really appreciate your honest review of CashOG. 

    Honestly, I think that whatever platforms are out there, proper research is necessary to make your decisions.

  2. Wow! What a reassuring post?! 

    I appreciate how forward, blunt, and objective you are in this review, not to mention how you potentially save anyone who was considering utilizing CashOG. 

    Very convenient, helpful, and effective.

    I would love to hear more about potential scams as well as other opportunities that support passive income.

    • Thank You for your kind and insightful comments…

      I will continue to point out online programs that are scams and legit so that people don’t get “GOT” by online scammers.

      Talk Soon,



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