What Is BitpaxOSGlobal And Can This Make You Money?

What Is BitpaxOSGlobal And Can This Make You Money?

You are here because you want to know What Is BitpaxOSGlobal, is it legit, and can it make you money.

Most of you are aware of the fact that there are many fake businesses these days, and it is hard finding one that is 100% genuine.

A lot of scammers take advantage of the fact that people are gravitating to online businesses as a means to earn more money.

They are always creating new, flashy “shiny objects” to lure in unsuspecting people.

This article will be reviewing BitpaxOSGlobal, what the company is, its products, membership fee, and compensation plan.

What Is BitpaxOSGlobal – Overview

I am absolutely positive that by the time you read this review, the domain bitpaxosglobal.com will probably not work anymore.

This is the nature of these cryptocurrency schemes.

The same scammers will set up a website, make thousands of dollars from gullible people, then disappear and start a new scam.

It’s rince and repeat with these twisted individuals.

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Very Little Information On The Company

At first glance, the company seems like any other regular one, but you begin to see several loopholes that make you question the company’s existence once you take a closer look.

The truth is that BitpaxOSGlobal is an unregulated cryptocurrency investment company.

A major problem with unregulated investment companies is that they are terribly unreliable and are notorious for abusing government regulations.

BitpaxOSGlobal has an official website, with a domain registered on March 23rd, 2020.

However, the website has zero information about the company’s executives.

Absolutely nothing.

It is said that Bitlearn LTD owns BitpaxOSGlobal with its address situated somewhere in Brooklyn, New York.

The problem here is that Bitlearn collapsed in 2018.

Bitlearn was a Ponzi scheme that was a scam and collapsed in 2018; it was operated by individuals whose identities are unknown.

However, it is still not clear if the same people who operated Bitlearn LTD have any dealings with BitpaxOSGlobal.

No Available Retail Products Exist

BitpaxOSGlobal does not offer its customers any tangible retail service or product.

The only available “product” is with affiliates marketing BitpaxOSGlobal affiliate memberships to new members.

When a company’s only source of revenue is sign-up fees from new distributors, that has all of the makings of a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme.

Compensation Plan: The Only Source Of Revenue Are New Member Fees And Membership Cost

All registered members must invest in several compensation plans for them to earn.

The only source of revenue for BitpaxOSGlobal is money coming in from investment fees and new members fees.

Although they pay a referral commission, the major earning platform is through investment. The four plans available include:

  • Invest $100 or more and after 24 hours get 104% ROI
  • If you Invest $500 or more and after 24 hours get 107% ROI
  • Invest $1,500 or more and after 24 hours get 130% ROI
  • Invest $5,000 or more and after 60 minutes get 110% ROI
  • You also receive a 10% payment for each referral on level 1 and 5% on those on level 2.

What is the membership cost to join BitpaxOSGlobal?

You need to invest a minimum of $100 to join the company.

BitpaxOSGlobal ROI Claims Are Unrealistic

What Is BitpaxOSGlobal And Can This Make You Money?

Although the company has several transparency issues, they seem to hold onto the claim that they are 100% legit.

Genuine businesses need to provide for their non-affiliated members, and BitpaxOSGlobal claims to do so through bitcoin mining.

There is no evidence to back up their bitcoin mining claim, so how can we believe them?

Furthermore, the ROI they generate is too good to be true. A 110% ROI on a $1,500 investment is a lot of money.

If BitpaxOSGlobal’s owner was capable of generating a consistent 110% return on investment (ROI) every hour, there’s no logical reason why they would need your money!

The Makings Of A Ponzi Scheme

They use their enticing offers to get new affiliates to invest in paying off old members. That is a huge red flag because that would make BitpaxOSGlobal a Ponzi scheme.

If new investment is the only source of revenue entering BitpaxOSGlobal, then the company is a Ponzi scheme.

A Ponzi scheme is when any multi-level marketing company uses newly invested funds as the only means to pay existing affiliates.

Eventually, what always happens is as new affiliate recruitment dries up, so will the new investment dry up.

At some point, BitpaxOSGlobal will lack the consistent revenue it needs to continue functioning and will eventually collapse.

As with all Ponzi schemes, when they collapse, and they eventually do, the people who invested their hard-earned money will lose it.

Stay away from BitpaxOSGlobal. It’s a SCAM and not a legit business opportunity.

There are other legitimate businesses out there for you to explore. The legal ones are self-sustaining, so you have nothing to fear.

BitpaxOSGlobal is similar to other programs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

You Are Going To Have To Participate In Your Own Financial Rescue

The reason why so-called programs like BitpaxOSGlobal appeal to people is you just pay other people to invest money for you while you sit back and do nothing.

People want to make money without having to work for it.

Too many people have the wrong idea that the internet is some mysterious ATM machine you can manipulate whenever you need money.

Scammers are aware of this and that’s why SCAMS proliferate the internet.

What many fail to realize is scammers are aware of human psychology…They know that they can shut down one scam website, start another one and continue to steal money from people because people are LAZY by nature.

All the have to do is appeal to your emotions to have you racing for your credit card!

That’s not how making money online works.

I’m here to tell you that if you want to create a life-changing income for yourself and your family, you’re going to have to participate in your own financial rescue.

You’re going to have to partner with a LEGIT online platform and learn how to make money online for yourself the correct way.

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