What Is BitBox Social – Is This Another Bitcoin Scam?

What Is BitBox Social - Is This Another Bitcoin Scam?

You are here because you want to know What Is BitBox Social and if you can you make money with this platform?

Welcome to this brief review of BitBox Social.

I noticed this company has appeared in a series of ads in recent times about ad credits.

Due to this, I decided to check it out.

There is every reason to believe you are here to find out whether this company is actually genuine or not before investing your time and money.

The good news is you will be provided with the facts about BitBox Social.

Ensure to read every detail of this brief post from beginning to end.

What Is BitBox Social – Who Are The Owners?

The first thing you will notice on this company’s website is that there is no information about its owners.

After some investigating, I discovered it was founded in the month of March 2020 with the domain bitboxsocial.com.

It was on the same day that bitboxsocial.net also got registered.

Also, information on its social media accounts is lacking.

This is quite suspicious and a HUGE red flag.

Products of BitBox Social

This company sells advertisement spaces on its site. People can purchase packages that suit their needs.

  • Pro Display Ad – This is a $50 text box ad and can run for 5 days
  • Pro Login Ad – This is a $497 24-hour login ad
  • Premium display banners – Price isn’t disclosed

Bitcoin is the only payment method accepted by this company despite the prices being shown in USD.

Compensation Plan for BitBox Social

Commissions are paid to customers who purchase ads. The same also goes for sponsoring new affiliates.

10% of such commissions will be held by the company. This can only be used for advertising.

Referral Commissions For BitBox Social

Residual commissions are paid via a compensation plan (unilevel).

This is proof that there is a multi-level marketing component to BitBox Social.

However, commission rates aren’t disclosed.

When I did a search on YouTube, I discovered that affiliates are using the claims made on the site without any fact-checking.

Up to this point, BitBox Social is not very transparent and seems it has a lot to hide.

Regarding the ads, you will earn commissions of around $10 for viewing about 60 ads.

The viewing time for each ad is 7 seconds. It is referred to as Work Bonus. Other affiliates of BitBox Social can get Unclaimed Work Bonuses in the form of Extra Bonuses.

Loyalty Credits And Membership Cost

Whenever a $50 Pro Display Ad is purchased, you can generate loyalty credits which are promised to give you an ROI (Return On Investment) in 120 days.

In order to become an affiliate of BitBox Social, you will need to spend up to $99.

The requirement is that you have to pay it in Bitcoin.

What Are My Concluding Thoughts On BitBox Social?

What Is BitBox Social - Is This Another Bitcoin Scam?

The truth about BitBox Social is based on analyzed facts.

What BitBox Social is in reality a simple ad credit Ponzi scheme.

The first is that the company is being managed by some nameless, faceless individuals.

When owners are not revealed, 100% of the time it means something suspicious is going on.

These so-called Loyalty Credits that supposedly generate a return over 120 days are paid out of newly invested funds, not from the sale of retail products to the public.

When owners are not revealed, 100% of the time it means something suspicious is going on.

When affiliates are expected to purchase more than the customers, more and more it looks like a Ponzi scheme.

BitBox Social Is Not Legit

Companies like these are being sued by Security and Exchange Commission, the problem is government agencies like the SEC are slow to catch up to scammers.

Actually, BibBox Social is similar to other SCAM programs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

The problem is in order to conduct business legally, BitBox Social has to be recognized by a financial regulator.

Also, another problem is its compensation plans don’t provide any relevant information on its website.

The bottom line is that the existence of this company depends on recruitment and incoming money from new affiliates, which is the foundation of a Ponzi scheme.

Anything short of this will go extinct. This is not worth your time.

However, there’s one issue I need to address…

You’re reading this post because you’re trying to find a way to make money online.

The problem is this: SCAM programs like BitBox social saturate the internet.

These cockroach scammers take advantage of people who they know are either too lazy or too reluctant to do the work necessary to create a five, six or seven-figure income.

Here is an indisputable fact:

If you want to make a life-changing income, the kind of income that can provide you with a dynamic life filled with wonderful choices, you are going to have to learn how to leverage the power of the internet.

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