What is Better Planet Paper – Is This Legit Or Flush​ It?

What is Better Planet Paper - Is This Legit Or Flush​ It?

In this environmentally conscious society, people are asking What Is Better Planet Paper and can you make money promoting this company?

People are asking because “Everybody wipes their butt every day,” which is an interesting line I’m sure you may have heard before.

Now picture trying to sell something like toilet paper, and you need to make this product appealing to potential customers.

Can you actually make money from people wiping their butt?

That’s the aim of Better Planet Paper.

I’m sure you’re reading this post because you’re wondering What Is Better Planet Paper?

In this brief Better Planet Paper review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this platform.

Continue reading to know about this opportunity.

What Is Better Planet Paper – About The Company

Better Paper Planet is an MLM company created by Scott Kufus in April 2018.

The company headquarters is in Florida, and they are into the sales of environmental-friendly toilet paper.

Currently, environmental preservation and protection is a hot topic, and this company is working with some profit and non-profit organizations to plant trees in order to preserve the environment.

What Better Planet Paper do is sell environmental-friendly toilet paper.

Anytime someone places an order for toilet paper, Better Planet Paper will plant trees.

Registration is done online via the company site and you will receive toilet paper every month at discounted prices.

Why Is This Offer Interesting?

Given the current discussions on keeping the environment safe and healthy, it’s amazing knowing that you are playing your part or contributing to having trees planted when you buy toilet paper online.

Everyone wins, the toilet paper you get is environmental-friendly, and planting trees can help restore the environment.

How It Works

What is Better Planet Paper - Is This Legit Or Flush​ It?

To get started, three things are required of you. They include:

Becoming a customer – You can sign up through a representative or online. You would purchase produces according to your consumption every month. Two new trees will be planted as a customer.

Becoming a member – You can make money when you get others to join if you become a member. When you become a member, two trees will be planted by the company.

Get three people to join – When you get at least 3 people to join this platform, 8 trees will be planted and you will not be charged for your monthly order of toilet paper (free).

What if you are interested in going further and making decent money? Follow the steps below to know how to earn on this platform.

$50 per month gift card – when you recruit people and you help them to recruit three people, 26 trees will be planted and you will qualify for the monthly gift card of $50.

$100 monthly – You will receive $100 every month and 70 trees will be planted if you assist 3 of your recruits to qualify for their monthly gift card of $50.

$400 monthly – the company will plant 240 trees and you will make $400 monthly if you help 3 people qualify to earn $100 monthly.

Having at least 5 or more active affiliates or retail customers qualifies you to receive commissions.

What’s Amazing About This

You may fall into the temptation of joining this platform because of the following reasons:

  • Free shipment of products
  • Everyone needs this product
  • Trees are planted when you buy the products

These reasons are good enough to make you want to promote and sell this product; however, at the back of your find that it may be difficult for this product to compete with the cheaper prices in the supermarkets and other online outlets.

Better Planet Paper shares some similarities to other MLMs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Better Planet Paper Uses The MLM Business Model

I hope you know that this business opportunity is an MLM (multi-level marketing) business model.

Thus, you will have to buy products to begin, and bring people to join.

Bringing people to join will grant you a free monthly supply of toilet paper. Aside from asking your friends to join, you will have to assist them in finding people to join.

Before you dive into this opportunity, here are some things you should know:

Environmentally Friendly

All toilet papers are biodegradable. The only difference between this toilet paper and others is that trees are planted anytime you make a purchase.

Expensive Products

The difference in price is huge when the price of Better Planet Paper is compared with the average cost of 24 rolls of toilet paper.

At the time of this writing, at Walmart, 24 rolls of toilet paper cost $20.97 (price on their site, excluding shipping or tax).

24 rolls of Better Planet paper costs $36 – this may include shipping or not, but the price difference is high.

You will have to recruit three people to make $400 USD per month.

It doesn’t stop there; you will have to help your 3 recruits to recruit three more people.

You also need to help your recruits qualify for the $100 USD monthly payment and also help them in helping their recruits qualify for the gift card of $50.

The site did not state clearly where the $50 gift card can be used.

Nonetheless, It’s clear that making money with the multi-level marketing business model is extremely difficult for the average person.

Why Making Money With MLMs Is Difficult.

Generally, the fault in MLMs is the model of business.

The way it is designed, people at the bottom of the chain do most of the work and receive little payment for their efforts while people up the chain earn more and receive a percentage of the earnings from the people below.

The incentives offered by Better Planet Paper are gift cards worth $50, $100, and $400 depending on the 3 people that join.

Better Planet Paper did a good job in making their deal interesting enough for people to join; the more you buy their products and bring people to join, the more they plant trees to save the environment.

The owners knew that these products would appeal to the environmentally conscious as well as the environmental fanatics.

The Multi-Level Marketing Business Model Has Big Problems

After an exhaustive study of over 300 MLMs, The Consumer Awareness Institute found that 99% of people who join multi-level marketing companies lose money.

That applies to ALL MLMs, the best and the worst companies.

Do you understand what that means? If you join an MLM organization you only have a 1% chance of not losing money.

I don’t find those statistics very encouraging when it comes to joining an MLM.

Here are some additional hard facts you need to consider before joining ANY multi-level marketing business:

Additional MLM Facts To Be Aware Of

  • 99%: According to the Consumer Awareness Institute this is the number of all MLM participants who lose money
  • You are 38%: more likely of making money with your own small, home-based business than by joining an MLM
  • There is a 10% – 20% higher rate of making a profit with an online business than it joining an MLM
  • You would have a 300 times higher chance of winning a game of roulette in Las Vegas from 1 single spin of the wheel than you would making a profit with an MLM
  • 47%: The number of participants who flat-out lose money according to the AARP Foundation
  • 27%: the percentage of people who make no money whatsoever in an MLM – AARP Foundation
  • 26%: The meager amount of people who actually earn a profit participating in MLMs’
  • 53%: This is the percentage of MLM participants who earn less than $5000 a year
  • 39%: the number of people who QUIT MLM’s because trying to sell services and products to family and friends damaged their relationships
  • 50%: Percentage of MLM reps who quit within 1 year after joining
  • 95%: The respective number of reps who quit within 10 years
  • 75%: The number of people who have participated and left an MLM and state that they would never join another MLM in their life
  • 1,049: The number of MLM reps who make less than 70 cents an hour according to a 2018 poll of MLM reps representing various companies
  • 20%: of people involved with MLMs never made a sale
  • 60%: percentage of people involved with MLMs earned less than $500 within the last 5 years of joining
  • 32% of people involved with MLMs financed their MLM “business” by getting into credit card debt


References for the above facts are from the following sources:

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