What Is BAASCorp – Make Big Money Or All Hype?

What Is BAASCorp - Make Big Money Or All Hype?

No need to wonder What Is BAASCorp and can you make money with this platform?

If you’re looking for a brief review of the history, products, and compensation structure offered by BAASCorp, you’ve come to the right place.

BAASCorp is one of the latest entrants to the cryptocurrency MLM niche. In this review, we’ll be looking into whether this company is worth your time and effort.

Has anyone recently approached you with a passive income opportunity that offers daily returns exceeding 4%?

With claims like that, it’s good that you’re here researching the company.

What Is BAASCorp – Company Review

Going through their website offers zero information on who is managing or operating the company.

There’s zero information regarding the executive management of the company. Zero. Absolutely nothing.

The domain ‘baascorp.com’ appears to have been registered on Nov 15, 2019.

This website was last updated on Dec 2, 2019.

Its website claims that they are Japan’s leading Blockchain investment platform.

While the website does contain an address, I strongly feel that it’s a fake one.

I went through their Alexa traffic stats. While it’s not entirely accurate, it does give you a general indication of their traffic.

The data here reveals that 21% of their traffic is from the US, 8% from Vietnam, and 7% from Canada.

When companies provide no information regarding the people behind them, that’s a huge red flag you cannot afford to ignore.

BAASCorp Products

The company has not provided much information regarding the services or products offered by them.

Here’s the official description of the company’s services/products that we found on the website.

“BAASCorp blockchain applications are purpose-built and ready to use so you can improve business processes all across the value chain. Using BAASCorp’s blockchain applications you can improve and verify product quality, speed product delivery, execute contracts easily, and improve customer satisfaction.”

It’s a really vague statement that provides no meaningful information regarding the actual activities of the company.

When I researched them a bit more, I realized that they weren’t selling any services or products to customers.

They only allow you to make investments in the company and join their affiliate program.

People can refer others to the company, encourage them to make investments, and pocket commissions based on these investments.

Let’s look at BAASCorp’s compensation plan now.

BAASCorp Compensation Plan

A BAASCorp affiliate can invest Bitcoin in the company, which has promised to pay out the following advertised returns:

  • Basic – Make an investment between $50 – $500 to earn 2% per day for a total period of 150 days.
  • Standard – Make an investment between $1000 – $5000 to earn 3% per day for a total period of 100 days.
  • Premium – Make an investment between $10000 – $50000 to earn 4% per day for a total period of 100 days.

Returns can be withdrawn on all working days.

Referral Commissions

Referral commissions are paid out by BAASCorp based on a uni-level compensation plan structure.

Uni-level compensation plans have the affiliate seated at the apex of a uni-level team. Every affiliate they’ve personally sponsored into the company from the first level (Level 1).

When Level 1 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they form the uni-level team’s second level (Level 2).

When Level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they form the uni-level team’s third level (Level 3).

This can be carried on for a total of 7 levels, after which the team gets capped

Here’s the percentage of commission you can make on your downline’s total invested funds:

  • Level 1 (Affiliates personally sponsored by you) – A commission of 15% if you’ve sponsored over 10 affiliates, and 10% if otherwise.
  • Level 2 – A commission of 7%.
  • Level 3 – A commission of 5%
  • Level 4 – A commission of 4%
  • Level 5 – A commission of 3%
  • Level 6 – A commission of 2%
  • Level 7 – A commission of 1%

Squad Income

This is the monthly bonus you get for your affiliate sponsoring efforts and is valid for 6 levels:

  • A downline of at least 100 affiliates earns you a monthly bonus of $100.
  • If you have a downline of at least 200 affiliates earns you a monthly bonus of $250.
  • A downline of at least 300 affiliates earns you a monthly bonus of $500.
  • Your downline of at least 500 affiliates earns you a monthly bonus of $1000.
  • A downline of at least 1000 affiliates earns you a monthly bonus of $3000.
  • Having a downline of at least 1500 affiliates earns you a monthly bonus of $5000.
  • A downline of at least 2500 affiliates earns you a monthly bonus of $10,000.

Do note that the squad income only counts affiliates in the first 6 uni-level team levels.

These payments tend to be made for a period of 12 months at every tier.

Cost of Joining BAASCorp

You actually don’t need to pay anything to get their affiliate membership.

However, you do need to invest a minimum of $50 if you want to start taking advantage of their investment opportunities.

All withdrawals and deposits are made in BTC.

Update November 2020

I have said this hundreds of times before: Ponzi schemes and Pyramid schemes never last and those involved except for the dishonest few at the top, lose all of their money.

The BAASCorp website has been removed. None of the URLs work.

What you now see is the following image:

What Is BAASCorp - Is It The Right Platform For You?

It’s no surprise – many of these cryptocurrency multi-level marketing platforms are set up for one reason: to steal as much money as they can as quickly as possible, and then they completely disappear.

Final Verdict – Is BAASCorp A Scam?

Is BAASCorp a scam then?

Let’s take a look at the facts.

There’s no transparency regarding who is managing this company. Nobody has any clue about who owns it.

What can you do if something goes wrong?

Next, they don’t sell any services or products. The FTC considers all such companies to be pyramid schemes.

Additionally, they’re promising ridiculously high returns on investment. Since their website users are mostly located in Canada and the US, you’d think they’re registered with the CSI and/or SEC, right?

Nope, not at all.

What does that tell us?

Nothing good.

Is BAASCorp A Pyramid Or A Ponzi?

This is a pyramid scheme, no doubt about it.

There’s only one verified income stream this company has, so far as I can tell, which is paying existing members using the investments made by new members.

In that case, it would also make BAASCorp a Ponzi scheme.

We now know why the management is anonymous.

After the owners have made a killing in investments, they’ll simply stop everything and vanish overnight.

It’s a waste of time and resources.

Just stay away from it, that’s my recommendation.

BAASCorp is similar to other scam programs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

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