What Is AZ Sniper About – Big Money Or Big Lies?

What Is AZ Sniper About - Big Money Or Big Lies?

What is AZ Sniper About? Is it a Scam or is it Legit? Can you make money with this program?

When I immediately looked at the above screenshot, I said to myself “I’ve seen this woman before…”

Fortunately, AZ Sniper is no longer available because it was a crappy product.

AZ Sniper was a SCAM product with fake testimonials.

So why is this of importance to YOU?

It’s important because you need to know how scammers operate and what to look for. If you don’t know what to look for, you’ll lose your hard-earned money.

The only ones who made money with this were the people who owned it.

Welcome to my AZ Sniper Review.

AZ Sniper Review

  • Name: AZ Sniper (aka Amazon Sniper)
  • Price: $37 + Multiple Upsells
  • Owner: Stephen Ford
  • My Overall Rating: 1/10
  • Would I Recommend This Program: Absolutely NOT

The letters “AZ” refer to Amazon.

AZ Sniper was a system that claimed to help you to earn around $1500 per day by using Amazon.

Whenever I see products like these, I’m always on guard against inflated promises and unrealistic income claims.

AZ Sniper was nothing like my #1 recommended way to learn how to make money online.

Wild Claims of Fast Money

The sales page of AZ Sniper claimed you could make up to $1,500 each day.

Immediately red flags started to go up in my mind.

First of all, AZ Sniper is a Clickbank product.

When you’re reviewing a Clickbank product, you really have to do your research, because of the high number of low-quality “programs” and outright SCAMS that populate Clickbank.

Dishonest marketers set up these bogus products for the sole purpose of taking advantage of inexperienced people who are looking for an online business opportunity.

Clickbank is littered with products and systems making wild claims about the amount of money you can earn.

AZ Sniper insists with a measly investment of just $37, you can quickly and easily start making up to $1,500 a day.

This is a ridiculous claim!

The only people who were really making money with this garbage were the owners of this junk program.

They are becoming wealthy at the expense of YOU – sincere people who want an honest way to earn money online.

By reading this post you are doing your due diligence so you don’t fall for the lies and misrepresentations of online scammers moving forward.

You are like thousands of others who are looking for a legitimate way to make money online.

You don’t want to fall for a SCAM, waste your time, and waste your hard-earned money.

The truth is AZ Sniper isn’t such a great system as it makes it out to be in the sales video.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of products online similar to this.

I know what to look for when evaluating these exaggerated claims of making easy money with very little work.

Here Come The Upsells

When you do pay up your hard-earned $37, you will surely be greeted with a lot of upsells.

The upsells will try to convince you that these “upgrades” are needed to be successful.

Therefore, your initial “investment” of $37 will be more in the $300 – $400 range if you want the complete courses.

I have the proof right here:

What Is AZ Sniper About - Big Money Or Big Lies?

The affiliate page claims that you can make an “average” of $287 per sale if you promote this product.

The ONLY possible way an affiliate of this product can make $278 per sale is through multiple upsells.

The “owner” will try to convince inexperienced people that in order to be really become successful with this product you need to spend more than your initial $37!

A legitimate platform that teaches people how to make money online will have everything a person needs to build a successful affiliate marketing business all on the same website.

Don’t Be Pressured To Buy Upsells

A legit platform will never blindside its customers by constantly bombarding them with upsell after annoying upsell.

You should never be pressured to pay extra money that you were not expecting to pay.

With my #1 recommendation, everything you need to build your business is included.

NO upsells, NO surprises whatsoever.

You can also create your FREE Wealthy Affiliate account!

That allows you to try the platform FREE to get familiar with what’s involved in building an affiliate marketing business.

Fake Owner – Who Is Stephen Ford?

What Is AZ Sniper About - Big Money Or Big Lies?

We don’t know who he is. We don’t have a clue!

The statement above in the sales video is all the information you are given about the so-called “owner”.

The voice of the video said he is Steven Ford.

We have no images of this guy…Nothing.

This is all you will find out about the owner. I doubt he even exists.

He talks briefly about his life story, being in massive debt and having no job, then miraculously finding out how to make money from his teenage nephew.

Steven Ford wants to “show” us the “secret” system but won’t show himself to take credit for his work.

It’s obvious the real “founder” is hiding his, or her, identity.

Why should I trust somebody’s so-called “system” who doesn’t want to show himself?

The real founder is hiding.

Uh Oh! More Shenanigans and Malarkey

What Is AZ Sniper About - Big Money Or Big Lies?

See this guy above?

He’s in the sales video giving a “testimonial” about how he’s making $1,500 every single day online from AZ Sniper.

However…There’s a problem.

This same dude was giving another so-called “testimonial” for a Clickbank product I reviewed called AZ Formula.

The AZ Formula is fake from top to bottom. Here he is pitching for AZ Formula below.

What Is AZ Sniper About - Big Money Or Big Lies?
FAKE Testimonials, FAKE Product, FAKE Results!

But Wait! It gets even better!

Here’s our “online testimonial dude” again.

He’s letting us know how much his life has changed from using another lousy Clickbank product, this one called AD Formula.

Apparently, between shooting “testimonials” for AZ Sniper and AD Formula he decided not to change his shirt and use the same location.

What Is AZ Sniper About - Big Money Or Big Lies?
FAKE Testimonial For AD Formula

Apparently, hiring this guy from Fiverr is the way to go if you want a really “realistic” testimonial for your make money online “product”.

Why is he freelancing on Fiverr spreading around FAKE testimonials like bad peanut butter?

He is supposedly making $4,500 a week from AZ Sniper, AZ Formula, and AD Formula?

All the above bought and paid for testimonials are 100% FAKE – All performed by this guy from Fiverr:                 

What Is AZ Sniper About - Big Money Or Big Lies?

Here’s Another Example

Below was the first “testimonial” from AZ Sniper you would see when you watched the sales video.

This lady is very convincing telling us how she’s made $64,890 in six weeks using AZ Sniper!

What Is AZ Sniper About - Big Money Or Big Lies?

That is the biggest load of crap I’ve heard of in a long time.

Well, I guess $64,890 in six weeks doesn’t go far these days.

She’s on Fiverr selling FAKE “testimonials” for SCAM products to entice inexperienced people to buy this garbage.

This particular Fiverr actor has done hundreds of bogus reviews for hundreds of products just like the one she did for AZ Sniper.

These actors have appeared in other scam videos like AD Formula, The Ecom Formula, and 30 Minute Money Methods.

Here’s her Fiverr profile below.

I guess the fake testimonial business is doing really well! She even has her own studio!

What Is AZ Sniper About - Big Money Or Big Lies?

How Did AZ Sniper Work?

AZ Sniper was a Clickbank product, and as with most Clickbank products, It does not work as advertised. 

Like many other product owners who want to make a quick buck, they tell you what you want to hear.

“It is simple to set up”, no experience required”, “no skills needed”, “in just a few clicks” and the lies go on.

AZ Sniper is similar to other programs I’ve reviewed such as:

After that, you need to drive traffic to your site with the hopes of getting visitors who will actually read your content and actually buy what you have to offer.

You get 3 PDF Guides with AZ Sniper: The Amazon Affiliate Beginners Guide, AZ Sniper X, and AZ Sniper Plus.

Amazon Affiliate Beginners Guide

The “Amazon Affiliate Beginners Guide” is a PDF guide with 21 pages and includes the following topics:

  • Niche selection and Amazon evergreen niches
  • Tools used for Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
  • How to set up your site –  domain, hosting, themes, and plugins installation
  • Information on content writing and formatting for your site

The Beginners Guide is only 21 pages long and is basic information that’s not very detailed, so you’re not getting much from the main guide.

AZ Sniper X

This “AZ Sniper X” guide helps you to install the AZ Sniper theme.

This part includes two main things which are the AZ Sniper Instruction and AZ Sniper Theme.

This guide will help you how to install their theme and customize it properly.

AZ Sniper Plus

The “AZ Sniper Plus” guide shows how to get traffic to your site using YouTube videos. 

It is a 38 page long PDF guide that shows how to use YouTube as a traffic source along with Google.

The fact that there are no videos in any of the instructions is very disappointing.

Legit online programs today include video instruction.

If you don’t like to read, you are not going to enjoy going through these PDF guides.

What AZ Sniper is teaching is basic affiliate marketing using the Amazon platform and Amazon products.

For your $37 investment, you get basic training on affiliate marketing and how to do it using Amazon products.

Will You Pay More Than $37?

By the way – what about that $37 dollar initial payment?

You will probably pay much more than $37. 

You are asked to buy a domain, hosting, and other “necessary” items to get your business started.

When you get to the page where you provide your billing information the total cost for this package could exceed over $100.

If you buy the domain and hosting from AZ Sniper, they will make a commission from this.

That’s it. This is not some groundbreaking product that the sales video makes it out to be.

Nothing at all that would set this product apart from what you can get for free off of a couple of YouTube videos or Google searches.

They make it sound so simple – like you are getting a complete system on autopilot, which you are NOT.

All you have to do is press a few buttons and money will start flowing into your bank account like a river.

What you would have received are a few PDF guides on setting up your website, and instructions on joining the Amazon Affiliate program, and that’s it.

Frankly, nothing you couldn’t have found for free on YouTube.

Here’s how they get you:

They try to convince you that to gain the additional knowledge you need to be successful in earning money, you will need to fork out more money on training for this to happen.

This is how they get you with the upsells.

If you buy the additional upsells that they’ll tell you are necessary, you are looking at nearly another $400 investment!

So, what looks like a relatively cheap investment can initially cost you hundreds of dollars before you make one red cent!

The bad part is we haven’t discussed the cost of advertising and buying traffic!

AZ Sniper – A Scam That Is No Longer Working

If AZ Sniper was a legit product, then the URL for it would still be working.

You can make money from selling Amazon products, However, I WOULD NOT recommend you try doing it using a misleading product like AZ Sniper.

When you consider the fake testimonials, the fake owner, and the outlandish income claims that are not only MISLEADING but outright LIES, it’s great news that this platform no longer works.

Making money with affiliate marketing through Amazon IS NOT a scam.

But AZ Sniper was a SCAM because this so-called product was very misleading and dishonest in their sales pitch.

The sales video was a LIE from top to bottom.

These people wanted to lure you into joining by appealing to your desire for quick profits.

They wanted to entice you by saying things that will get you to sign up – a low-cost fee, earn huge sums with very little work in no time.

This is NOT how building a profitable affiliate marketing business works in real life!

Build a REAL Business With Wealthy Affiliate

Serious entrepreneurs who are determined to generate an income online need a platform that really delivers on its promises.

If you are willing to put in the work, with Wealthy Affiliate you can build a successful affiliate marketing business.

A REAL business that will provide income for you and your family for years to come.

You won’t find unethical promises of fast money or quick profits with just a few clicks.

You will never be lied to, mislead, or scammed.

No phony get-rich-quick schemes and low-quality programs that only want to take your money.

You can even set up your FREE Wealthy Affiliate account to test out the platform first.

No credit or debit card is required. They do this so you can have a look around and actually see the benefits you receive by becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

STOP wasting valuable time and money on dishonest “programs” and “systems” that not only fail to deliver but were never going to deliver from the start.

Programs like AZ Sniper were designed for one thing and one thing only:

To suck as much money from inexperienced, unsuspecting “newbies” as they possibly could.

These “programs” were created to grab money – as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time.

You WILL NOT find that to be the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

They actually CARE that you are successful in your efforts to make money online.

Wow…What a noble concept!

Talk Soon,


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  1. Scam sites are increasing by the day and is giving the online means of making money some really bad names. There have been some instances where I have been made to give clarity of issues because there have been people involved only witj scam site and do not believe there are legit means of making money online. I’m glad there  are such reviews which help in making them aware there are legit sites like Wealthy affiliate. Best regards.

    • Hello Chloe,

      Thank You for reading this post.

      Yes, you won’t find a better business builder than Wealthy Affiliate.

      All The Best,


  2. Oh, this is a very good review again. I can’t help but thank you for writing another scam review of az sniper.  It’s very good because I have seen too how this scams work. They try to bring down prices so that when a person joins they wouldn’t know that it’s all a lie and but a bunch of upsells is what is coming for them. Thankfully you have written a good review here to inform is about it and also given a good recommendation that I should try myself personally. Thanks.

  3. Those wild claims are always a thing with platforms like this and the fake testimonials. I have seen many other platforms just like az sniper that don’t work. People should learn that there is a better alternative to this scam platforms online that really work. Like your recommendation here. Wealthy affiliate has very good reviews online and it works perfectly. Nice post you have here on the insight of as sniper that can only snipe a person’s money away.

    • Hello Henderson,

      The FAKE testimonials always seal the deal for me!

      If a platform uses FAKE testimonials, it’s a SCAM…Period!

      Thanks for reading,


  4. Another scamming platform with the goal of taking every bit of cash from us innocent victims like this. I just cannot seem to realise the reason why some platforms would just be like this with the sole intention of duping people. AZ SNIPER is definitely a scam and I will never join it. I will even share with all my friends and family to get them sensitized. Thumbs up on this

    • Hello Ramos,

      Yes, SCAMS proliferate the internet.

      AZ Sniper is one in a long line of them…

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

      Talk Soon,


  5. Wow! This is real amazing. There are a lot of scam platforms similar to this AZ formula that claim to make there members rich over night. This is as a result of the search for reliable online business platforms online. This is why I value this post and I am glad I’m reading this review now. I once heard about the AZ formula from a friend but I never knew they are full of scam. Thanks for this revelation.

    • Hello Willy,

      Thank You for taking the time to read this post.

      Stay away…far away…from platforms like this!

      They will suck your wallet DRY!

      Talk Soon,



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