What Is Adasa Group – Crypto Profits Or Big Scam?

What Is Adasa Group - Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to this brief review of Adasa Group. You’re here because you’re wondering What Is Adasa Group?

What people really want to know is this: Can you make money with Adasa Group?

Well…things aren’t looking promising from the start.

The official website of the Adasa Group offers no information regarding the management or owners of the company.

That’s not a good sign!

As a matter of fact, the website contains almost nothing of value. It’s more of a simple affiliate login web page than a website.

What Is Adasa Group – Who Is The Owner?

Their marketing material claims that someone named “Elizabet” is the company’s CEO.

One of Adasa Group’s marketing videos does have “Elizabet” in it, and we don’t know her last name.

However, no website has any sort of information regarding her history or career.

“Elizabet” speaks in Spanish throughout the video. The company’s website also shows Spanish content by default.

Analyzing the Alexa statistics for the website reveals that visitors from Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay account for most of the website’s traffic at 56%, 27%, and 10% respectively.

Since Spanish is used as the official language in all 3 countries, it’s safe to assume that Adasa Group is based in one of these 3 countries.

The website domain ‘adasagroup.net’ has been privately registered as well, shielding all details from members of the public.

The registration was done on Mar 21, 2020.

If you find an MLM company that’s not transparent about who the owners or management are, you should be very careful about entering into any working relationship with them.

You certainly would not want to hand over money to a business that hides its owners.

Adasa Group’s Products

The company offers no services or retail products.

Affiliates are only allowed to market affiliate membership schemes of the company to others.

If a company’s only source of revenue is money from new affiliate sign-ups, that’s a HUGE red flag!

Adasa Group’s Compensation Plan

What Is Adasa Group - Crypto Profits Or Big Scam?

Affiliates can invest BTC in the company, which promises them a 1% ROI per day. The company offers the following plans which can be accessed by investing a specified amount in BTC.

  • Pack 50 – Invest $50 in BTC
  • Purchase Pack 100 – Invest $100 in BTC
  • Pack 200 – Invest $200 in BTC
  • Purchase Pack 500 – Invest $500 in BTC
  • Pack 1000 – Invest $1000 in BTC
  • Pack 5000 – Invest $5000 in BTC
  • Purchase Pack 10,000 – Invest $10,000 in BTC

The company’s investment contracts do not have any kind of term limits in them.

Referral Commissions And Joining Adasa Group

A uni-level compensation structure is used for paying out referral commissions.

Uni-level compensation plans have the affiliate seated at the apex of a uni-level team. Every affiliate they’ve personally sponsored into the company from the first level (Level 1).

When Level 1 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they form the uni-level team’s second level (Level 2).

When Level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they form the uni-level team’s third level (Level 3).

This can be carried on for a total of 5 levels at Adasa Group, after which the team gets capped.

You can earn referral commissions based on the total value of BTC invested by all members of your uni-level team:

  • 5% for Level 1 affiliates
  • 2% for Level 2 affiliates
  • 1% for Level 3, 4, and 5 affiliates

The compensation page of the company states that they pay an extra 7% for every $100K of investments billed.

This is similar to a downline investment bonus. The criteria used for measuring the $100K remains unclear though.

As far as joining Adasa Group, you can join the Adasa Group’s affiliate membership program for free.

However, access to the income opportunity offered by the company requires a minimum investment of $50 in BTC.

Is Adasa Group A Scam Or Legit?

This company is nothing more than a typical MLM crypto Ponzi scheme, which targets Spanish investors located in South and Central America.

Adasa Group claims that it uses crypto trading to generate revenues.

However, we’ve all seen this excuse being thrown around too many times.

These scams always use the latest buzzwords to enhance credibility and trick unsuspecting people into signing up based on a ridiculous ROI (Return On Investment)

Adasa Group doesn’t appear to have any sort of registration needed for offering securities either.

They are an unregulated so-called investment group that allows them to abuse or ignore government regulations regarding securities fraud.

This Group Appears To Be Engaging In Securities Fraud

So far as I can tell, new investments are how they earn their money.

If they’re using new investments to pay off older customers, that means it’s a simple Ponzi scheme.

Once the affiliate recruitment drive of this company dries up, the company will collapse and vanish into thin air, with the owners pocketing a nice sum while the investors are left high, dry, and broke.

You get the message, right?

Stay away, far away from the Adasa Group.

However, there’s one issue I need to address…

You’re reading this post because you’re trying to find a way to make money online.

The problem is this: SCAM programs like Adasa Group saturate the internet.

These cockroach scammers take advantage of people who they know are either too lazy or too reluctant to do the work necessary to create a five, six, or seven-figure income.

Adasa Group is similar to other scam platforms I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Here is an indisputable fact:

If you want to make a life-changing income, the kind of income that can provide you with a dynamic life filled with wonderful choices, you are going to have to learn how to leverage the power of the internet.

You cannot rely on shady, unregulated investment Ponzi schemes to help you provide money for your future.

These scammers don’t care about you, your family, or your feelings – they just want to steal as much money as they can, close up shop, and move on to the next scam!

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