What Is 3X Funding – Money Maker Or Big Ponzi Scheme?

What Is 3X Funding - Money Maker Or Big Ponzi Scheme?

Today, I’m going to be reviewing 3X Funding and answer the question What Is 3X Funding, and can you make money with it?

This business opportunity was bought to my attention recently and I wanted to have a look at what they were all about and decided to check them out.

It’s been my experience that you have to be very careful with these types of programs.

Particularly when you’re told how easy it will be to make money once you join.

Well, there’s good news for you.

I will be walking you through exactly how their program works and this will help you to make informed decisions going forward.

What Is 3X Funding – Company Overview

What Is 3X Funding - Money Maker Or Big Ponzi Scheme?

The company does not have any details on its site regarding who runs or owns it.

Right from the start, that’s not a good sign!

I took a look at their site, “3xfunding.com.” What I found was that it was registered in January 2019.

Nevertheless, it has been updated on January 8, 2020.

The company’s owners are listed as Mannat Infotech and they have their offices at Maharashtra, India.

As I was searching for more information on Mannat Infotech, it became evident that it was previously a computer shop in Mumbai.

It also offers website development services.

I am not completely sure as to how Mannat Infotech and 3X Funding are in this together…

The company does say that it is based in India:

3X is India’s first crowd funding system allows you receive half of everything forever!” (broken English is quoted from the website)

Nonetheless, as you click the video link that is provided on their site, it directs you towards this YouTube channel that’s called “Money Magnet.”

I wish I could tell you I have more information about this company, but I can’t.

For some reason, it’s very difficult finding any information on 3X Funding.

This is a HUGE red flag!

Let’s look at their products or services in this review and see what we find…

What Is 3X Funding – Does 3X Funding Have Retail Products For Sale?

What Is 3X Funding - Money Maker Or Big Ponzi Scheme?

Well…Theres your answer!

The above screenshot is directly from the 3X Funding video!

The fact that 3X Funding has no retail products available is another bad sign.

Products for a multilevel marketing business are EXTREMELY important in order to prevent it from becoming a Pyramid / Ponzi scheme.

These items are what makes customers return again and again for more.

Also, for making a network marketing company legal, it has to have retail sales that are separate from the products bought by its members.

Well, here is where the problem comes in with 3X Funding.

The company does not have any retail services or products, although you will be able to become an associate and market their associate membership programs.

When the only source of revenue is the fee from new people recruited into the business, that is the sign of a Ponzi scheme.

You can take a look at my other network marketing reviews for similar companies here:

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Okay, now let’s look at what their compensation plan is…

What is the 3X Funding’s Compensation Plan?

What Is 3X Funding - Money Maker Or Big Ponzi Scheme?

The company has placed within 7 tiers in a 2×2 cycler matrix.

All of these places can be taken up indirectly or directly by network members.

As the matrix gets filled out, you will cycle away and start to earn fees.

This structure also has up-line fee payments.

Each deposit’s half in any matrix place is given to the up-line.

What are the joining costs?

There are no costs for becoming an associate, it is free.

However, if you want to “make money” using the 3X Funding platform, you’ll have to spend $1780 USD!

3X Funding is similar to other multi-level marketing scams I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

What’s the Conclusion On 3X Funding?

What Is 3X Funding - Money Maker Or Big Ponzi Scheme?

So, does a scam exist with 3X Funding?

Well, it is nothing but a hybrid Ponzi / cash gifting scheme that has been combined as one.

Essentially, new associates enroll and gift money to the scheme.

These deposits are then given to existing associates who would be able to get 300% returns on investments when enough money is collected.

100% of the company’s revenue is through associate to associate payments; there is no retail product 3X Funding sells to the general public.

Below is their effort to try to make it legal sounding:

3X Funding is a donation base Crowdfunding system, which is run on Peer to Peer.

It is based on the world-famous Mobius Loop and the G Technology System.

However, don’t be fooled by this statement: 3X Funding is not a crowdfunding platform in any way.

Actual crowdfunding does not have any compensation plan or incentives wherein you earn money.

What Is 3X Funding – Is This A Cash-Gifting Ponzi Scheme

This, my dear friends, is cash giving Ponzi scheme and nothing else.

They use words such as “G Technology” and “Mobius Loop,” which mean absolutely nothing.

Reading through the company’s YouTube channel descriptions of videos confirms that they are 50/50 Crowdfunding’s clone.

50/50 Crowdfunding has been kept alive by enrollments in India. Their main traffic source to their company’s site is people from India (per Alexa it is 63%).

Once this traffic fizzles out, 50/50 Crowdfunding is going to collapse.

Likewise, the company also depends upon constant enrollment for staying afloat. As this slows down this is going to collapse too.

This looks to be a clone…

The strategy behind Ponzi and gifting schemes assures that the majority of people will lose their money when it collapses.

Anyways, in my opinion, I personally will NOT recommend 3X Funding.

As a matter of fact, I don’t recommend ANY multi-level marketing organizations as a way to make money in 2020 and going forward.

However, what I do recommend is to build your own affiliate marketing business.

I recommend that YOU be in control of your business!

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