What Do You Need To Make Money Online And How To Get It

What Do You Need To Make Money Online And How To Get It

What Do You Need To Make Money Online? Basically, there are 2 things you need:

You need TRAFFIC

You need that traffic to CONVERT.

The 2 things you need to make money online are TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS.

Therefore, in answering the question What Do You Need to Make Money Online, it comes down to this:

  •   You are not driving traffic and generating leads
  •   Your traffic, or potential customers, are not converting (buying your stuff).

Also, there are specific reasons why you’re not getting enough traffic and the traffic isn’t converting.

What Do You Need To Make Money Online

If you can do just these two things, 1) get consistent traffic and 2) get that traffic to convert, then you can make a fortune.

I’ll go even further and say this:

Even if you can only do ONE of these things, you can still make great money online.

If you do not know how to drive traffic to your website and get conversions, theres ONE thing you must do:

What you have to do is to partner with people who can do one, the other, or both!

Similarly, you can have the best product in the world featured on your website or blog.

But if you can’t get eyeballs to see your offer, you won’t make money.

If you can’t get traffic to it and convert that traffic into sales, then it’s absolutely worthless.

You can have fantastic content and a great-looking website or blog.

However, a failure to drive traffic and make sales has just as much to do with your personal work ethic as it does with the methods you use!

“Wait a minute”, I hear you say. “What are you talking about?”

What I’m saying is failure to drive traffic to your offer and effectively convert that traffic has a lot to do with what I call your Online Personality Type.

Let’s identify these 4 Online Personality Types that FAIL to make money online, shall we?

The 4 Personality Types That Will FAIL To Make Money Online

What Do You Need To Make Money Online?

Type #1: The Little Dabblers: These are the rising marketers who have their finger in everything. 

They try this and they try that. 

They can’t commit to what’s important. 

These types act like they’re at a buffet, and they take one bite of this and then one bite of that. 

They never choose a meal, sit down and EAT.

Type #2: The Big Bouncers: These folks get in deeper and go farther than dabblers. 

They will actually get excited and committed enough to start a business. 

However, these types easily contract Shiny Object Syndrome, where they’re off to the next thing, and the next, and the next. 

Similarly, when you have Shiny Object Syndrome, there is always better online money-making opportunity somewhere else. 

Dead Grass Always Seems Greener…

People who have Shiny Object Syndrome fall for programs like the following:

These types become pros at fence hopping and not much else.

Type #3: The Forever Learners: All these people want to do is learn. 

They learn, not to take action, but to discover. 

Also, they love the process of discovering every step of every business and can break it down to you. 

Afterward, they’re off to learn some more. 

They analyze and over-analyze everything. 

They think too much and keep looking for the next thing to learn. 

Therefore, learning is a full-time occupation for them. 

Constant learning for them means they don’t need to take any risks. They don’t like taking risks.

Type #4: The Know-it-Alls: Ahhh. These people know everything. 

They will tell you that they already know what you are trying to teach them. 

As much as they know, they are not making money. 

Similarly, they know a great deal about online marketing and have known it for years, but it doesn’t matter. 

These types rarely apply what they know.

However, it’s ok that they rarely apply what they know because they know everything.

Here Is The Good News

If any one of the above applies to you, the good news is you can change.

You really can.

However, you have to want it bad enough.

You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to make the necessary adjustments to NOT display any of the above.

Otherwise, you will continue to waste your time and you will massively FAIL.

You have to have the DESIRE to focus on becoming efficient and results-oriented.

You have to admit you need to change and accept the fact that doing things YOUR WAY just isn’t getting it done!

What Are You Working On Now?

Let me ask you this… what are you working on right now? 

First of all, do you have YOUR OWN blog or website?

Please understand why I’m asking this:

If you have one of those “Done-For-You” websites, you are sadly wasting your time. 

Trying to buy traffic and convert it for a DFY website may get you a few measly dollars initially.

However, you cannot make BIG money over a long period of time with a DFY website.

Google HATES “Done-For-You” websites!


Done For You websites are mass duplicated. They don’t promote origional, unique content!

Google LOVES unique content.

Therefore, if you DO NOT have a website or blog you created yourself, you need to create one.

Never, ever use any of these garbage “Done-For-You” websites. 

I promise you: If you use a DFY website, Google will slap it six ways to Sunday!

 Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse

What Do You Need To Make Money Online And How To Get It
Image Source: www.phrases.org.uk

Let’s say you have an original website you created, not a DFY site that Google despises.

You’re trying to drive traffic to it, but aren’t succeeding.

Also, some “online guru” convinced you to start buying traffic and you’re starting to burn a hole in your wallet.  

Maybe you’re getting traffic to your website, but it’s NOT converting into sales? 

If that is the case, you might want to drop what you’re doing and get busy on what’s important. 

Here are what’s important:

First, if you are one of the 4 Online Personality Types mentioned above with a poor work ethic, you MUST see the need to change and make the necessary adjustments.

That’s HUGE!

That’s critical!

If you aren’t one of the 4 personality types above, then you’re headed in the right direction.

You’re on your way toward making great progress in establishing your online business.

After that’s done, you MUST focus on HOW to get traffic and HOW to convert it.

In other words, you can buy all the traffic you want and pay people to help you convert it.

Solo ad salesmen are a dime a dozen. They’re EVERYWHERE on the internet!

However, if you don’t LEARN and UNDERSTAND how to do it yourself, you are WAISTING YOUR TIME.

Don’t Buy Website Traffic Until You Understand The Process

Throwing up a website, paying for traffic to send to it, and hoping it converts is a recipe for disaster.

If you are terrible at driving traffic, you may be focusing too much on conversions 

Are you conversion challenged? This could happen because you don’t like writing sales copy. 

You strongly feel that writing sales copy is something that you’ll never master. 

Also, you just don’t like writing. You feel you’re no good at it.

Here’s what you need to understand about paying other people to help you, or outsourcing, as it’s called:

  • When you are new to online marketing, outsourcing is expensive
  • Outsourcing, when it comes to Traffic and Conversions, is a temporary fix
  • Outsourcing DOES NOT replace learning. You MUST learn about traffic and conversions

How To Focus on Traffic And Conversions So You Can Make Money Online.

The way to focus on traffic and conversions IS NOT by throwing money at it and outsourcing.

The CORRECT way to focus on traffic and conversions is by learning how the process works!

You MUST learn how the process of traffic and conversions works.

The problem is you have to look at online marketing as a REAL business.

Not some “side gig” or ” something you’re dabbling with”.

Affiliate marketing is a REAL business!

Therefore, until you actually view it that way, you’re wasting your time.

People don’t want to take the time to learn. That’s what the problem is.

If you REALLY want to learn the process of getting traffic and how to convert it, here’s what you do:

You must partner with people who are already doing it, marketers who are experts at traffic and conversions.

Similarly, the platform I use to do this is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is by far THE Place for Internet Entrepreneurs.

Wealthy Affiliate is a successful platform dedicated to affiliate marketers.

Remember I said earlier you need to learn the process of how traffic and conversions work?

If You Learn The Process You’ll Learn How To Make Money Online

Here is a diagram outlining the process that Wealthy Affiliate will teach you.

What Do You Need To Make Money Online And How To Get It

For the past 12 years, their goal is to help online entrepreneurs create profitable affiliate marketing businesses.

They do this online through training, timely support from industry experts.

Also, they do this by having access to the tools and services online entreprenures need to succeed.

If you have struggled with traffic and conversions and have failed to build a profitable business online, you’re not alone.

If you’ve been ripped off or you don’t have the “full picture”of what it takes to succed online.

I can tell you this for a fact: Wealthy Affiliate WILL clear things up. 

You are going to learn how you can drive traffic to and convert literally ANY idea/passion/niche.

Once you understand this, you can build a very successful affiliate marketing business. 

You don’t need any experience. 

No technical skills are necessary.

You can even create a FREE membership at Wealthy Affiliate to try it out with NO OBLIGATION whatsoever!

Kyle Loudon, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, explains the benefits of WA in this Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough video.

What Do You Need To Make Money Online – Wealthy Affiliate

Don’t get sidetracked. 

Don’t spend a year learning about traffic and another year learning about conversions.

Focus your efforts like a laser beam.

And within 1 to 2 years you will be making enough money to tell your boss to stick it. 

If you don’t think this can happen, then Click Here and read about all of the success stories from Wealthy Affiliate members.

You can learn how to make more money in one month than many people make in one year.

Wealthy Affiliate can show you how to do it.

Bottom line: When someone asks me the question “What do you need to make money online?”, my answer is Wealthy Affiliate!

So get busy.

Talk Soon,


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  1. This is a really remarkable and helpful review. I just feel motivated and ready to start making money from my business. Consistency and focus is a very important factor in succeeding. Making and getting more traffic is a really important factors in affiliate marketing and this is a really quick reminder and brain waker to focus on the right thing which is making money by learning and knowing how it works. Thanks for this great article.

    • Hello Willy,

      You are 100% correct…Focus and consistency are so very important to be a success on the internet!

      However, make no mistake: Good Content Is King!

      Writing good content has so many benefits for your website that it cannot be overlooked.

      Thank You for reading my post.

      Talk Soon,

  2. I totally agree with you that making money online requires getting g adequate traffic and getting the traffic to convert would definitely lead to getting a lot of earnings . there’s no benefit in having aunique contents with the right keywords without the proper traffic to get them and convert to earn a commission. This is very informative and eye opening. Yes definitely, I belong to none of Tue above listed groups of people but I have paid for a traffific generated platform and it is working well for me in terms of traffic being sent to my website. Thanks

    • Hello Tracy,

      I’m happy I could add value to your business.

      Are you a WA member?

      If not, you need to become one! 

      If you are, Continued success here at Wealthy Affiliate!



  3. Great article you have written up here and it is definitely spot on. Traffic and conversion are the two most important things needed to make money online with conversion being the most important. Getting people to the website is through proper use of SEO and doing SEM. getting better rankings on google and getting people to flood the website, turning them into site loyalists and then, presenting them with offers to which they would then become constant source of generating commission through their purchases. Wealthy Affiliate is surely a legit platform to learn all about this and I’m sure I would get to the peak of affiliate marketing soon because I am a premium member of the platform. Cheers

  4. Hello Howard, it’s very good that I can learn all this from you freshly. I didn’t know anything about online business before this. Traffic is really important I must confess and then how that traffic can become money is more important. This is very good and I think I need to try that platform that you have recommended here. I know the four types of people who work online and I will try to avoid being any bad ones of those. Thank you very much for the help.

    • Hello John,

      Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to build a successful business online.

      I haven’y been dissappointed yet with Wealthy Affiliate!



  5. Good information on this one here. I have to agree with you that some people do not really understand the basics of what is needed to be successful on their online business. Traffic is important but does that traffic convert? Some people go all out to buy traffic but at the end of the day they see that it doesn’t pay off because there’s no conversion. You are also spot on there with that classification of people who work online. In the end, I think we all really need to work on ourselves and then on our business too. Wealthy affiliate is truly the best for training as I am taking training there right now. Nice post you got here!

    • Hello Henderson,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Most bloggers are so busy working on their blogs, they don’t take time to work on themselves.

      Talk Soon,



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