Well Beyond Review – Can This MLM Help You Make Money

Well Beyond Review - Can This MLM Help You Make Big Money?

Welcome to this Well Beyond Review.

Many of you want to know if Well Beyond is a legitimate money-making opportunity.

I’m saying impartial because I do not work for them nor am I an associate of theirs.

I will walk you through Well Beyond, their merchandise, and the compensation program so you can make the right decisions.

Well Beyond Review – What Is The Purpose Of The Company

Well Beyond Review - Can This MLM Help You Make Big Money?

What is it exactly?

It is a multilevel marketing business offering nutritional additives and it falls within the wellness and health industry within the direct selling area.

Jeremy Reynolds acquired MXI Corp in 2017. Reynolds has been credited as the “founding distributor” for MXI Corp.

Actually, Andrew and Jeanette Brooks, MXI’s founders, sold their business to Jeremy Reynolds.

Using this company, Reynolds has manufactured merchandise for many multilevel marketing businesses.

MXI is able to manufacture products for use in the health and wellness niche for a multitude of multi-level marketing organizations.

ln the next section below, I’ll be taking a look at the products in this review.

Well Beyond Review – What Type Of Products Does Well Beyond Offer?

Well Beyond Review - Can This MLM Help You Make Big Money?

Well Beyond is still offering MXI’s Xacai chocolate varieties and many other items.

Below are some of the items offered on Well Beyond from the Xocai Chocolate company that MXI Corp owns:

  • Beyond Shake Dark Chocolate — “dark chocolate high antioxidant meal replacement” ($84.99)
  • X Power Squares — “loaded with antioxidants and are the most powerful, health-promoting, decadent chocolate ever produced” ($39.99)
  • Xe TRM — “fire up your metabolism, energy levels, mood, and your microbiome” ($84.99)
  • XoBiotic Squares — “the first healthy dark chocolate product that also contains functional levels of probiotic organisms” ($39.99)

Other businesses that are offering similar merchandise are Heal Worldwide, Jeunesse Global, and NutriCellix.

Is There A Compensation Plan?

Presently, I was not able to find compensation information on their website.

For some reason, Well Beyond is not making available their compensation information.

The reason for this is unusual because it should be something that’s readily available.

I looked at a “Rewards Plan” video that they have uploaded to Vimeo and the video is my only source of information on their compensation plan.

After looking at this video, I found out that there are twelve ranks that you’ll be able to hit.

Nevertheless, there wasn’t information as to how you can hit them…

Not surprising, Well Beyond affiliates earn a commission when they recruit new affiliates, which is common with most MLMs.

Here is how it works:

  • Recruit a Feature affiliate and earn $20
  • Preferred affiliate recruited, earn $50
  • Recruit an Elite affiliate and earn $150

Also, a 50% match is also paid on commissions earned as a result of recruitment.

Well Beyond Review – Residual Commissions, Fees, and Bonuses

Well Beyond Review - Can This MLM Help You Make Big Money?

To qualify for residual commissions, a Well Beyond affiliate must personally recruit two affiliates.

Well Beyond pays residual commissions via a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right):

Fees and Bonuses

You will be paid the difference of retail pricing and wholesale pricing as Retail fees.

Now, you have to know that there’s no information about this. I’m giving them all the benefit that there is some sort of retail selling going on…

You’ll earn fees when you patronize new associates into joining up with the business.

  • One Feature Affiliate Sponsorship ($20 earned)
  • One Preferred Affiliate Sponsorship ($50 earned)
  • One Elite Affiliate Sponsorship ($150 earned)

You also have 50% fees match on individually sponsored associate’s commissions earned.

Matching Bonuses are provided on your individually sponsored associate’s earnings using a UniLevel remuneration program.

The UniLevel remuneration program puts the associate on top of the UniLevel team system, with every individually sponsored associate placed under them directly (level 1):

Again, I want to mention that Well Beyond does not make their compensation and commission information readily available.

How Much Does It Cost To Join

The company’s associate membership has 3 price-tiers and their costs are.

  • $199 for Featured
  • $499 for Preferred
  • $1499 for Elite

Other than their bundled products, you’ll have greater earning potential using their higher bundles.

Now, unlike these other reviews about Well Beyond I will be keeping it real and transparent with you…


MXI launched in 2012. It had auto-shipping and that was compulsory.

This looks to be still the case and this is unacceptable in the eyes of the FTC.

The thing that I did not like is that they have not published their compensation program on their site…

This is a VERY important piece of information that helps in seeing if the business is functioning legally.

Thus far, I have not seen any type of retail incentives that encourage more retail selling to non-members outside of Well Beyond.

This is another BIG red flag.

Lack of any retail sales to the general public is usually is found within pyramid or Ponzi systems.

Well Beyond’s site has a link that leads you towards Beyond Wealth.

If you go to the bottom of the Well Beyond website you’ll see a link to Beyond Wealth as noted in this screenshot:

Well Beyond Review - Can This MLM Help You Make Big Money?

When you click the link above, you are directed to Beyond Wealth.

Below is a screenshot of where you’re re-directed to:

Well Beyond Review - Can This MLM Help You Make Big Money?

Here is the interesting point about the Beyond Wealth website:

The Beyond Wealth website use to be Onix Lifestyle.

Beyond Wealth leads to a membership portal that is a 100% fraudulent securities Ponzi scheme…

Onix Lifestyle, which is now Beyond Wealth, has been marketing itself with the lie that signing up will allow you access to the lifestyle of the wealthy.

Hiding behind that hyped-up marketing pitch is a MLM crypto Ponzi scheme, the similar type of Ponzi scheme I’ve reviewed on this blog from network marketing companies like:

Furthermore, if Onyx Lifestyle aka Beyond Wealth was a legitimate company, the website would have made it clear that they’re registered with the appropriate financial regulators.

Neither on their website or in their marketing presentations does Beyond Wealth make it clear that they have done this.

Without even getting into the specifics of Beyond Wealth’s MLM opportunity, if the company is not legally registered sell securities, then it’s guilty of securities fraud.

Other Concerns With Well Beyond

A primary concern of mine when reviewing MXI, was its focus on associate auto ship recruitment.

It still appears that this is the case regarding Well Beyond – though this is in an indirect way.

This is an awful start when there are no compensation program materials or details that are provided on their website.

After looking at their rewards program video on their official site, it is quite revealing that their retail fees are not mentioned even once.

Their focus seems to be on recruitment fees.

There is also no mention of criteria for rank qualification, but I conclude that there are GV and PV requirements somewhere.

Apparently, compensation information is disclosed only to those individuals who actually join the company first.

If all of these are not being fulfilled by retail selling, that leaves associate auto shipping.

This is what is called “Pay for Play.”

The Pay For Play Strategy

The company’s “paying for playing” associate membership tier is a BIG red flag.

Tempting people to shell out $1499 as they enroll for higher fee rates only encourages merchandise loading.

Their paying for playing strategy is another regulatory concern because this is commonly seen in pyramid systems.

Whatsoever the relation, Well Beyond associates are now getting channeled through to Beyond Wealth.

Thanks to the sophisticated marketing on the Well Beyond website, many people do not realize that Beyond Wealth has a possible Ponzi strategy associated with it.

All of the fact we’ve considered on this blog post emphasizes why I do not recommend multi-level marketing as a way of building a business.

What I do recommend is to build your own affiliate marketing business.

No Ponzi schemes, no pyramid schemes, no fooling around with unregulated cryptocurrency schemes.

Many of these MLMs dance around the regulatory requirements just enough to make tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

In almost every instance,

My recommendation is to build your own online business that YOU are in control of.

My opinion is to stay away from multi-level marketing – period.

The way to create long-term, life changing income is to build your own online business that YOU are in control of, not someone else.

The platform I highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.

Why I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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Make the right choice, my friend.

If you continue doing what you’re doing, you’re gonna get what you’ve always gotten.

The only way to change your financial future is to make a choice!

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Talk Soon,


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