Virtual Mining Farm Review – Will This Farm Make You Money?

Virtual Mining Farm Review - Will This Farm Make You Money?

Welcome to my brief Virtual Mining Farm Review.

There are many cryptocurrency platforms out there, and most of them are committing securities fraud and scams.

In this review, we will take a look at Virtual Mining Farm to know if it is a legit platform.

The most relevant facts you need to know about Virtual Mining Farm will be mentioned in this review.

After reading, you can tell if Virtual Mining Farm is a scam.

Virtual Mining Farm Review – Brief Summary

Virtual Mining Farm Review - Will This Farm Make You Money?
  • Product name: Virtual Mining Farm
  • Cost to join: Requires Bitcoin
  • Rating: 0/100
  • Recommendation: Not recommended

Virtual Mining Farm offers an opportunity to mine cryptocurrency without the need for any hardware or electricity.

To get returns, you will have to invest Bitcoins.

The issue with this platform is that there is no real mining happening, and nobody is getting paid for mining.

What they do is pay existing investors with the bitcoin you invested.

This makes Virtual Mining Farm a Ponzi scheme and a 100% scam.

Supposedly, you can earn on this platform when you invest bitcoin to get more bitcoin from mining, and you can make money when you recruit people to join (you get paid any time they invest and withdraw).

There is no proof that any mining activity whatsoever is happening on the site.

Virtual Mining Farm Red Flags

There are lots of red flags about this platform.

There is no valid information about the owner or the people running this platform, which is a common trait in scam platforms.

All of the facts suggest that Virtual Mining Farm operates as a Ponzi scheme.

Virtual Mining Farm Has A Unknown Owner

I have seen a lot of online platforms that claim to make you money, and I have done intensive research on them.

Most of these scam platforms always have something in common—for example, a fake owner.

With Virtual Mining Farm, there is no owner at all.

You will not find any information about the owner of this platform or the people running it.

This makes it evident that the people running this platform are scammers.

Virtual Mining Farm Is Part of a Big Scam Network

Virtual Mining Farm Review - Will This Farm Make You Money?

I have no idea about the people running this platform, but I am certain that the owner of this site runs other scam platforms as well.

There is also another identical scam platform called Crypto Mining Farm (run in Thailand).

The site has the same format as Virtual Mining Farm; the only difference is the color.

If you check the names of the platform, it is identical.

Thailand authorities are already investigating Crypto Mining Farm for defrauding investors.

There is no difference between this platform and Virtual Mining Farm.

However, Virtual Mining Farm is Targeting Central America and Southern America.

Is Virtual Mining Farm a Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme?

Yes, this platform operates as a Pyramid/Ponzi scheme.

Any platform that depends primarily on investments from recruits as a revenue source is a Ponzi scheme.

Virtual Mining Farm claims they get their revenue from mining, but there is no proof.

The only thing they do is take money from new investors to pay existing investors.

When this happens, people will believe they got paid from mining, making them trust the platform more (they reinvest).

Ponzi schemes are bound to collapse.

Once new investments reduce, there will not be enough money to pay members, which is what is happening at the moment.

Also, this platform is a pyramid scheme. There is no product or service to offer; the only way to earn is by recruiting people.

Pyramid schemes are known to fail, just as Ponzi schemes.

It collapses when recruitment slows down, and no enough money to go round. Most people will lose their money when this happens.

Virtual Mining Farm is similar to other scam cryptocurrency websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

What Is the Compensation Plan

Virtual Mining Farm has a compensation plan that focuses on recruiting people and building a downline.

It uses a uni-level structure to pay members. You make money from people you recruit, as well as your recruits’ recruits.

You can make money down to 30 levels in your downline.

Also, you get 10% of all invested bitcoin from the people you recruit, and you earn 0.7% from recruits from levels 2 to 30.

You can also make residual commissions down to level 5.

Along with that, you get residual commissions when someone in your downline withdraws money.

You can make 20% residual commission from your personal recruits, and 0.5% to 5% on levels 2 & 5.

Virtual Mining Farm is Possibly Guilty of Securities Fraud

Virtual Mining Farm Review - Will This Farm Make You Money?

Since they offer passive income opportunities, called securities, they should be registered with relevant authorities in their location to operate legally.

Most countries have laws that must be followed when offering securities, and you have to register to be legal.

The main countries targeted by this platform, according to Alexa, are Columbia and Mexico.

You will not find any information that shows that Virtual Mining Farm is appropriately registered in these locations.

Therefore, they are guilty of securities fraud, and promoting it could get you in big trouble.

This platform is a scam, a lot of people are losing money, and you can be penalized for promoting it.

Is Virtual Mining Farm Legit?

There is nothing legit about this platform; Virtual Mining Farm is a 100% scam.

I believe this platform is a part of a big scam network.

They are related to a similar scam platform that targets Thailand and defrauded a lot of people.

There is no real mining; they are only luring you to invest Bitcoin into their personal purse.

Even if people are cashing out, do not join. It is a tactic to lure more people.

Once investments from recruits slow down, there won’t be enough money to pay investors.

When this happens, Virtual Mining Farm will collapse.

If you invest in this Ponzi scheme, you cannot hold anyone responsible when you lose your money.

I strongly advise that you stay away from this platform.

As a matter of fact, what I strongly suggest is that you stop relying on the pyramid schemes of unknown scammers and build your own online business.

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