ViralPoints Review

ViralPoints Review

Today, I discovered a site, I’ll cover the facts in this ViralPoints Review.

Supposedly, you’ll be able to register for the role of social media marketer and make $500 each day just by promoting their website to your friends and family.

Does this even sound true to you at all? This is the question that this ViralPoints Review will try to answer.

In this review I’ll be telling you all the things you should know so that you will be able to make a decision on whether this program is suited for you and whether you should go forward with it or not.

The company says that they are able to generously pay you because they collaborate with some big sponsors and brands that are paying advertising fees to help send traffic to them.

If this is true, then this is ideal, but is it a sham of sorts or is this really a legal money-making system?

Well, you have come to the right place.

ViralPoints Review Update August 2020

Good news! It looks as though this SCAM website has been removed.

When you go to you see the following:

ViralPoints Review

The bad news is that these garbage scammers will just start all over again with another fake business opportunity to try and steal more of peoples hard-earned money.

ViralPoints Review – What Is ViralPoints All About?

ViralPoints Review
  • Name of Product: ViralPoints
  • Price: The program is free to join, but there are additional upsells and charges later.
  • Owners: Zindex 
  • Is This Recommended? Absolutely NOT!
  • Official Website: (the website has been removed )
  • Different Recommendation: Wealthy Affiliate

Zindex owns the company ViralPoints and they claim to be established in 2015.

They allow anyone having an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account to convert their social network following into cash.

ViralPoints claims to have given out $68 million in payments to a quarter million members to date.

Please understand that this is a outright lie and is designed to impress visitors into signing up.

Proofs Of Payments Are A Lie

They also show countless proofs of payment pictures from more than a dozen satisfied and happy members.

All of who are all supposedly making extra income online since they’ve signed up for their services.

This is another flat-out LIE that the owners of ViralPoints promote to get you to sign up.

They assert to pay $2/person clicking on your promotional link. They’ll also pay $10 for each person that joins using your link.

The company also assures payment of $25 via a joining bonus as a lucrative incentive to join.

The company says that there isn’t any income limit that you will be able to earn, and it is all about the amount of hard work that you are ready to put in.

As you will see further in this review, it’s all deceptive or fraudulent and everything that is on the company’s website can’t be believed.

“Zindex” Parent Company Does Not Exist

On the company’s “About Us” web page, it is mentioned that a business by the name of Zindex owns Viral Points.

It’s also mentioned that Zindex has been creating web-based promotional / sales solutions from 2005.

However, when you search the internet you will find nothing about the company.

The reason for that is Zindex is not real and this is a sham or scam website.

Why would anybody make up things like this?

The actual truth of the matter is that ViralPoints can be trusted only to waste your precious time, gather your personal data, and make you a big-time spammer on Facebook.

No Information Regarding Account Managers

When you create your account and log-in you are told that you’ve been assigned an individual account manager you can reach out to any time through Skype for quick support.

Well, what’d you know!!!

The Skype name does not exist and you are given no option of reaching out to support.

Another big fat lie!

The owners of ViralPoints purposefully started out with the intent of deceiving you to think that you have an individual account manager, and when the moment comes for the payouts you will find you have been left without any sort of assistance.

Part of Larger SCAM Network

Let there be no doubt, the company is the latest business in the very long list of scams that have littered the Internet and I am sure it is not going to be the final one.

Thus far we have exposed, at the least, a few dozen websites which are precise clones of the website, other than their logos and titles.

In every single instance, you will get the identical empty assurances of either $300 or $500 each day, the same site layout, a scam parent company, and all of them have unknown owners.

All the Payment Proofs are Fake

When you click the Payment Proof section you are shown multiple photos that supposedly show evidence of the company’s legitimacy and that they pay their members… or so you think.

Taking a more detailed look though you notice that there is something very suspicious going on…

All the posts and emails that we are shown have the dates from 2018 October, 2019 May and February, though the company website was actually registered on May 26, 2019.

How do you suppose this is possible that the company paid people before their website even existed?

Do they really believe people are that stupid?

This is not the only thing; these scammers use the same set of images as “payment proofs” on every other sham website that they own.

Why don’t these unknown founders show any real payment proofs?

They can’t! It is because nobody has ever been paid any money for their work.

There’s No $68 Million as They Don’t Pay Anything

When people try to withdraw they are told the exact same thing:

‘You are not being paid due to fraudulence and your membership is going to be terminated in seven days’ time.’

It does not matter if you have met all of their eligibility criteria’s, complied with their guidelines to the point and have done all things above and beyond – to make my point, the scammer does not have any intention of giving you a single penny.

If you read all the actual member testimonials from all over the Internet, you will see this confirm time and time again:

The scammer is excellent at making lucrative promises to people, but actually worthless at conforming to them.

They only promise you will get paid and so you will go about promoting their websites for them without pay, but if you look at it closely, it is an utter waste of effort and time.

What Are My Opinions About This Company?

ViralPoints Review

At first look, the company looks to be like everything you’d ever want from a get paid to (GPT) job opportunity; registration is free, easy, fast and pays good money, except that it isn’t.

Now you are aware that a scammer is responsible for cobbling this website together and has intentionally done this to fool you into doing work for them.

Just be grateful that you checked out this ViralPoints Review and did research before investing all that time and effort with nothing to show for it in the end.

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