Viral Market Review – Can You Trust This Website?

Viral Market Review - Can You Trust This Website?

If you are reading this blog post, then you’re interested in my Viral Market Review, and for good reason.

What exactly is Viral Market and can you make money with it?

Let’s find out right now.

What Is Viral Market?

  • Company Name: ViralMarket
  • Website URL:
  • Owner: The owner is unknown
  • Launched in: 2019
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended: Absolutely Not

Viral Market calls itself a “network” site, although I’m not exactly sure what that means.

It’s also known as a GPT, or “Get-Paid-To” website.

With Viral Market you get paid to download a video, watch an ad, upload a YouTube video, download an offer, and do similar activities.

The Viral Market website says you can make $150 per day. 

I can tell you for a certainty that $150 a day for a GPT site is a huge claim!

Making $150 of a site like Viral Market without actually building a business is almost impossible. 

They also claimed that a new user earned over $2,000 per month.

We are also told that you can earn $10 for inviting friends and that instant payouts are available. 

Viral Market Update November 2020

It looks as though Viral Market finally bit the dust.

When you type in the URL, you get the following:

Viral Market Review - Can You Trust This Website?

Shady websites eventually disappear under the weight of their own dishonesty.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of websites similar to Viral Market and anytime one of these scam websites disappears, it’s always good news!

Viral Market Review – What Is Was Their Real Purpose?

Viral Market Review - Can You Trust This Website?

Now there are a lot of websites like this that I’ve reviewed.

The trend for most of these websites is to collect as much data as possible.  

In order for you to first get an affiliate account, you need to sign up with your personal details.

You need your name and email address, and sometimes they ask for your actual home address. 

What actually happens is that when you refer people to their affiliate link, they also give out their personal information.

Over a period of time, these guys amass a huge amount of data. 

What do they do with that data? 

They sell it to a third party and that’s how they actually make their money. 

According to the website, every time you upload a YouTube video, you get paid 30 to $50.

How does that actually make sense? 

I’ve reviewed hundreds of GPT websites and most of them only pay you 1 cent per action. Now that makes sense. 

For these guys to pay hundreds of times more than all the legitimate GBT websites, doesn’t make sense. 

Why would they pay you $30 or $50 to upload a YouTube video? 

What GPT site do you know of does that?

Viral Market Review – Let’s Take A Closer Look

Viral Market Review - Can You Trust This Website?

If you look at the box above, Viral Market was founded in 2015.

However, that is not true at all.

When you go to and look up this is what you find:

Viral Market Review - Can You Trust This Website?

The website was actually started on May 1st, 2019.

Not in 2015 according to the website.

One can only conclude that the owners wanted to give the impression that the website is older than it is.

This is dishonest and a HUGE red flag.

Viral Market Review – Is Something Shady Going On?

Viral Market Review - Can You Trust This Website?

Similarly, there is something I’ve noticed:

When you take more action, they want more information from you. 

For example, before you can upload a YouTube video, they’ll ask you for stuff like your home address or your credit card details.

What happens is that collecting all this data, now they’ve got your credit card information, email address, name, username, password, and home address. 

What do they do with all that information? 

They sell it to a third party and that’s how they actually make their money. 

It’s about having people’s data and they sell it. 

That’s how these websites make their real money. 

Now here’s the problem: 

A website like this will stay online for a long time, for years before either the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Federal Trade Commission catches up with them and shuts them down. 

They could be collecting data for two, three, four or more years before you ever see the website shut down.

Another thing is if you set up an account with Viral Market, you will have a back office where you see your money increasing.

However, when you try and take all your money and withdraw it, you’re not going to be able to actually get any of that cash. 

Viral Market Review – Obvious Red Flags

Similarly, the red flags on this website are glaring and obvious. The following list highlights the problems with the Viral Market website:

  • Viral Market has no BBB Accreditation.
  • There is falsified site information on the Viral Market website.
  • No information on the founders
  • Social icons don’t work
  • Unrealistic earnings claims
  • Fake statistics and testimonials are used throughout the website

Viral Market Review – What Kind Of Reputation Do They Have?

What are actual online users of Viral Market saying about the website and if it keeps its promises?

Notice what some have had to say on

Viral Market Review - Can You Trust This Website?
Viral Market Review - Can You Trust This Website?
Viral Market Review - Can You Trust This Website?
Viral Market Review - Can You Trust This Website?
Viral Market Review - Can You Trust This Website?

As you can see from these complaints, the admins at Viral Market are notorious for not paying out money when promised.

Not paying out money that’s owed is a sure way of being labeled a SCAM.

Viral Market is similar to other scam websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Is Viral Market A Scam?

I would stay away from Viral Market

Viral Market is a scam. It’s a con just to get you to come to their website and provide your personal information.

The truth is what they really want are your personal details. 

You’re not going to earn what they’re talking about here. 

You will never earn $2,000 per month on a free website like this. 

I mean, where are they making their money from? 

They really make their money from selling subscribers’ personal data.

If they paid out, then that would be completely legitimate, but they don’t payout, as the testimonials from show. 

How can you trust a website that has a problem paying out money to its members?

Does it make sense to trust a website that has so many discrepancies and contradictions?

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