Tranont Health Products – Can You Make Money With Them?

Tranont Health Products - Can You Make Money With Them?

Tranont Health Products happens to be one of the many companies that offer people a chance to earn additional money by marketing their products.

Nevertheless, is it actually legit?

This review post will provide you with the answers you need.

Tranont Health Products – Company Overview

Tranont Health Products - Can You Make Money With Them?

Tranont is a company that revolves around MLM (multi-level marketing) as its main source of income generation.

The company, which has its headquarters situated in Utah, sprung up in the year 2013, with its area of operation strictly limited to the United States and Canada.

The company focuses on providing the public with health, wealth, and wellness products.

On the surface, the company looks like a regular, everyday company, but a deeper look into the company’s history shows that it is anything but your typical company.

In fact, their recent tussles with the law came in 2017. The company got itself in a messy situation when it faced a civil action lawsuit.

They received a couple of charges, among which were defamation, dishonest and unjust marketing practices, and wiretapping.

Although the case did not end on a decisive note, the premise of the case does paint the company a somewhat negative light.

What Tranont Offers

Generally, the quality of products and/or services a company offers is paramount to the success of that company/business.

Tranont offers customers a wide array of products that happens to fall under the health and wealth niche.

For their health package, they offer the public nine different health and wellness products, with two of these health products coming in packs.

On the other hand, they offer eight different products under their financial package. Out of the eight, two come as solitary products, while the remaining six come as bundles.

Health Products

One product Tranont offers which are really popular despite its price is the ICARIA Glow Collagen.

The ICARIA Glow Collagen is a strawberry or chocolate-flavored drink priced at $89 per 30 oz bottle.

Tranont claims that the ICARIA Glow Collagen helps in restoring a person’s nails, hair, and skin, giving them that youthful glow.

It is available for purchase on the Tranont official website, but you should be aware that they do not come with FDA approval.

Similarly, Amazon houses identical products that are less expensive with a good amount of reviews.

Financial Products

Tranont Health Products - Can You Make Money With Them?

The financial side of the company’s product inventory packs a punch.

The Taxbot, Tranont Defend, and Tranont Credit are just some products that the public has access to.

They also offer bundled packages, depending on the customer’s preference.

The Tranont Credit Services has a $99 price tag attached to it; the sole purpose of this product is to educate users on improving their credit scores.

Nevertheless, the company says that it will assist you in increasing your credit score by examining your existing financial situation.

However, you must remain on this plan for a minimum of six months in other to attain the ultimate result.

This means that you will be spending well over $600 as opposed to the $99 mock-up price.

Similarly, at $45 only, the Tranont Tax Pack focuses solely on all things tax-related. Whether it be tax filings, consultation, or general guidance, Tranont claims that this is the product for you.

With all the claims made, a lot of skepticism still reigns.

Their financial consultants do not possess the appropriate license, and their products, except for the Tranont Credit Service, do not have any review to back up their claims.

Overall, the entire nature of the company makes it unethical to finalize a deal with them.

Tranont Health Products – Becoming An Associate

Becoming an affiliate marketer for Tranont is the only way to earn subsidiary income from the company.

As an independent contractor working for Tranont, you go about marketing their different products as well as trying to bring in new members into the organization.

The company has several levels where members move up to in their course to financial freedom.

The hierarchy starts with Associate at the bottom, then

  • Executive
  • Financial Consultant
  • 1 Star Financial Consultant
  • 2 Star Financial Consultant
  • Senior Financial Consultant
  • 1 Star Senior Financial Consultant
  • 2 Star Senior Financial Consultant
  • 3 Star Senior Financial Consultant
  • Regional Financial Specialist
  • Vice President
  • Senior Vice president
  • President
  • CEO

Membership Cost

All affiliate members must pay a whopping $349 sign-up fee, which they submit alongside an application form.

Furthermore, affiliate members are required to pay a $49 yearly membership fee.

Tranont Health Products – How Much Can I Make From This Opportunity?

Tranont Health Products - Can You Make Money With Them?

Let me say from the start that Tranont’s compensation plans outlined on the company’s website can be confusing at best!

Have found this to be the case with most of the MLMs I’ve reviewed – they all have compensation plans that are difficult to understand.

If you’d like to take a crack at it yourself, here is the link to Tranont’s Compensation Plan.

Generally, the task of making money through Tranont, or any other MLM-based business, for that matter, comes in two parts.

The first is affiliate marketing, where you receive money in exchange for selling quality products.

The second is a downline acquisition where you receive a particular amount per successfully registered individual.

Tranont has a compensation plan for all its members to benefit from. The company pays residual commissions through a series of plans.

Tranont’s compensation plan includes the Residual income plan, Seven commission generators, a Dual compensation plan, Leverage sales, and others.

However, only certain products generate commissions, and the company assigns a personal volume value to those products.

Overall, you can find everything you need concerning Tranont’s compensation plans in the company’s policy manual.

The Tranont Policy Manual shows everything one needs to know concerning its compensation grids.

With Tranont there are 3 primary ways to get paid:

  • You make a commission selling products to retail customers
  • Recruit people and build an MLM downline
  • Earn bonuses from becoming a licensed insurance agent.

Compensation Plan May Be Confusing For Some

The Compensation plans given on the website can be a little confusing. You can Click Here to take a look at Tranont’s compensation outline for yourself.

Some of the main points of the compensation plan are:

  • Your sales commissions (10-35%)
  • Monthly team bonus (gaining PV & GV to move up the “ranks”)
  • Car bonus ($1,500 PV & 3 customers with that volume or $1,500 GV & sponsor 3 recruiters with that volume)
  • Bonus pools (Become Emerald rank or above)
  • Tranont Life Commissions
  • Promotional trips and incentives

Also, the company created a plan called “ Tranont Jeep Bonus.”

You can become eligible to earn by doing one of two things:

  • Earn $1,500 GV (group volume) & sponsor 3 MLM recruiters with that volume
  • Earn $1,500 GV (group volume) & sponsor 3 MLM recruiters with that volume

Advantages of Tranont

  • BBB Rating: The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has Tranont listed as an A+ business.
  • Membership Flexibility: Purchasing a product is not a requirement for retaining your membership slot. Even though it is advisable to do so, it still is not a requirement, hence the membership flexibility.

Disadvantages Of Tranont

  • Biannual Subscription Fee: Members must pay a $125 monthly subscription fee to gain access to acquiring and selling products.
  • Annual Subscription Fee: Every associate member will continue to pay $49 annually to retain his or her Tranont membership.
  • Concealed Expenses: The company will not place any miscellaneous business expenses on its tab. This means that your accommodation, transportation, feeding, and phone bills are all on you. Consequently, the bonuses you acquire will still cost you. For example, if you qualify for a car, you will have to pay for the lease/loan, or else the company will cease to pay its monthly quota. This is unnecessary as it shows that the company is reluctant to pay for what you have earned.
  • Commission: Tranont does not guarantee its members any commission whatsoever. You spend a ton of money just to be able to purchase products.
  • Lack of Quality Staff: The company does not have any licensed financial consultant that handles its products. This means that they will not claim responsibility for any negative outcome.
  • Area of Operation: Tranont operates solely in the United States and Canada. This means that joining the company from outside these locations is virtually impossible.
  • Registration Cost: The cost of registration is ridiculous. An application fee of $349 is certainly a rip-off no matter how you look at it.

Tranont is similar to other multi-level marketing companies I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Tranont Health Products – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the one question that everybody wants to be answered is: Can you make great money with this opportunity?

To answer this is not entirely clear, but we draw a decisive conclusion by simply looking at all the evidence and facts available, as well as the company’s history.

With all this information at our disposal, we can boldly say that Tranont is not a company that people should jump into when seeking to earn money.

From the fact that the company has an ill-constructed compensation grid to the amount of money you need to pay prior to becoming a full-fledged member, the odds are not in your favor.

Furthermore, the majority of products that they offer consumers do not have the necessary certifications and approvals; hence, one cannot be sure that they are going to work as expected.

Even the reviews that they receive are not enough to act as a definitive marker of the product’s capabilities.

Overall, it would not be a stretch to say that if you are joining the company for a opportunity to make decent money, your chances are minimal at best.

Starting your own affiliate marketing business would certainly be more profitable than gifting this company the little money you have to spare.

If you think multi-level marketing is stilla viable way to make money, then consider the statistics in the next section.

Multi-Level Marketing Is A Bad Business Model

After an exhaustive study of over 300 MLMs, the Consumer Awareness Institute found that 99% of people who join multi-level marketing companies lose money.

That applies to ALL MLMs, the best and the worst companies.

Do you understand what that means? If you join an MLM organization you only have a 1% chance of not losing money.

I don’t find those statistics very encouraging when it comes to joining an MLM.

Here are some additional hard facts you need to consider before joining ANY multi-level marketing business:

  • 26%: The meager amount of people who actually earn a profit participating in MLM’s
  • You are 38%: more likely of making money with your own small, home-based business than by joining an MLM
  • 50%: Percentage of MLM reps who quit within 1 year after joining
  • 60%: percentage of people involved with MLMs earned less than $500 within the last 5 years of joining
  • There is a 10% – 20% higher rate of making a profit with an online business than it joining an MLM
  • You would have a 300 times higher chance of winning a game of roulette in Las Vegas from 1 single spin of the wheel than you would make a profit with an MLM
  • 99%: According to the Federal Trade Commission this is the number of all MLM participants who lose money
  • 47%: The number of participants who flat-out lose money according to the AARP Foundation
  • 27%: the percentage of people who make no money whatsoever in an MLM – AARP Foundation
  • 53%: This is the percentage of MLM participants who earn less than $5000 a year
  • 39%: the number of people who QUIT MLM’s because trying to sell services and products to family and friends damaged their relationships
  • 95%: The respective number of reps who quit within 10 years
  • 75%: The number of people who after participating in an MLM said that never again would they join another MLM in their life
  • 1,049: The number of MLM reps who make less than 70 cents an hour according to a 2018 poll of MLM reps representing various companies
  • 20%: of people involved with MLMs never made a sale
  • 32% of people involved with MLMs financed their MLM “business” by getting in credit card debt


References for the above facts are from the following sources:

Is There A Better Option?

If you’ve made the decision that becomming a distributor for Tranont isn’t right for you, there are other ways to learn how to make money.

As a matter of fact, making money with your own online business with affiliate marketing has become a real game-changer for tens of thousands of people just like you!

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From my experience, the best and easiest way to make money online is with affiliate marketing, especially if you are new at trying to make money online.

I say this because with affiliate marketing you NEVER have to participate in cold calling complete strangers.

Also, you’ll never have to convince potential clients to do business with you.

The best part is you can start affiliate marketing on a shoestring budget.

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