Tips For Writing Great Content So You Can Make Money Online

Tips For Writing Great Content So You Can Make Money Online

The Tips for Writing Great Content in this blog post will help you elevate your blog writing skills.

You already know how important content is for communicating your message, getting traffic, and making sales, which means making money.

However, you might be overlooking a few key points that will make your content truly great.

Tips for Writing Great Content – Write For Your Readers, NOT For The Search Engines. 

Tips For Writing Great Content So You Can Make Money Online

When you consider Tips for Writing Great Content, you always want to create content that helps your readers solve their problems!

Sometimes we get so caught up optimizing our content for SEO that we forget we’re really writing for our readers and not Google. 

I cannot emphasize this enough.

Wealth is created when you learn how to help people solve their problems.

Also, is your information useful for people, does it help them, educate them and entertain them? 

If you don’t write for your readers, your traffic isn’t going to get past your second paragraph.

They will close your site and move on to someone else’s.

Tips for Writing Great Content – Write For Your Readers, NOT Social Media 

Tips For Writing Great Content So You Can Make Money Online

All we hear about is social media.

Everyone wants to know what to put on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

This is the wrong approach and if you start writing for social media and not for your readers, you will pay dearly!

Instead, identify what your users want.

Identify their PROBLEM then consider the best way for delivering your content to help solve their problem.

Writing good content is about giving people what they want.

Use only those platforms that will effectively deliver the solutions to your client’s problems.

Tips for Writing Great Content – Don’t Be A Control Freak

Tips For Writing Great Content So You Can Make Money Online

Don’t fall into the mindset that you must “stay in control” of your content.

That type of limited thinking will only hinder the number of people you reach. 

Instead, build your content to travel so that it can be downloaded, embedded or shared.                                     

Think of your content as ambassadors traveling the world to tell others about your message.

The more your content travels, the more people it will reach, and the more traffic it can then send back to you.

Be Fruitful And Multiply

Are you writing one article or one blog post a week?

Guess what?

That may not be enough!

Try stepping it up to one a day, or even two pieces of content a day. 

Release as much great content as you can, and try to be consistent. 

Develop a range of different content within your niche.

Observe which type of content gets read and gets the most response. 

Pay attention to the comments of your readers – they’ll tell you what’s working.

Also, they will tell you what they love, and what they want more of.

Money Loves Speed

Tips For Writing Great Content So You Can Make Money Online

Lets look at a real situation that has happened to many writers.

You planned a series of articles on topic A, and during the second article you mentioned topic B.

However, people went nuts over topic B, which was not the topic you were writing about. 

They immediately want to know more about topic B. 

What do you do? 

It’s simple – give the people what they want. 

You can finish your series on topic A later if you like, but right now you’ve struck gold on topic B.

While topic B is HOT you need to mine it for all it’s worth. 

Give them great pieces of content on Topic B. 

Interview an expert or two on that topic and offer them affiliate products on that topic as well. 

Sometimes we hit the jackpot when we least expect it, and the most ridiculous thing you can do is NOT jump on it. 

Money loves speed, and customers love to have their desires satisfied NOW.

Stay open to what your readers are telling you they want to know and be flexible enough to roll with it.

Don’t Hit And Run

Last, don’t create your content and run. 

When you make a blog post, in many instances you’ll get comments from your readers.

Take the time to go back and ANSWER the replies you get. 

When you Tweet, stay on Twitter to respond to the responses you get, and so forth. 

Your interaction with the readers who comment on your articles or posts says as much about you as your content.

If you interact with your audience the right way, it says that you’re not just looking to make a fast buck.

What it ultimately says is you DO care about your readers. 

This is not only the classy thing to do – it’s also the most profitable in the end. 

Tips for Writing Great Content: Additional Resources

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