Throne Legacy Capital Review – What You Need To Know

Throne Legacy Capital Review - What You Need To Know

Welcome to this Throne Legacy Capital Review

Throne Legacy Capital is a forex-based MLM company that claims to have been launched in 2019 with its headquarters located in Hong Kong.

While I don’t have any information about its headquarters, I can tell you that the registration of their website domain was done on Jan 29, 2019.

Also, when you look at the photos of the company’s headquarters on the website, all you’ll find are a bunch of images of empty office space.

Supposedly, Carl Ronny is the CEO of TLC.

Throne Legacy Capital Review - What You Need To Know

The marketing material released by TLC makes the following claims about Ronny:

Ronny apparently graduated from Leiden University. He holds a Business Management degree and has worked for multiple investment groups across Europe and the US at the management level.

He has also successfully led multiple investment projects, generating a substantial amount of profits for these companies through his efforts.

Also, with a finance career spanning over 10 years, Ronny has successfully beaten the returns of the S&P 500 indexes by helping his investors make the right investments that yielded them a huge amount of capital gains.

However, you’ll find no information regarding Ronny outside TLC’s marketing materials.

That’s highly suspicious, to say the least.

In Sept 2019, TLC hosted a marketing event in Malaysia. However, the official video of this event released by the company doesn’t have Ronny in it at all.

Throne Legacy Capital Review – What Products Are Offered

The company doesn’t offer any retail services or products.

Apparently, affiliates earn money by marketing TLC’s affiliate membership program.

Whenever a company like this offers no retail products to the public and their only source of revenue is signing up new members, that’s a warning sign!

Compensation Plan Offered by Throne Legacy Capital

Throne Legacy Capital Review - What You Need To Know

All TLC affiliates are required to invest around $1500 in exchange for a monthly income source of consistent profits.

As the investment size grows, so do the expected returns. Invested funds cannot be withdrawn from the company for 2 years from the date of investment.

TLC’s marketing materials have this to say regarding their compensation plan:

Investors can only make withdrawals after 2 years.

In case the principal amount gets withdrawn before 24 months are over, all premiums are forfeit.

Additionally, 10% of bonuses and commissions earned by investors are retained by the company, which uses it for reinvestment purposes on behalf of the investor.

There’s no way around this.

TLC Affiliate Ranks

The compensation program at TLC has 7 different affiliate ranks.

Commissions get paid based on the number of new investors brought in by TLC affiliates and their downlines.

Generation Bonus

The company also pays out a Generation Bonus, which is calculated by tracking generations made through the uni-level compensation structure.

Unilevel compensation structures have the first affiliate placed at the very top of their team. Every new affiliate they personally bring in gets placed under them at Level 1.

When Level 1 affiliates bring in new affiliates, the new affiliates are placed at Level 2 in the uni-level team.

When Level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, the new affiliates are placed at Level 3 in the uni-level team.

GW Referral Bonus

Any affiliate who invests in a TLC package valued at $1500, $15000, or $30000 is eligible to receive referral commissions extending to the third level.

Referral commissions get paid using the uni-level team, which is also used for calculating the Generational Bonus.

Referral Bonus payouts are:

  • 50% on total income generated by Level 1 affiliates
  • 15% on total income generated by Level 2 affiliates
  • 10% on total income generated by Level 3 affiliates

How to Join Throne Legacy Capital

To join Throne Legacy Capital, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of $1500.

You can also invest in GW Packages valued at $1500, $15000, or $30000.

Shenanigans – I Call Shenanigans

TLC claims that it’s the world’s biggest tech-driven investment platform in the market.

But that’s a bold statement, especially when you consider the fact that it’s virtually unheard of by anyone else in the market.

TLC claims to provide passive returns to its investors.

An MLM company that markets passive returns is offering securities-related products.

To be legal, an MLM company that offers securities-related products needs to be registered with the financial regulators of the country.

However, they offer no information regarding such registration with any financial regulatory agencies in the world.

TLC claims to have strategic partnerships with Aplex V.A. Limited and IBH Investment Bank.

Before going ahead, I just want to say that these claimed “partnerships” are not to be taken as evidence of their regulatory legality.

Let’s take a look at IBH Investment Bank.

When you visit IBH Investment Bank’s official website, you’ll be presented with a COVID-19 pandemic warning.

This is to comply with the public health regulations laid out by the Government of Malaysia.

Once you dismiss this message, you’ll then be presented with a warning regarding a case of fraudulent activities in India related to IBH Investment Bank.

While the fraud case is indeed notable, it doesn’t have anything to do with TLC, but what’s interesting here is that IBH Investment Bank is based out of Malaysia.

As you might probably know, Malaysia is infamous for being home to numerous MLM forex fraudulent programs.

TLC is based out of Malaysia doesn’t surprise me in the least.

I’d even say that their claims about being based out of Hong Kong are nothing more than an outright lie.

My best guess is that TLC is run by fraudulent Malaysian scammers.

More Shenanigans

We’ll now look into Aplex VA Limited. There’s not a lot to find out there though.

Apex Limited stated that it has been in the industry for over 24 years. It’s amusing that such an established company only registered its website on March 3, 2020.

There’s zero ownership information on their official website as well.

A stock photo from the Internet has been used to represent their company management.

This is probably a front for money laundering.

TLC has established several bank accounts to launder funds gathered from their investors; they’re likely using Aplex Limited and other shell companies for these purposes.

Limestone FX Pty Limited appears to be a shell company as well. It’s one of the two companies featured as a business partner on their website.

Fraudulent forex schemes do this all the time.

Australian and New Zealand shell companies are often used for fooling banks into thinking that they are legitimate.

Why is TLC engaging in such suspicious activities instead of simply getting registered by the Malaysian authorities as a company selling financial products?

Why TLC Is Not Transparent

That’s because TLC is an outright scam.

If you look closely, you’ll realize that new investment is pretty much the only revenue stream TLC has.

They use new investments to pay returns to their existing affiliates while claiming that their forex trading is what generates these profits.

What do we call such companies? Ponzi schemes.

Like every other MLM Ponzi scheme, new investments will eventually dry up as affiliate recruitment slows down.

As a result of this, TLC will no longer have any new revenues and will collapse eventually.

Throne Legacy Capital is similar to other scams I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Kwanky Tse, who is the guy running this scam, has over 2 years to stash the funds away in his shell companies.

Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia are infamous for being soft on fraudulent MLM forex schemes.

Ponzi schemes are mathematically guaranteed to go bust beyond a certain point. When that happens, a vast majority of the participants will walk away with their fingers burnt.

However, there’s one issue I need to address…

Why You Are Reading This Post

You’re reading this post because you’re trying to find a way to make money online.

The problem is this: SCAM programs like Throne Legacy Capital saturate the internet.

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Here is an indisputable fact:

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