The Real Money Streams Review – What You Need To Know

The Real Money Streams Review - What You Need To Know

The Real Money Streams Review you’re about to read is unbiased because I am not an affiliate for Real Money Streams.

Like you, I just want to find out if you can make $500 a day as they claim.

The owners of this program claim all you need to do is to do a few simple tasks and PRESTO! – you earn big money. 

What do you think of this kind of product?

Below, I will share with you a review of Real Money Streams.

Real Money Stream Review 

  • Owner: “Chris Johnson…” I’m pretty sure that’s not the real owner’s name.
  • Price: $37 then annoying upsells.
  • Website:
  • My opinion: You don’t really need to join this program. The reason why I wouldn’t pay for this limited information is that everything in this program can be found online for free.
  • Overall Rating: 20 out of 100
  • The Bottom Line: I do not recommend this Real Money Stream product. 

The Real Money Streams Review – What Is Real Money Streams About? 

The Real Money Streams Review - What You Need To Know

This product is one of the numerous Clickbank products in the marketplace. 

It is supposed to make you earn money online by doing different types of activities.

Real  Money Streams is supposed to teach you how to find simple tasks to complete and earn money online.

This platform supposedly is simple to use. According to the owner, all you need to do is the following:

  • join the program
  • get access to the training
  • get jobs
  • finally, get paid

One of the problems with Real Money Streams is you’re not quite sure what to expect because what you will be doing is not exactly clear.

What you get according to the sales page are some small online and offline tasks you can do to supposedly make $500 per week.

Real Money Streams is going to show you the best way to do this – after you pay your $37.

What do you get for your $37? 

You get access to a number of PDFs that outline basic information regarding different ways to make $500 a week.

 The main way you supposedly make money online is through a platform called Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Real Money Stream Review – How Do You Make Money? 

The main recommendation for making money according to Real Money Streams is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. 

There are a number of activities you can complete on Mechanical Turk and you will be able to earn some bucks.

However, it won’t come anywhere close to the $500 a week promised by Real Money Streams.

Also, the “advanced training” on affiliate marketing and creating an affiliate website is mediocre at best. 

Actually, you can go directly to Amazon Mechanical Turk and sign up to make money on their platform.

That being the case, then why do you need to pay Real Money Streams to do it?

The Real Money Streams Review – What You Need to Know 

When you take a good look at the Real Money Stream product, there’s no real value to it.

What you get are links to other sites on the internet.

Then, you need to note that the overestimated income-earning of $7000 every month is not true.

Yes, it is possible to make that amount with a real online job, but not with what Real Money Streams recommended in this product.

One good point is Real Money Streams actually offers legit ways to earn some money online.

The platform offers actual tasks you can perform to earn money, so they are actually telling the truth here.

It’s just that the money you make is nowhere near the $500 dollars a week claimed on the sales page. 

Some of the ways to earn are picking up groceries, proofreading, data entry, labeling photos, and other tasks.

However, the payout to complete some of these tasks is so low that some may consider it not being worth their time.

Real Money Streams Attempts To Be Straightforward

There are some exaggerated claims on the sales page,

However, when you look at the website in its entirety Real Money Streams is straightforward about the work involved.

Compared to many other websites I’ve reviewed, Real Money Streams comes across in an honest fashion.

For instance, you are told you have to actually work to get paid!

WOW! Imagine that!

A make-money-online program that tells people they actually have to work!

They also do not claim you will become rich overnight and I don’t see instances of exaggerated claims throughout the website.

In my opinion, the tasks they suggest you perform will make it quite difficult to reach the $500 a week goal.

When you consider the massive amounts of time involved, this is not the best way to make money online.

The reason these types of websites appeal to people is because most individuals who sign up for these programs are in need of money TODAY, RIGHT NOW.

They aren’t thinking about their long-term financial prospects because they’re focused on getting by today.

My experience is that if you are primarily focused on just getting by, it’s very difficult to build a long-term strategy for the future.

Also, the fact that this is a Clickbank product means there is a great money-back guarantee.

Clickbank has a very good reputation for honoring its money-back guarantees.

Real Money Stream Review – Is The Owner Real?

In the case of Real Money Streams, you are only told the owner is Chris.

Another problem I have with Real Money Streams is that we are only told the owner’s name is “Chris.”

We have no idea what he looks like and we have no information about him.

Not having the ability to verify the owner is a huge red flag to me.

The reason this is done is that many so-called “owners” don’t want to take the heat when the complaints and bad publicity start rolling in.

This is another point to consider before joining.

Real Money Streams is similar to other programs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Is Real Money Streams A Scam?

Fortunately, I won’t call this product a scam.  

Although you don’t really get what you expect from it, compared to other products I’ve reviewed, I don’t think this is an outright SCAM.

However, it’s right on the borderline of being a SCAM.

Are some of the claims made on the sales page somewhat exaggerated? Yes, but not to the point where I would flat-out say it’s a scam.

However, this type of business model appeals to those individuals who are in immediate need of cash now. 

I don’t recommend it because programs like these are a terrible use of valuable time.

These types of programs endeavor to appeal to people who need money as soon as possible; who are trying to make ends meet TODAY. 

However, the ONLY people who are “making ends meet” are the owners of this website when they make money off of your desperation.

Furthermore, The Real Money Streams promote strategies that are outdated and there is no depth in the training materials.

You can easily find the same material with a Google search from PLR material and free e-books.

The mediocre, generic quality of the material makes it not worth the price.

In order to bring the best value to the marketplace, you have to have a platform that’s regularly updated.

The platform that I’ve used to build this very blog, Wealthy Affiliate, is constantly updated for the benefit of its subscribers.

Unlike the high-quality Wealthy Affiliate, this is basically a low-quality internet marketing resource.

So What Do I Recommend?

As mentioned earlier, my recommendation to build a profitable online business is Wealthy Affiliate.

Some of the reasons why I decided to build my business through Wealthy Affiliate are outlined below.

Please understand the below reasons are just a SMALL list of the benefits you gain by building your online business through Wealthy Affiliate:

What Are You Going To Do?

The days of hoping to find enough paid surveys to make good money online have long been over.

To be completely honest, surveys and online tasks were never designed for a man or woman to make a full-time income from it.

Everything comes down to what you are willing to do to participate in your own financial rescue.

No one is calling you on the phone to give you money.

There is no one who will be knocking on your door to bring financial relief to you.

No one is coming to rescue you financially.

YOU have to participate in your own financial rescue.

Wealthy Affiliate is the BEST platform to make that happen.

Thousands of people were living lives of quiet desperation before joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Now they are making excellent money online and living life on their terms.

Are YOU living a life of “quiet desperation”?

What will you do?

Talk Soon,


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