The Mass Income Machine Review

The Mass Income Machine Review

The Mass Income Machine Review is necessary when you consider what this program promises.

You will rake in as much as $42,000 in 30 days, simply by working from home. 

This is what Mass Income Machine promises you in the sales video.

You may have been thinking about this too and have a number of questions.

I know I have.

The main question I have is: such as: “Can this be true or some form of gimmick to sway people off their money?”

For that reason, The Mass Income Machine Review I composed will clear things up.

Also, I will touch on different points about it so you can make an informed buying decision on it.

The Mass Income Machine Review

The Product Name: Mass Income Machine
Their Website:
The Price: $37.00 Plus Up-Sells
The Name of the Owners: Jacob Allen – not the real owner
Do I Recommend This Product? Absolutely Not!

The Mass Income Machine Review – Nothing Gained From The Video

The Mass Income Machine Review

This is just like many other Clickbank products that I have reviewed in the past.

Mass Income Machine has a sales video that refuses to tell you about the product itself.

What they rather focus on is how their product is going to make you a lot of money.

Also, you’re going to make this money within the shortest time frame possible.

Imagine a product being sold online that gives you a guarantee of success.

However, the same product refuses to tell you what it takes to make that success happen.

Do you think it makes any sense to put your money on such a product?

The sales video tells you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about how Mass Income Machines works.

The Mass Income Machine Review – A Contradiction

I can’t say this enough: there are no shortcuts to making money online.

Unless you have a huge pile of money somewhere that you can invest, you won’t earn a lot of money overnight.

If you want to follow the route described by “Jacob”, then you should be concerned.

He says you will soon get from between 4 to 5 figures as your earning rate increases every week.

Also, he is saying by purchasing his product – the Mass Income Machine, you will be able to leave your regular salaried job.

He promises you will make money far more than you can imagine.

But Wait!

He sells this product for just $37?!

ONLY $37 dollars?

Thats it? For a “business opportunity” that claims it’s going to make you over $40,000 in just 30 days?!

C’mon Man! Are you kidding me?!

Mass Income Machine Is A Clickbank Product

When you watch the sales video, you notice from the bottom right that this is a ClickBank product.

It’s been my experience that most of the scam, low grade products that I’ve reviewed are on the Clickbank platform.

Similarly, ClickBank products are usually accompanied with an upsell.

Are upsells bad?

No, it is a business model that has worked for decades.

However, if you aren’t being told what Mass Income Machines is or what it does, why on earth would you buy the upsells?

Mass Income Machine Has A Fake Owner

That “owner” we’ve been talking about, “Jacob Allen?”

He’s a FAKE, FRAUD and a PHONY!

Here he is again on the sales video:

The Mass Income Machine Review

The “owner” was a bought and paid for Shuttsestock photo!

The Mass Income Machine Review

Is Mass Income Machine A Scam?

At this point, the origionators of this product have not shown how this system works.

Also, they have not shown the exact things you will be doing to make this work.

I will have to conclude that this Mass Income Machine is a SCAM.

When you read other “reviews” about this product, some reviewers have said that this is not a scam.

I read one review that said that “if you look at the training, it does bring some value to people.”

I’m sorry – you can’t mix in some truth with a lot of lies and come out expecting not to be viewed as a SCAM!

Personally, I don’t understand how you can say this product is not a SCAM.

  • Rehashed product – formerly called Profit 24/7
  • FAKE owner “Jacob Allen”
  • Absolutely no information in the sales video as to what you’ll be doing -huge red flag!

I can prove the fact that this is a rehashed product that used to be called Profit 24/7.

Look at this snapshot from the sales video:

The Mass Income Machine Review

Somebody forgot to remove “Profit 24/7” and replace it with Mass Income Machine!”

What these guys will give you is similar to what other SCAM products I’ve reviewed:

My Hidden Pages

The 60 Minute Profit Plan

Inbox Income

High Traffic Academy

Fast Income Generator

You get a lousy pdf with no value, send you to a website and they are off.

Don’t even imagine that you will make anything close to 4 or 5 figures like the owner claimed in the video.

Mass Income Machines gets my BIG Fat Shenanigans Award!

The Mass Income Machine Review

If you are determined to learn how to make money online, you need to consider other legitimate options.

By the way, you will not get rich quick, but you CAN get rich slowly!

Similarly, you will be able to build a great foundation for a real business that, in the future will earn you money even when you are sleeping.

Do you want to know more about that? Let’s look at the business I’m involved with:

Building A Legitimate Online Business

I use a legitimate and comprehensive platform that can show you how to get started in your online money-making venture.

The name of the platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

I should tell you that I started out online getting scammed by products such as Mass Income Machine.

I don’t want others to fall victim the same way I did.

That’s why I will always be thankful to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate training is what gave me the strong foundation I needed to build a successful online business.

However, it gets better.

You can start a FREE account and get ti try out the platform with no financial obligation whatsoever!

If you are as impressed with Wealthy Affiliate as I was, you can get a Premium Account and experience MORE benefits!

Below is a chart that compares both the Free Account and the Premium Account:

Start you online success story TODAY!

You CAN Do This!

Talk Soon,


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