The Instant Income Method: Big Money For The Average Joe?

The Instant Income Method: Big Money For The Average Joe?

I’ve been asked this question: The Instant Income Method: What Is It About? The Instant Income Method is an online sales funnel by internet marketer Mack Mills.

The Instant Income Method promotes a credit repair Multi-Level-Marketing company known as My Econ.

My goal was to take a closer look at The Instant Income Method to see if the average Joe can make money online with it.

However, The Instant Income Method is no longer available.

Update 2021: The Instant Income Method Is No Longer Available

Again, another make-money platform that claims to help people create financial freedom has sailed off into oblivion.

When you now type in the URL you get nothing in return.

Although the Instant Income Method is dead, there is MUCH you can learn about online marketing when you look at the circumstances behind this platform.

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What Was The Instant Income Method?

The Instant Income Method: Big Money For The Average Joe?
  • Program Name: Instant Income Method
  • Website:
  • Price: $97 + $20 + $35/month
  • Owner: Mack Mills
  • Do I Recommend This: I cannot recommend because the URL no longer works
  • Is This A SCAM: No, this is not a scam

The Instant Income Method was the brainchild of owner Mack Mills.

Over the past decade, Mack Mills has created some of the best sales funnels in the business.

However, using the name “Instant Income” was somewhat misleading.

Many unsuspecting newbies, based on the name “Instant”, reasoned that it would take very little time to set this system up and start making money online.

The very name “Instant Income Method” smacks of promising a fast way to make money online.

However, regardless of the title, this isn’t some promise of quick online profits.

There is absolutely nothing “instant” when it comes to making money online.

Any successful online marketer will tell you that it takes time for your online marketing to gain traction.

Mack Mills Was Out In Front Of His Product

In the video, Mack Mills was actually using himself, not some paid actor from Fiverr.

I mention this because it’s a common practice to use fake spoke persons hired from platforms like Fiverr.

On many “make money” sales videos the real owners/scammers behind the video don’t want to expose themselves.

However, this was not the case with Mack Mills.

He’s more than happy to put his face out there.

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How Did The Instant Income Method Work?

Instant Income Method was not actually a product/system but instead, it’s was a sales funnel.

It promoted an MLM credit repair company called My Econ.

Mills created his Instant Income Method website to help drive more sign-ups into his multi-level marketing opportunity My Econ.

When I first looked at the sales video, I jumped to the conclusion that this is probably a scam because it starts, with that familiar music, a pile of cash, fancy cars, and big mansions, which are all the signs of a typical SCAM.

However, the Instant Income Method was not a SCAM; it actually was a sales marketing funnel into the financial MLM company called MyEcon ( short for “My Economy”)

The Instant Income Method: Big Money For The Average Joe?

A Sales Funnel For A MLM

What Instant Income Method was really offering here is a marketing system for you to promote the MLM MyEcon with.

If you were going to join an MLM like MyEcon, then it would’ve been beneficial to use Mack Mills’s marketing funnel to build your MLM business.

MyEcon is a network marketing company with legit products and it’s not a scam.

Mack Mills is an affiliate for this company so if you joined using his sales funnel, you will actually be joining his downline.

If you are considering joining an MLM similar to MyEcon and you want to do more than chase friends and family, joining the Instant Income Method did have its advantages.

Mack Mills provided his referrals with a replicated version of the same Instant Income Method website.

The Instant Income Method: Big Money For The Average Joe?

There are TWO steps a person would take when joining The Instant Income Method:

First, you would join myEcon for $19.95 (and $34.95 every month thereafter)

Second, you would have paid $97 for access to Mack’s sales funnel, so you can start promoting myEcon with the same funnel you are joining through.

When you do this you would have joined under Mack Mills directly or through someone else in his down line who is using the system themselves.

The Instant Income Method: Big Money For The Average Joe?

Promoting MyEcon

Once you became part of The Instant Income Method, your marketing funnel would have allowed you to promote myEcon.

The system consisted of some lead capture pages, sales videos, extra training, and access to a private Facebook group.

Mack Mills knows a thing or two about setting up high converting sales funnels and his name is familiar in the internet marketing industry.

Mr.Mills been very successful in the make money online niche.

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Watch Out! Multi-Level Marketing Is Risky

You may want to think twice about the myEcon MLM opportunity, or ANY multi-level marketing “business opportunity.”

It’s not as easy as you think to make money with any company that is a Multi-Level-Marketing organization.

After the FTC closed MLM powerhouses Digital Altitude and MOBE, I DO NOT recommend involvement with Multi-Level-Marketing organizations.

Are all MLM’s suspect?

No, there are some solid MLM’s that promote great products.

However, I don’t personally recommend involvement with MLM’s, as there are too many shady issues that eventually affect the commissions of innocent members.

Just ask anyone from Digital Altitude and MOBE who never got hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions.

They’ll never see those commissions – ever!

I Personally Don’t Recommend Joining An MLM

So personally, I just can’t recommend ANY MLM after what happened to these people!

The bottom line is Mack Mills’s “Instant Income Method” was not a stand-alone platform.

Instant Income Method was a well-made sales funnel that directly promoted the MLM myEcon.

The Instant Income Method allowed you to benefit from Mack’s experience and expertise in creating high-converting sales funnels.

This was huge because quite often the “official” sales videos and funnels for many multi-level-marketing companies are horrible at converting visitors into members and sales.

When you consider these facts, this is why I ALWAYS recommend that you build your own online business so that you aren’t held hostage by a platform that no longer works.

Is Instant Income Method a Scam?

This is definitely not a scam.

Mack Mills has been in the internet marketing industry for many years and for certainty is not a scammer.

Mack Mills creates high converting sales funnels such as VSL (video sales letters) that convert incredibly well for other marketers’ opportunities.

Although Mack Mills sales videos have proven to convert, I’m very hesitant to recommend anyone signing up as an affiliate because it’s connected to the MLM myEcon.

If you’re going to promote the myEcon MLM or any other MLM online, it’ll be hard to do so without a great marketing system.

The reason I say this is because the in-house marketing systems that most MLMs use for their members are severely ineffective, which is one of the reasons why the majority of members don’t make any money.

I still get chills when I think of all of those Digital Altitude and MOBE members who lost THOUSANDS in commissions because the Federal Trade Commission shut them down.

Why I Can’t Recommend It

Since The Instant Income Method is connected to the MLM myEcon, I cannot recommend it because you would have to become a member of MyEcon to fully benefit from The Instant Income Method.

Personally, I’m not recommending anything connected to MLM.

That’s just my opinion.

It doesn’t make my opinion right, but my experience with every MLM I’ve ever been involved with has not ended well. Not one!

Since the Federal Trade Commission shut down Digital Altitude, Aspire and MOBE, all MLM organizations are in the crosshairs now!

If you are reading this blog post and are a complete newbie to making money online, unless you get the right training with the right tools then you’ll probably still struggle to make money.

If you want a real solution for making money online check out my thorough review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Talk Soon,


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8 thoughts on “The Instant Income Method: Big Money For The Average Joe?”

  1. So basically Instant Income Method is a marketing system created by Mack Mills.

    So far as I see from your review, he was involved in MLM network marketing.

    I am not a fan of MLM pyramid business model. Why?

    They force you to recruit peoples into a system because its the only way you can earn “serious” money.

    At one point this pyramid breaks down when there are no new members.

    Another problem is the traffic. I suppose that they suggest paid traffic, I’m not sure that it is profitable for a beginner.

    The problem is a conversion because a lot of other people are doing the same.

    Have a nice day,


    • Hey Leo,

      MLM companies have been put on notice by the Federal Trade Commission: Clean up your business practices!

      They’re not playing this time, as in the case of MOBE and Digital Altitude.

      Look Out…

      Talk Soon,


  2. Thanks for sharing this article on the income method. I really like the way you review this and explained in simple way that readers will get the point. I have been a victim of scam for. One multi level marketing which I was not paid after marketing and referring lot of people. I have really stayed away from MLM. I will have a thought on instant income and make a decision. I have bookmarked this page for regular updates. Thanks

    • Thank You for taking the time to consider this post.

      I’m happy to provide some value to the lives of people who are looking to make money online.

      Talk Soon,


  3. A great article and I feel reassured reading this as there are so many people doing this type of thing and I also see you are recommending a truly great place- Wealthy Affiliate- Thank you

    I am a member and they are the best in my opinion 

    I have built 2 successful Online businesses and love working from my home fulltime

    Thanks for sharing this post and all the best

    • Hey Vicki,

      I wish you all the best in your online business! Thank You for taking the time to read my post.

      Talk Soon,


  4. Hi Howard

     I have read the whole review about The Instant Income Method: Just What Exactly Is It?

    Really this is an amazing review.I wasn’t familiar with this website but after reading your review i have learn that this a great platform to earn money.Nowadays online affiliate market is the best option for earn money.The instant income method is such kind of website where we can earn money.After reading this review i have also learn this is not a scam. It is a real website where anyone can be earn a quite handsome money.This review is a very helpful for those people who want to know the whole details of the instant income method as you highlighted about this website so nicely. Thank you for sharing such an informative review.I will share this review with my friends and relatives so that they can be benefited from this.

    • You are welcome!

      Yes, the Instant Income Method is legit, and so is it’s create, Mack Mills. The reason don’t promote it is because it’s connected to a MLM “business opportunity” called My Ecom.

      Multi-Level-Marketing organizations today are in the crosshairs of the Federal Trade Commission. All of them have been put on notice to clean up their business practices…or else!

      Thank you for reading my post.

      Talk Soon,



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