The Digital Network Review – What You Need To Know

The Digital Network Review - What You Need To Know

The Digital Network is a new company that supposedly can help you make money.

I’ll be taking a look at it with this post of The Digital Network Review.

The probability is someone might have come up to you with this opportunity and you’ve come here to make sure it’s not a scam.

There’s good news. I’ll be taking a look at The Digital Network, its products, and its compensation so you’ll be able to take the correct decision.

Be really attentive and go through this review till the end.

Who Owns The Digital Network?

The Digital Network Review - What You Need To Know

By checking out The Digital Network, I’ve noticed that there isn’t any data on who operates or who owns it anywhere.

I’ve even checked numerous social media networks and there’s nothing available.

Usually, you can find information on social media platforms, but after checking Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and a few others, there is basically NO information on the company.

I then dug deeper and checked the WHOIS data for “”

The information is private and it was filed on December 29, 2019.

I don’t know why people start businesses without disclosing anything about them.

This, to me, is a BIG RED FLAG that puts this in the “it is a scam” area.

Anyways, let’s look at their products.

Does The Digital Network Have Products?

The Digital Network Review - What You Need To Know

They could have redeemed themselves by featuring actual services or retail products and it would have given them some credibility.

Regrettably, they don’t have any retail products.

However, you’ll be able to become an associate and market their associate memberships.

Once you enroll, you’ll be able to choose one of these items:

  • Million Dollar Kit – basic data regarding Bitcoin (Costs $47)
  • Bitcoin Multiplier – entrée to “private Facebook group” including promotional tools (Costs $497)
  • Billionaire Secrets Advanced Underground – details not provided (costs $1997)

You also have an “All-Inclusive” membership scheme combining all three items (costs $1247).

When a network marketing “company” has no retail products for sale and relies mostly on new associate memberships, this is dangerous territory!

Usually, this is the sign of a Ponzi scheme.

Digital Network reminds me of some other “business opportunities” I’ve recently reviewed:

Compensation Plans And Joining Costs

New associates will have to buy one of the available memberships between $47 to $1,997 in order to earn commissions.

Going for the All-Inclusive membership scheme, you’ll earn fees on all products.

All fees are paid using a unilevel compensation plan on purchase price percentages based on the below:

  • Level 1 – 40%
  • Level 2 – 10%
  • Level 3 – 5%

What are the joining costs?

The company’s associate membership is NIL, but you’ll have to buy items worth $47 for being part of this business.

Also, to be paid for all things, you’ll have to buy every item individually costing $2541, or an all-inclusive membership costing $1247.

In contrast to the other reviews, I’ll be calling this how it actually is.

Be really attentive now…

Is The Digital Network A Scam?

Is this really a scam? The answer is yes.

The company asserts the following:

“Ability to get 10+ Bitcoins each month irrespective of your previous experience or training.”

This STARTLING Bitcoin Multiplier Will Help You Get 10+ Bitcoins Each Month With No Prior Experience!

Both these claims are bold.

They’re more like “we’re billionaires, pay attention” kind of thing.

All this can be thrown out the door because they aren’t forthcoming about themselves.

Also, there isn’t any PROOF of this. It makes this even more terrible.

Similarly, it looks to be a pay-for-play opportunity with no services or retail products to lock in customers.

The company doesn’t have customers, just associates.

Once money flow from new sign-ups stops, The Digital Network will go down. No one will be held accountable for this.

I won’t personally suggest a company such as this.

These Types Of Cryptocurrency Scams Are Everywhere

The company advertises itself as giving you the “Ability to get 10+ Bitcoins each month irrespective of your previous experience or training.”

“This STARTLING Bitcoin Multiplier Will Help You Get 10+ Bitcoins Each Month With No Prior Experience!”

Also, there are this whole “Hey guys, I know these billionaires’ secrets” gimmick.

Making these types of claims is one thing, but to work legally you’ll have to back these claims with evidence that is verifiable.

Who’s really behind the company then?

Seemingly a guy whose name is “Rahman” and he accepts only Bitcoin.

If The “Business” Is Non-Regulated, Stay Away From It

The company is a non-regulated investment business.

The issue with non-regulated investment businesses is they ignore legal regulations and aren’t reliable at all.

You need to make sure and stay far away from these types of non-regulated investment Ponzi schemes.

They are identifiable and most of them have the same characteristics that have proven to be consistent.

However, once they start feeling the heat from government regulators, they can quickly vanish into thin air without any notice at all.

No CEO, No Retail Products, No Way…

To check whether you’re dealing with well-known and regulated investment businesses, you ought to easily find the company’s CEO.

The company should have retail products available to the public, the other people involved, its products, their brokerage firms, who and all are operating it, etc.

The lack of data becomes a huge RED FLAG as you won’t know who all are managing with your hard-earned money.

Due to this reason, the company is an unsafe investment business to work with.

Keeping aside promoting digital products based on fake earning claims, the MLM part of the company is your regular pyramid system.

You enroll, pay fees over 3 levels for qualifying, and you get money when you enroll others who also do this same thing.

When enrollment inevitably decelerates, the company will collapse and a major share of the members will lose their cash.

Are you looking to build a GENUINE business without depending on these undependable companies and want to actually do this long-term?

Stop blindly jumping into Ponzi schemes and build a business long-term.

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