The 5RR Freedom Formula: Can It Make You Money?

The 5RR Freedom Formula: Can  It Make You Money?

This post is about The 5RR Freedom Formula: Can It Make You Money?

Many have wondered if The 5RR Freedom Formula is the platform they can use to make money online. was founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman on February 1, 2010.

The question many people ask is: Can you make money online with Fiverr?

When I say “make money online”‘ I refer to the type of money which allows you to replace your 9 to 5 job income.

Joshua Chan, Desmond Ong, and Art Flair came together to produce a product called The 5RR Freedom Formula.

According to them, The 5RR Freedom Formula will show you how you can make over three thousand dollars ($3,000) per month.

They claim this can be done without a website using the Fiverr platform.

The 5RR Freedom Formula: Can  It Make You Money?

In fact, you won’t even be working for more than an hour per day and you’ll still be able to make enough money to take care of yourself and save for your next exotic vacation.

All you have to do is follow the training being offered in their product.

The 5RR Freedom Formula: Don’t Believe the Hype

I’m here to give you the facts, not hype.

The 5RR Freedom Formula won’t deliver on the promises being displayed on their sales page.

Everything Joshua taught in the member’s area of this same product will take a lot more than thirty days to accomplish.

Get your mind off making $3,000 in 30 days as promised on the sales page.

As I looked closer at the information in this product, something was obvious to me.

The 5RR Freedom Formula is FREE information pulled from the internet and packaged as a paid product.

I’ll give you an example: In Joshua Chan’s product he talks about how to create a landing page on GetResponse, which is available for free on the Internet,

This isn’t some secret information that should cost money to have access to.

Type the related words into the search bar and what do you get?

A lot of free information on how to create a landing page on GetResponse, 82,000 results to learn from.

That’s more than enough information on the subject, and it was all absolutely free.

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Online Choice for New Internet Marketers and has Helped People from Around the World to Learn to Make Money Online Successfully.

Here Come the Upsells

Joshua Chan’s product has a number of upsells.

Before you actually get the 5RR Freedom Formula I was offered three different upsells and two different down sells.

The first one was a $17 upsell, the second one was a $12 down sell.

The 5RR Freedom Formula: Can  It Make You Money?

The third was a $27 upsell, the fourth was another down sell worth $19.95, and the final one was an upsell worth $67.

The 5RR Freedom Formula: Can  It Make You Money?

I have said this in many of my posts: a REAL platform that’s designed to benefit those who are trying to build a business online will INCLUDE what’s needed in the program WITHOUT THE UPSELLS! Period.

Poor Value for the Money

The 5RR Freedom Formula devotes an entire video to Joshua Chan explaining the importance of having a positive mindset.

Chan talks about how a positive, mental attitude is one big success factor for internet marketers.

The 5RR Freedom Formula: Can  It Make You Money?

Having the right mindset is something the majority of online marketers should already know.

However, many of them don’t practice what they preach. (that’s another subject for another post…)

The honest truth is that devoting an entire video to positive motivation does not give the customer or student great value for their money!

People paid their hard-earned money to supposedly learn how to make $3,000 in 30 days, so to devote a whole video to this is a waste of money and a waste of the customers time.

I listen to a lot of audios relating to having the right mindset while I’m working.

I can tell you that much of what Joshua Chan is charging for I can get the same material FREE online and on YouTube.

“For years I’ve been trying to learn how to make money online. I’ve tried a number of so-called “programs” that did nothing but take my money and waste my time. Wealthy Affiliate is the answer to my problems because it’s affordable, the lessons are easy and I actually enjoy seeing myself make progress day by day. It’s truly amazing!”

– Howard Spinney, a Wealthy Affiliate member since 2017

Talk, Talk…and More Talk
The 5RR Freedom Formula: Can  It Make You Money?

Going on with the 5RR Freedom Formula training, Joshua Chan talked about how you can turn your Fiver gigs into a nice business, and all he did was talk.

No demonstration or over-the-shoulder videos whatsoever on how to achieve all he was talking about.

Throughout the entire video, he kept theorizing. Talk, talk, and more talk. Nothing practical; no step-by-step; just talk.

That’s two videos down and no practical application methods from the Joshua Chan’s 5RR Freedom Formula.

On to the next video; again, Joshua Chan continued with his theories.

He kept talking about building a list of well-paying customers and how you need to stop trading your time for money.

He also mentioned the need to use the multiple business opportunities found on Fiverr to your advantage.

In the end, he still didn’t show us any practical step to achieve all he was talking about. No step-by-step method whatsoever. Nothing!

Where Are the Practical Steps?

When Joshua finally decided that it was time to show some practical steps in the 5RR Freedom Formula training, he presented his audience with a guide on how to build a landing page and he used GetResponse as his autoresponder sample.

According to Chan, the landing page he created was meant to be utilized in order for you to capture the contact details of every customer who wanted to purchase your Fiverr gigs.

Building an email list would also allow you to contact potential customers for more high-paying transactions in the future.

When it got to the most crucial part where Joshua Chan should have categorically shown his audience how to seamlessly infuse or integrate the landing page with gigs on Fiverr, he skimmed through the process.

Newbies who have no previous experience with the Fiverr platform or with GetResponse will be in for a difficult time.

Not Easy Selling Your Services on Fiverr

Generally, being able to sell your first gig on Fiverr is one big hurdle.

It’s probably the most difficult thing to achieve on the platform. This is due to the fierce competition on Fiverr.

Gigs offered by some newbies may not get any attention from potential buyers because most buyers would want to go back to the freelancers that have worked for them or those with a profile that depicts experience.

Generally, most buyers do not trust the delivery ability of newbies.

Unfortunately, the 5RR Freedom Formula, produced by Joshua Chan and his team, failed to address this issue.

He doesn’t show you how to be on the front row, ahead of your competitors, or how to attract the attention of your potential buyers, or how to build your list.

The frustrating thing about the 5RR Freedom Formula is that there’s very little practical instruction that a newbie or intermediate marketer can actually use.

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Pie in the Sky

The 5RR Freedom Formula: Can  It Make You Money?

The 5RR Freedom Formula created by Joshua Chan, Desmond Ong, and Art Flair, is definitely not capable of paving the way to $3,000 in thirty days (starting from the day of purchase) while working for just one hour a day as depicted on the sales page.

Why do I say so?

Well, Chan revealed making $3,000 on the Fiverr platform would require a list of buying and paying customers.

What he failed to mention it would take much longer than thirty days to build a list of good clients.

Neither he nor his teammates were able to provide a specific method or clue on how to overcome the competition problem on a crowded platform like Fiverr.

Not a Product I’d Recommend

The 5RR Freedom Formula IS NOT A SCAM, just a poorly executed product.

Would I recommend the 5RR Freedom Formula? No, I would not.

So, in summary, the 5RR Freedom Formula is nothing but a program filled with theories and a few practical lessons.

Most of what’s taught from can be gotten on the internet for free; and which the presenter, Joshua Chan, didn’t teach thoroughly.

He not only skimmed through some of the most important lessons, he did it in such a way that complete newbies will be totally confused and lost.

Although I wouldn’t call The 5RR Freedom Formula a scam, it certainly is all fluff and no substance.

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9 thoughts on “The 5RR Freedom Formula: Can It Make You Money?”

  1. What an unbelievable crew this lot are, this is the second review on a similar offering fromn them I have read today

    You seem to have researched your material well and its gives enough cleat evidence to steer the reader clear odf what appears to be a pile of utter rubbish

    Have you fallen foul of this yourself

  2. Thank you for this  information regarding the 5RR Freedom Formula Fivrr using this system, just the ideal of making  $3,000 is just out of this world, but I love his idea of a positive mental Attitude, it is key to everything you want to do and it is number one on the 12 Key Princile of Success.   And the up sells is sane, thank you for opening my eyes not choose a better system like Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. How is it possible that someone take information free from google and try to sell it ! ! ? ? it is really incredible. Is 5RR Freedom Formula actually active? I meant if they are promoting it? I hope many people read your post to NEVER take 5RR Freedom Formula as an opportunity to make an online business with that fake program. Thank you for taking time to make this review.

  4. I agree with the authors review. wealthy affiliate is a better online opportunity than the one mentioned. I would not try the fFiver system, I would use WA. WA offerss the best support and value for the money.

  5. Thank you for bringing this information about the 5RR program, and think like almost other programs they tell us the we can make money with a little work, and like you say as a newbie it make take at least 6Month or more to start seeing results and i been recommended to use fiverr and everybody tell me use the one people with experience not for newbies.

    thank you for this and i hope people don’t follow to easy to this programs.

  6. Sounds like a major SCAM to me.  There just seems to be too many of these people putting BS online courses and training together.  I have seen more and more of these popping up over the years, so THANK YOU for sharing, hopefully it will stop others being scammed by them.  Honestly, how can some of these people sleep at night.  For any newbie reading this, that wants to make a living online, always, always do your research before purchasing any course.


    • Hey Michelle,

      Thanks for commenting!

      I don’t know how these scammers sleep at night either…Your comments are on point.

      Much success in your online business!

      Talk Soon,


  7. This review was right on! Just like a majority of JV Zoo products and that other website forgot the name. It’s a waste of people’s money and you are on the right track on providing a great product to others while exposing the people that just want to take other people’s money. I suggest you do more and more reviews like that to help others not fall into the shiny object syndrome. Good job keep it up!

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